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  1. Hi Might I intervene in the discussion by referring to a man born in 1452 and died in 1519. That mans name was Leonardo Da Vinci and his thoughts on flight are well known. I attach a YouTube link to further underline my thoughts on the subject. If people at that time had stopped thinking about flight until he produced a better and more workable product, mankind may still never have flown. Kind regards Ian S
  2. Great shot's Iain, looking forward to its release. May I ask, what xVision preset's do you use. Kind regards Ian S
  3. Go to Orbx direct release announcements and count the releases for each sim Kind regards Ian S
  4. I'll wait for Orbx product. Kind regards Ian S
  5. A reply to this would be appreciated Kind regards Ian S
  6. Hi Out of curiosity, will you be converting your FSX/P3D airfields EGHA and EGCW to X-Plane. I just noticed these are the only ones not converted so far. Kind regards Ian S
  7. Hi Sorry if I have but I got my information from attached facebook page Kind regards Ian S
  8. Hi I have read on these forums that Orbx are looking to release Global Earth for x-plane at some point. Orbx Global for XP11 R&D work has begun on providing a global replacement texture solution for X-Plane11. We are still at the experimental stage and looking at different approaches on how to solve the technical implementation. We are aiming for a release sometime in 2019. It will be great if the do, however last week on youtube I watched a video called Global Earth for X-Plane 11/First Look by Q8Pilot. To say I was disappointed is an understatement, it was a poor rendition of the Global Earth that I have for P3D and I felt that Orbx had a long way to go if this is a First Look. On looking further into the product I found that it was made by a company named SFD and called SFD Global but by the time it appeared in the X-Plane.org store it had changed its name to Global Earth. I felt that I should bring this obvious conflict of names to the attention of this forum in case anyone who purchases this product thinks that it is made by Orbx. Kind regards Ian S
  9. Hi Orbx Global, which at this time is only available for FSX and P3D, is an auto generated depiction of the world landscape whereas the True Earth scenery is extremely accurate photo scenery depicting the terrain exactly as you would see it looking out of an aircraft window. The most accurate sceneries have got to be Orbx Airports then Orbx True Earth, Orbx Regions (Only for FSX and P3D), Orbx Global (FSX/P3D) and finally X-Plane 11 default scenery. Glad you liked Scotland, 73 years after first entering this planet I am still finding out things about it. Kind regards Ian S
  10. Hi I don't want to spend your money but remember May Madness sale is on at Orbx with everything up to half price until 1st June 2019. Best of luck Kind regards Ian S
  11. Hi There certainly is, True Earth GB uses default X-Plane airport scenery which, although acceptable, is not of the same standard or quality as Orbx airports. Visit OrbxDirect, choose any of their X-Plane airports and look at the photos and videos available then compare these to default airports and you will see the remarkable transformation Orbx achieves. You will not be disappointed. Kind regards Ian S
  12. Hi Product has already been announced and pricing is 'TrueEarth US Washington will be available mid-June from OrbxDirect for AUD $69.95 (approx. USD $49.70/ €44.25 / £38.20). Please note this does not include the optional HD pack which will need to be purchased separately - see below for more details.' Hope this helps Ian S
  13. June is busting out all over. Looking forward to the new world.
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