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  1. Gimme AI, gimme all aircraft used in FSX/P3D possible to fly in XP11 as well and I swear I'll defect!!!! Otherwise: No. Hopefully that great stuff will arrive near future also for P3Dv...what...6? It's worth waiting for...
  2. Thank you, guys. Even if I have a little fear to do this just because all my components really work fantastic so far...
  3. Ah, sorry, was too stupid to find! Nick, does it mean, I have to reinstall the appropriate ORBX files?
  4. Hmmpf - sorry, Lawrence. Could you please specify the resident P3Dv4 academic entry folder, please? Had a search inside the whole machine, but didn't find an academic entry file to click on
  5. Maybe too late to get an answer, but I have the same problem since installing ORBX Germany North and South. Amazing: First when I only had installed GEN (no GES so far...), after minutes of flying everything starts to get blurry - after reaching the border of GEN, everything was okay and sharp immediately - no matter, how fast I was. After I bought and installed Germany South half a year later, same problem same area suddenly. Blurry to the north, blurry to the south. So to my opinion, it is a real delicate and small border to set your system to the correct settings! So please, if you read this, Chad or anybody else, let us know your NVidia settings to get our blurry problems solved... it seems, using P3Dv4 with ORBX, is a little bit like trying to set the radio to a new radio station broadcasting on short wave. Only a minimum space to hear it clear....
  6. Hi all, I have the same problems (wonder why no more users elsewhere...). This what I found out and wrote over there at LM some minutes ago: >>> It has nothing to do with the textures but with the models itselves. This seems to be a framebuffer blend issue inside the trees model and I am almost sure there are wrong settings inside. If any staff member may have a look at, I am sure all models have wrong settings. Correct settings should be Destination blend=zero Source blend=one All other settings will cause these translucency edges. Each response is very welcome. <<<<
  7. Ah, thank you, Larry! Now I can see clearly now. With changing to P3D I noticed these issues and I thought this would be maybe a HDTrees bug. Will have a look at LM...
  8. Hi all, I noticed a translucency on all HDTrees in P3Dv4. This seems to be an issue inside the Framebuffer blend section because I had the same problem with own built trees. Changing some values in this section solved the problem immediately. No more translucency at all. So to clarify this, I would like to ask where to find the HDTrees mdls please (or maybe some of the ORBX staff can do this to have a look at...). In the Framebuffer blend section the "Destination blend" should have the entry "zero", the "Source blend" the entry "one". Thank you for any suggestions...
  9. No interest - that looks too cold to get my aircraft there without cold damage - not to mention myself.... Awesome pics!
  10. No, those aren't the alps yet - you reached the "Sauerland" innit?
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