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  1. I've got a mail that there are 2 days left to get the discount for cross platform airports. If I want to buy 2W3 or KBVS there is no discount visible although I have both airports for P3D. In this mail there is no info that the 2 airports are not included. Orbx should know how many products I've bought the last years für P3D and meanwhile I have near all products for X-Plane. Too bad. Cheers Martin
  2. Hi Richard, which scenery has to be reinstalled? England? If I don't have those 6 scenerys I have tick or untick those boxes? Cheers, Martin
  3. Sorry, now I'm totally confused. What can I do with those checkboxes? Are this for addon scenerys which I can activate and deactivate? Didn't know that Earth Simulation scenerys are meant. "London Heathrow Airport EGLL" is the Aerosoft scenery? If I tick the checkbox at "Brecquou" I close the control panel and if I open the CP, it is unticked? If I don't own any of those scenerys, what I have to do? Tick or untick? Cheers, Martin
  4. Hi John, do you really can fly a A2A C172, 182, Piper Comanche with those settings for 1 hour in dense scenery like NYC without an OOM. I tried your settings and made a flight with the A2A Comanche from KMVY to KEWR. No problem (only lower frames) until I reached New York and then I get an OOM. The same problem I have in GEN Berlin with those settings. Cheers, Martin
  5. Hi John, which HDR settings in P3Dv3 do you use? Cheers, Martin
  6. Should Vancouver V3+ and VictoriaPlus also there? Cheers, Martin
  7. Hi John, do you use Wide-view Aspect Ratio? I'm not sure which setting is better. Without wide-view and zoom 0.30 or with wide-view enabled and zoom 0.60. I often read that the wide-view setting only zooms out the point of view. At the moment I fly without wide-view as Mark mentioned in a former thread. Would you post your Nvidia settings? Maybe there is something special? Cheers, Martin
  8. Hi Mark, great shots. Which plane do you use at these pictures? Where can I buy or download it? Cheers, Martin
  9. Thank you J van E, unfortunately the settings were wrong. Now it works without a problem. Cheers, Martin
  10. I get the message "Unable to connect to database server!" Cheers, Martin
  11. Hi John, stunning pictures! Would you tell me which Autogen- and Shadowsettings you are using? A few days ago I use P3Dv2.5 and I'm impressed how smooth this Sim runs even with higher settings. Cheers, Martin
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