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  1. Add to that, that such small, but detailed regions mostly have very sharp and straight borders - which don't blend to the area next to it at all. And sometimes the colors fit within the region, but not to the global environment. France VFR comes to mind: It's done very well, but the colors of the PR textures look weird compared to the autogen trees. Yet it's fantastic together with LLH sceneries for example, but the is a very unnatural line around the very small areas covered and it's also very expensive compared to their size. (Well, the price for French satellite imaginary doesn't reall
  2. I had the plane in FSX and loved it. BUT: Is the problem solved that you can't steer the plane on water at low speeds? This kept me from flying floatplanes all the time, as not even A2A could manage to solve that issue using Accu Sim. At idle and at low speed it was hardly possible to swim to the pier with the side of the aircraft without crashing into it. And yes: the water rudder was down
  3. I would fly into any part of the world as long as there are quite some PW airports there. I would love to fly in Thailand, Patagonia or Korea,... but I voted for Italy & the Alps because there is quite some airport infrastructure there. Other people might think different, but for me personally, a region is unattractive if there are zero (of very few) airports, or let's better say small atmospheric airfields there to fly to. That's why I still fly a lot in the PNW and in Southern England, but hardly in Ireland or in NZNI and I didn't even purchase TE Netherlands, even if I would concider th
  4. Finally this Norwegian beauty of an airport!!! I have hoped for this for years as I think this is one of the most beautiful approaches and idyllic places in the region - at least what I know from photos and videos!
  5. The big question is: Does it really crash if the VRAM is at its limits? Or do the textures just get blurry for a long time and some objects hesitate to load as it is at P3D v4.5?? I just upgraded my whole PC to get the i7 9700k and before that I got a RTX 2060 Super, just to get 8 GB of VRAM in order to run P3d v4 smoothly. If that is still to little even to run a sim like P3d v5 just without a crash, then LM definitely does something wrong or hasn't fixed the right things yet. It's not like 6 or 8 GB VRAM graphic cards are components from the stone age.. Just imagine how quickly a
  6. Great place to fly to!! But is there any chance for a "heavy" version of Van Nuys? For years I've been thinking KVNY would be the perfect addition to the Orbx style airports in the US, even kind of a "base" for GA flying in the whole virtual region.
  7. Wherever there are (collections of) good PW airports. Unfortunately there aren't too many in Asia, at least not nearby each other for short haul / domestic flights.
  8. All right, for the case someone might be interested because he has similar thoughts on upgrading his hardware, here's a little update on what I did: - Just tidying up the sim brought nothing than a little shorter loading times. - Deleting the graphic driver completely and reinstalling didn't help either. - Various settings almost changed nothing at all. So I had to invest. I tried a new graphic card first, not because I thought it was the main issue, but because it was the easiest part to change. Now, I've got the RTX 2060 Super with 8 GB VRAM. What to expect: The bl
  9. ...and in this case, it's not exactly sceneries that urgently need visual upgrades in any way. But I've missed a greater density of (smaller) NZ airports all the time since FTX NZ has been released. Apart from Milford Sound and Queenstown, NZ has been nearly without good airports for years, and the sceneries mentioned above came very late relative to the development of the region - which was why I hardly flew there to discover all the beautiful and fascinating landscape. Yes, the default airports have been upgraded, but it's by far not the same as a good pw airport. I wish the
  10. All right, I've tried what I could do with overclocking. While doing that, I came to an app called CPUID HWMonitor. And watching all the components running while flying in a critical area, I got proved what Ardbek1977 supposed: All 4 CPU cores are running at 4021 GHz all the time during preparation, taxi and takeoff! They just get a little relief while climbing outside the big cities and in cruise, but not a lot. The GTX 970 does well, GPU and memory are between 50 and 75% most of the time, with the memory being the weakest point here (it reached a peak of 89%). Texture loading times are
  11. You speak right out of my heart! I had almost all of the airports you mention and I miss them, now that they are at least outdated, if not even unfunctional. As much as I like the interesting places and big airports in Europe and the US, I never understood why people have been so keen on flying at their home airport again and again for decades... Well, I tried, too. But the better I know the place, the more disappointed I am. Why? Because I know all the details and I have a very defined picture of how those places look like and feel like. And exactly those things are missing in the
  12. OK, I might remember that wrong. Then it's probably DDR3 RAM. I'm not saying it has been a good expert who told me about the strategy with the RAM at that time^^ But now, it would probably make sense to buy an additional 8 GB DDR3 RAM to fill the second channel, right? 24 GB RAM might be oversized for the moment, but I guess it wouldn't be more expensive than buying two new 8 GB sticks new and sell my used 16 GB stick for a few pennies?! So, I'm gonna start reinstalling, see how it works, then go deeper into overclocking and then upgrade my hardware components step by step whe
  13. Oh, really? I remember hearing people say that I should do exactly that^^ Not sure, maybe I remember wrong.. OK, overclocking was completely new to me when I bought the CPU. So I tried just a little bit and I was very careful, because I never got the feeling that I really completly knew what I'm doing there. I think I have a good cooler built over the CPU. Is there any other way I can accidently destroy the CPU than overheating it?? If not and if I finally go for a new CPU and mainboard, I could new say I've got nothing to lose^^
  14. Oh sorry, only now I see that I forgot to update the specs in my profile when I updated my RAM. Meanwhile I have one single 16 GB DDR 4 RAM installed. I've installed it when I switched to the 64bit P3d v4 some time ago. I've got to correct that in my profile. Yes, that's it. Of course, the best would be to get MB, graphic card and CPU new and good. Even if Corona certainly doesn't take me into financial trouble, it still doesn't make me earn any extra money over the next months. So, I could afford some new parts, but there are really many other things around my house and family tha
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