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  1. There is an old, but working scenery at the .org https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38846-koak-metropolitan-oakland-intl-airport/&tab=comments#comment-226006 Works, and looks not so bad. Thanks all for the support. Cheers, Martin
  2. As this picture is not very helpful and I'm not alone, here is my log. And is this picture the HD or SD version? Cheers, Martin Log.txt
  3. Only this island of Oakland. At Alcatraz it looks this way.
  4. Hello, after installation today the area around KOAK looks not like an Ortho. I've no other airport installed. Also Alcatraz looks not very good. Could someone please check this? Around KOAK there is Ortho, only this area at the screenshot looks like desert. Regards, Martin
  5. Problem solved! Clicked on "My Products" in Orbx Central and suddenly the entry for Washington HD is correct as installed without the red banner. Cheers, Martin
  6. I have the same problem but I have Washington HD installed since the first time and as Washington SD is listed, both of them are listed as installed. Will this be fixed automatic or can I do something on my own? Regards, Martin
  7. I've got a mail that there are 2 days left to get the discount for cross platform airports. If I want to buy 2W3 or KBVS there is no discount visible although I have both airports for P3D. In this mail there is no info that the 2 airports are not included. Orbx should know how many products I've bought the last years für P3D and meanwhile I have near all products for X-Plane. Too bad. Cheers Martin
  8. I have the same problem, but I also have this message for EGNX East Midlands. Cheers, Martin
  9. Sorry, but now it works. I've set my pagefile.sys in Win10 to wrong settings. Now the airport works fine. Thank you, cheers Martin
  10. I have the same problem. X-Plane crash until I load EGNX. Regards, Martin Log.txt
  11. Thank you very much, Greg Cheers, Martin
  12. Ah, thanks, the same problem as with Elstree last time. Hope there will be a quick update. Martin
  13. Hi, today I bought and installed Popham and get this message. Library 1.60 is installed. Cheers, Martin
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