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  1. Thanks Dout that did it!! The wind sock and wind tee are back.
  2. Agua Dulce is one of my favorite GA airstrips in SoCal. I used to dine at the Cafe on weekends when it was open to the public. I use it as a start point for a lot of my P3D flights. For some reason it is missing the windsock as shown in the attached screenshot. Since L70 sits adjacent to a parallel hill in-between the high desert and the LA basin the wind direction is an important feature. I remember over flying it once in real life and seeing the full sock 90 degrees to the runway. Discretion was the better part of valor in my little Citabria so I didn't land that day.
  3. I currently have about 72gb of Orbx product on my SSD Samsung Evo C drive as well as LM P3D and my operating system (Win7pro). The C drive is getting a little crowded and I was contemplating adding a new drive just for Orbx and perhaps addon aircraft. Should I stay with a hi quality SSD and will there be an advantage in scenery loading speed? Is there anything tricky about migrating Orbx to a new drive? I'd hate to lose anything. Is there more to it than using the migration tool in Orbx Central?
  4. Yes it worked. That was clearly the problem. Thanks again!!
  5. Thanks for the help. I will do your suggestion immediately.
  6. Operating system: Win 7 Pro 64 Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: Avast Free and McAfee Multi Access anti virus Issue: Central 4.1.13 How to avoid this alert. I created an exception and was able to download updates to Orbx Central. Is there a permanent way to keep this from happening? WDS_central_log.txt
  7. In FSX-SE I created a folder called "AI Aircraft" and moved all AI (default and downloaded) into it. This had the advantage of simplifying my "Aircraft" folder as I didn't have to look a plethora of AI aircraft when I wanted to modify an Aircraft folder. In the FSX.cfg folder I created a SimObjectPaths.6 (see below) to activate the AI Aircraft folder. Would my Orbx AI aircraft still be active as AI traffic if I were to move them to my AI Aircraft folder? User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft
  8. Upon further reflection, I thought that maybe since I was initially using ASN perhaps 17 was chosen as that was the closest to a direct headwind runway. Today I fired it up w/ only a user defined headwind of 242 degrees and 12 knots and asked Ground for a West departure. I was directed to rwy 35. Could other users check this and see if they have the same problem? Thanks Holger. It is always helpful when you offer advice. I will look for KEDW parking spaces and deactivated dirt runways on the next SP or update. Best Regards, Slim
  9. Thanks Nick as always for your prompt replies. Care to hazard a guess as to why the ORBX AFX would designate a runway that isn't available on the drop-down menu as the "active" runway?
  10. I have edited the scenery.cfg so the default KEDW Edward AFB is no longer required. It is not checked and active in my scenery library. I then selected a free flight at KEDW and active runway. As the flight loaded the aircraft was located on rwy 04. I asked for a South departure and Ground Control directed me to taxi to rwy 17. I didn't exactly need 39,000' of rwy for my DC3. Not being the patient sort I went to World/Go to Airport and looked in the drop down box for rwy 17 to save myself a 30 minute taxi. Guess what...It ain't there! Also no parking spaces were selectable e
  11. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/199-ftx-central-v2x-support-forum/
  12. I deleted the ftxcentral2_setup.exe and everything is working fine now. Thanks for the help!!
  13. Even clicking "FTXCentral.exe" in the FTX Central folder in the "scripts", I still get the NET framework error even though I have loaded the 4.0 version. I get a FTX Central screen if I hit continue on the NET framework error message but the screen has no functionality. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at FTXCentral.FTXC.ValidateScenerycfgToolStripMenuItem_Click(Object
  14. I just added Redding, Monterey, and Lake Tahoe to my NCA scenery. I downloaded and installed the latest libraries. I didn't see the warning about FTX Central V2 not compatible with Win XP. How (and where) can I download the legacy (ie WinXP compatible) version of FTX Central?? Thanks in advance.
  15. RealAir Scout for bushplane. Look for something with a canopy like the Baytower RV-7 for shortfield haul-a$$ two place tourer or Ant's Sierra LSA (kind of slow) or Ant's fantastic T-28 (not so slow) or the visibility and speed of the Aerosoft Bronco (shortfield but don't let it get slow on final).
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