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  1. Thank you for the link Nick.
  2. I was just about to buy your new Newcastle and saw your saying I need Orbx England or TE I use base and OLC Euro does not mean its a no go for me?
  3. I see as of now EGNX is not compatible with v5 is this because your adding slope runway? Is there any time frame to when it will be out for v5? Thank you.
  4. HI Nick, "Legacy" was not ticked no green banner, so i changed the Insertion Points and then got a green banner. It seems to be working now. Thank you.
  5. I have just done a new install of P3D 4.5 and using the Orbx centre 4.1.1 I installed global first that has to be installed in the route folder and has done and shows. I then installed OLC and airports to a "library" folder I made called "Orbx" everything i've installed by that option is not showing or in the scenery library. How do I make it work please?
  6. Great news thank you John. You might want to add to your details that it's now the number one cargo hub in the UK, yes it really is.
  7. OMG! my home airport, Fantastic new. Please make it for P3D v4
  8. Hi Jarrad, I bought the airport within a few hours of it being out. I flow into the airport but had a problem with GSX, the gates were all showing and I should have taken a screenshot, but when I pulled up at the gate and activated GSX through FSL A320. I got the P3D notification in the green bar at the top of sim saying something along the lines of BLG error so GSX would not work. Also please take note I am using the latest beta of GSX. Will this problem also be fixed when i "Verify files"? Asking now as I am at work. Thanks.
  9. Flight in tonight from LEMD Enjoy!
  10. It's so much better now. Thanks. Departing. (FSL A320) Final. (FSL A320)
  11. Just reinstalled P3d 4.4 and Bang no connection from Uk....what timing!!
  12. Can anyone confirm it works or not with OLC? Thanks.
  13. Hi, According to the prerequisites under this airport it states you need the NA Central Rockies. Does this airport work with North OLC or as above indicates not! I have no wise re re-install the area but would like to install KJAC again but under Global/NA OLC Does any know if it works?
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