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  1. I just installed the new version and can say. Perfect no more FPS problems. Thank you.
  2. Given that KBUR is still INOP ( topic also lock down, why?) with no update for weeks/month+, I will wait to see feed back before buying this.
  3. The problem is far more evident when flying into the airport from another. Ive flown out of it with little problems. Flying into it is a totally different matter. So doing circuit is not the same as flying into KBUR.
  4. That's what I find every time I try it. KBUR is INOP till a fix.
  5. I have updated drivers but not tried KBUR, but it was always fine if I loaded there, the problem is when flying into KBUR.
  6. Yes an update or even better a fix would be great to hear.
  7. Ron it works if i click it if your not taken to the stream I will PM you another. BTW do you have MSFS as unlike DCS am going to try and get the boys together this time for some GA multiplayer. Hope you would be interested?
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