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  1. I've decided that my VFR time in P3d is over, at least concerning any further purchases. But you force me to make a few exeptions ... at least for Van Nuys and TE Eastern Alps!! Regards, Dominik
  2. If you're willing to spend as much money for a projector than for everything else together about flight simulation, then sure
  3. Amazing! I didn't know so much has happened to the real one since the last version. A whole new runway and another one closed! Looks awsome!
  4. Nice!! My first flight ever in my life landed exactly there on Luxair. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until I switch to MSFS which will take another while.
  5. I have everything in the UK (exept Northern Ireland, as I hardly fly there and hardly see any differences in the pictures) including the TE regions. Why? Because it's a relatively "closed" region (closed by the surrounding water), and it has a significant amount of small airfields to fly between, at least in the south. Plus some airports by other developers in Scotland. And they are close enough to each other. PNW, Alaska and Australia come close to it. But still, I've left out some airports there because the are oddballs pretty far away from the other ones or the location simply d
  6. Great it is gonna happen! :-) I hope I'm still at P3d v4 when OLC Asia 3 arrives. But at the moment I see no reason to move away from P3d - way too many good planes there.
  7. I'm running the PMDG aircraft in P3d 4.5 and they are running perfect and stable there. And so does the whole sim. That's why I never saw a reason to switch to either P3d v5 or MSFS so far. So, I have no comparison, but you might decide on the sceneries you have for the corresponding sim, where it makes most sense to install the PMDG planes?
  8. Michael, even as a very convinced P3d v4 user (which won't change for quite some time), I agree with you. I've given up Asia in the FS world meanwhile. I don't really see the OpenLC series as a real VFR flying experience, but as an acceptable view outside the windows of the airliners, when there is a phase inflight when not too much is to do. I enjoy departures and approaches in the airliners because of OLC, but the (limited) time that I spend in a Piper Cub or similar, I spend over TE GB or sime FTX region with plenty of airfields availible (so mainly England, Scotland, PNW, California and ma
  9. Absolutely! In the past, I only got new sims because there was a bigger problem with the old sim that only the new sim would be able to solve (with the disadvantage to get all the addons working again). But with P3d v4.5, there is simply no problem! So, no need to change anything.
  10. I've got the feeling that Aerosoft praises some new developments a bit too much and early. Sure MSFS might have a big potential and be one of the main sims in future, if not THE simulator, because it unifies quite some advantages of all the longer existing things into one - something that other sims were never able to do complete. But it's like with all new sims: When it is previwed, it's breathtaking. But when it's out and read first reviews, bug reports and see youtube videos of "avarage" simmers like you and me, it will be a bit annoying. Not too long ago, P3d was ce
  11. Add to that, that such small, but detailed regions mostly have very sharp and straight borders - which don't blend to the area next to it at all. And sometimes the colors fit within the region, but not to the global environment. France VFR comes to mind: It's done very well, but the colors of the PR textures look weird compared to the autogen trees. Yet it's fantastic together with LLH sceneries for example, but the is a very unnatural line around the very small areas covered and it's also very expensive compared to their size. (Well, the price for French satellite imaginary doesn't reall
  12. I had the plane in FSX and loved it. BUT: Is the problem solved that you can't steer the plane on water at low speeds? This kept me from flying floatplanes all the time, as not even A2A could manage to solve that issue using Accu Sim. At idle and at low speed it was hardly possible to swim to the pier with the side of the aircraft without crashing into it. And yes: the water rudder was down
  13. I would fly into any part of the world as long as there are quite some PW airports there. I would love to fly in Thailand, Patagonia or Korea,... but I voted for Italy & the Alps because there is quite some airport infrastructure there. Other people might think different, but for me personally, a region is unattractive if there are zero (of very few) airports, or let's better say small atmospheric airfields there to fly to. That's why I still fly a lot in the PNW and in Southern England, but hardly in Ireland or in NZNI and I didn't even purchase TE Netherlands, even if I would concider th
  14. Finally this Norwegian beauty of an airport!!! I have hoped for this for years as I think this is one of the most beautiful approaches and idyllic places in the region - at least what I know from photos and videos!
  15. The big question is: Does it really crash if the VRAM is at its limits? Or do the textures just get blurry for a long time and some objects hesitate to load as it is at P3D v4.5?? I just upgraded my whole PC to get the i7 9700k and before that I got a RTX 2060 Super, just to get 8 GB of VRAM in order to run P3d v4 smoothly. If that is still to little even to run a sim like P3d v5 just without a crash, then LM definitely does something wrong or hasn't fixed the right things yet. It's not like 6 or 8 GB VRAM graphic cards are components from the stone age.. Just imagine how quickly a
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