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  1. Early morning flight PHNL to KLAX in 1998 on a tubeliner...forget which model. I was on the way from Indonesia to Washington DC for the birth of my son, a scheduled C-section. We had just reached cruise altitude (probably FL350 or so) and the attendants started to serve breakfast. At that very moment, the passenger cabin depressurized, oxygen masks fell into my lap (they were stored in the seat back in front of me), and the aircraft went into a dive. I gawked at the masks as my ears went haywire, and I then handed one to the guy sitting next to me. For what seemed like an eternity, the plane dove and loudly at that. Finally, the aircraft leveled off, and the captian immediately got on the cabin PA. He apologized for the lack of communication but told us he had been pretty busy. He assurred us that all of his annunciators were green except for cabin pressure. The dive was SOP to get to an altitude to avoid hypoxia and allow us to lose the masks. The bad news? We had to turn around and head back to PHNL and at 10,000 feet. The good news? I was on another flight within 4 hours and make it to the hospital with 5 hours to spare.
  2. Thanks, Bruce. The issue turned out to be two separate accounts, which I wasn't aware of. Once I logged on as the "right" identity, issue was solved. My mistake.
  3. I'm posting here out of desperation, apologies to all. As a loyal customer of both ORBX and REX, I'm hoping that this venue might be acceptable to address my issue. Simply, I can't log onto the REX support forums any longer. I was a verified member and used to have access, but something's changed that now prevents me from posting there or even accessing the support fora. I still have a forum account at REX and can log on (I've had an account since at least 2011), but I can't post anywhere (including the General Discussion forum), can't re-verify my purchases there, and can't communicate with the principals there about my problem. Frustrating. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for your patience.
  4. Airlifter's question is valid, given that John stated in this forum (right after the FTXG release) that UTX roads wouldn't display 3D lighting and that a fix would be developed. Is that still the case?
  5. I've seen this issue mentioned now by several users but am puzzled by it, as I see this with FTXG-UTX-SceneryTech-NA (FSGenesis mesh): Monument Valley, UT, USA - no green slime in sight. Yes, the colors could be more accurate and the tree density here is probably too high...but overall, it looks pretty good to me. 2013-7-30_17-50-13-749 by wklockner, on Flickr
  6. All well and good but...are those birds the right species for the region they're flying around in??
  7. There has never been a "high end" FSX aircraft that hasn't needed a hotfix or service pack to make it right. Many of us are experiencing a fully functional Q400 straight out of the box, and I regret that others can't say the same. I do know that the developers are listening closely and are actively working on fixes for the few bugs that are annoying some users. Overall, it's a remarkable achievement that will stand with the best that other reputable developers have produced.
  8. FSAddons now has available the latest VancouverPlus v3 for FSX, and it's fully compatible with FTX PNW.
  9. Must-get for me...a spectacular setting that I've flown into in RL many times. Looking forward to this one.
  10. My brother-in-law flies and instructs from the cockpit of one of these (based in FL, too) and he likes to brag about how it's faster than some of the smaller passenger jets.
  11. Here's the way to enjoy this latest triumph from ORBX... DiscusNZ3 by wklockner, on Flickr DiscusNZ2 by wklockner, on Flickr DiscusNZ1 by wklockner, on Flickr DiscusNZ4 by wklockner, on Flickr
  12. There are some improvements to the AS2012 weather engine as compared to ASE...better depiction of winds aloft, thunderstorms (with cumulonimbus anvils at FL320 plus), better visibility depiction among others. Full disclosure - I was a beta tester for AS2012.
  13. That 8th shot...Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons, right? Terrific stuff and can't wait to virtually fly it.
  14. Fantastic shots, and I've prepaid in anticipation. What REX wave animation is used for those? Thanks!
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