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  1. Great news thank you John. You might want to add to your details that it's now the number one cargo hub in the UK, yes it really is.
  2. OMG! my home airport, Fantastic new. Please make it for P3D v4
  3. Flight in tonight from LEMD Enjoy!
  4. It's so much better now. Thanks. Departing. (FSL A320) Final. (FSL A320)
  5. Just reinstalled P3d 4.4 and Bang no connection from Uk....what timing!!
  6. Why are you auto landing anyway, its very rare for an aircraft to Autoland. Very unrealistic. Its a CATIII landing. CATI is the norm with airports. It's not just a matter of giving a pilot a CATII or CATIII landing the airport has to separate all the traffic differently it's a big decision. As explained above LOWI is the last place to Autoland as its not even a CATI let alone a CATIII. You get to AB and turn OFF auto pilot and depending on the airlines SOP you turn OFF auto throttle as well. You are the pilot in command.
  7. Would it interest you guys if I did more of these "story" type things? Even made it a bit of a tutorial?.
  8. Today I did my first flight into LOWI for years, so I set up a short flight from LOWS (Salzburg) to LOWI (Innsbruck) with AS16/ASCA etc. This flight would have been much easier in a NG than a A320, but...never mind. The Good news was a straight out take off from LOWS but due to winds it going to be a 08 landing.....great just what I needed for the first time!!! So I took up my Captain's seat in the magnificent FSL A320 with Niki Air for the trip. Wish me luck! So let the boarding begine. Time for the push back. So you can have an idea what i'm in for.(PFD) more later... Taxi. Holding short, TO Config is fine.... Gear up, time to turn left... Now at RTT I was hoping to take screenshots of the descent but it took all my concentration to do it right and on speed etc. So here I am now in manual flight on a heading of 230 from OEV. If you wonder why my gear is down, one word....drag, it's a 3.8 degree "glide" and to keep on speed....you get the picture.... Here is what the Visual LOC DME looks like. Look closely.... we need to look for a Church. O great....Churchers and me don't go, I will be struck by lighting am sure! I am now angry at myself because as you can see the Church should be to my 1 O'clock not 11 O'clock...what did I say about churches and me? No now I have a sharper turn than i should have. Damm! Time to turn......Here we go! Is this going to be any good?....I don't know...really I don't Know...I should but I dont.... O man am please with that, happy days......bit high but easy to correct that. Am in manual flight with flight directors off. Dont and I been don't go my the lights when your close, go by your eyes and sight picture of runway. The Master warning light is ON becasue I did not have time to turn it OFF, it was because I turned AP OFF, that's all. Like I said working to hard. A bit low but am happy. Touch down....center line hit, greased landing..........Happy days....yay.... Turn off Very short taxi. Onto the apron. There waiting for me. Get them PAX off please. Oooo, Look at them Brake Temps!!.....Brake Fans ON... Better open the window...love the noise of them, unlike the Pax's lol. Nice evening. Time to leave the FO to short it out I need a drink... Leave them to it! I need a drink.. Thanks J for a stunning piece of work. Hope you enjoyed my story? Dave.
  9. Epic. , just spilt my tea "Made the first tutorial in the 747." Well Jack, happy learning. She is a stunning aircraft. Please be careful with her Enjoy! Jack I would hold off taking her into LOWI until you have some hours under your belt. It really is not the place for a 747. You need to watch as many youtube tutorials as you can, I suggest you start with FMC ones. If you like I would send you my 747 flow I use for her but it will not learn you the aircraft you have to know how to handle her but it would give you the steps to get you from A to B. Very small tip, set PMDG default start up state to "Long" that's the one to use with the 747-777 unless you intend to use the F then long or C&D.
  10. Thanks Jarrad, Great control panel. Looking forward to it.
  11. A Question. Are they going to be different option for the static aircraft. E.g. Airline ON-OFF GA -Small Privates Jets ON-OFF
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