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  1. I am used to using X-Plane and have amassed almost 6TB of ortho images so purchasing TE GB and Washington were never going to be a problem however I have experienced a shortage of disk space in the past and together with at that time very slow wi-fi, I can fully understand Orbx taking this measure. I can also vouch for the difference between zl16 and zl17 being so small that very few people will notice. Well d0ne once more Qrbx for listening to your customers with particular regards to lack of disk space and download times. Kind regards Ian S
  2. Thanks Andy, didn’t see you
  3. Thanks for info. The enjoyment I get from Orbx scenery is immense as I am no longer able to visit other parts of the world and the fact that I can still visit other countries using (almost) real scenery gives me great satisfaction
  4. Hi Decided to take a trip from an upcoming airport, Darrington, in TE US Washington and would like to ask a question about my photo. Is this Glacier Peak and White Chuck Basin.The Washington scenery is just fantastic. Kind regards Ian S
  5. Hi Might I intervene in the discussion by referring to a man born in 1452 and died in 1519. That mans name was Leonardo Da Vinci and his thoughts on flight are well known. I attach a YouTube link to further underline my thoughts on the subject. If people at that time had stopped thinking about flight until he produced a better and more workable product, mankind may still never have flown. Kind regards Ian S
  6. Great shot's Iain, looking forward to its release. May I ask, what xVision preset's do you use. Kind regards Ian S
  7. Go to Orbx direct release announcements and count the releases for each sim Kind regards Ian S
  8. Hi Out of curiosity, will you be converting your FSX/P3D airfields EGHA and EGCW to X-Plane. I just noticed these are the only ones not converted so far. Kind regards Ian S
  9. Hi Sorry if I have but I got my information from attached facebook page Kind regards Ian S
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