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  1. Fixed the issue by running the GlobalVector land class and then running the migration tool again.
  2. So I'm flying out of San Antonio in P3D running almost all the ORBX scenery for North America plus Global, Vector, and OpenLc when this happens. I've run the migration tool again, but.. I'll be honest I'm completely stumped on this one.
  3. I just bought a new computer so I could run FSX with the graphic settings dialed up to 11, and started running into a problem. When I run FSX with FTX Products (Specifically FTX Global with NA Land Class) on the DX10 Preview, I see a bunch of black shadows where I'm assuming trees are supposed to be. I have the FTX Trees addon, but still run into the same issues when I turn the FTX Defaults off. When I run in DX9, everything's fine, but the fps is sluggish at best. I'm running an AMD Radeon R7 250 Series with 16 Gigs of ram and an AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight Core Processor. I've got RadeonPro set to
  4. Hi Jarrad, If you need photos, I've flown around several airports and I have lots of connections, plus I have done some aerial photographing. Bozeman is a great addon, btw.
  5. It really didn't answer any of my questions on whether or not they will do any more Montana airports. Most of it was a discussion about Norway and one or two airports in BC. They did say trying to put out 1 airport a month. I'd like to see them do; Billings KBIL Helena KHLN Missoula KMSO Kalispell City S27 Glacier Park KGPI I'd prefer Billings or Kalispell City, but I'm a bit biased.
  6. I'm not talking about the airport size when I mean the larger of the two. I mean the larger of the two cities. Billings has more traffic, has two more runways, and is only marginally bigger than Bozeman, and has one more runway than Fetls, but it's not a mega airport like Spokane International. It's not a very big airport, but the metroplex itself is the largest in Montana, having over 120,000 people.
  7. I just got the Bozeman add-on, and I was wondering if there are any plans on making any other airports in Montana. I was a bit surprised that Bozeman got the payware treatment before Billings, since Billings is the larger of the two.
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