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  1. About the same time that I installed Autogen Configuration Merger to help with a France VFR scenery, I lost the ability to start a flight in any European addon scenery, ORBX or otherwise. The sim hangs up at 80%, or it completely disappears. I've had no problems with North American, South American, or Oceanic scenery. I'm at a loss. I think there is a connection... Garland
  2. Iain, This is totally unrelated, but your cloud textures are excellent. Most screenshots of P3Dv4 show rather bland and indistinct cloud textures. And I have thus far not been able to find cloud textures that look as good as they did in v3. How have you been able to make yours come out so well defined? Garland
  3. No need to apologize Misha, my friend. Just wanted to know what the status was. Good to hear the project is alive and well.
  4. Is it time to move on from KHAF (Half Moon Bay)? It was shared early on that Misha had gone back to school and so is quite busy these days. KHAF was reportedly in the queue behind KSBA and LDDU. With all the new projects that have appeared in recent months, there's the sense that this is not going to happen; and if that's the case, let's just say it and move on. Gar
  5. I'm still waiting for Half Moon Bay . Been waiting for three years. I think John knows that as soon as it comes out then that'll be it for me and I won't spend another penny, and so he keeps holding back on that one while I buy everything else in the meantime... Garland
  6. That's good to hear. Been wondering what happened to KHAF... Gar
  7. +1 I agree. The only difference would be the upgraded GA airports... Gar
  8. Absolutely gorgeous, Iain. Thank you, sir, for posting those. Garland
  9. I noticed Misha's involvement in a number of products and I'm excited for this young man, but I certainly wouldn't mind finding out what's happening with my beloved KHAF which was promised back in 2014. I can understand shifting priorities, but an explanation as to why would certainly be welcome. Garland
  10. Love the nighttime shots; they look impressive, to say the least. Would love to see some daytime shots of KHFY looking north to Indianapolis before you move on to the next set of screenies... But if not, still looking forward to this product. Thanks, Garland
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