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  1. Wonderful, the colours are so true to life.
  2. Comes to all of us. Kind regards Ian S
  3. Great photo's Adam, can't wait for your preset's Kind regards Ian S
  4. Get arrested, don't think so. Did you not see the protest in Parliament yesterday ? Kind regards Ian S
  5. Hi Go to FTX Central 3 and look up your True Earth GB South entry and it should show an update is available. Click this and your SP1 should load. Kind regards Ian S
  6. Hi Martin Might I suggest that before googling for information on Orbx products, you 'Search' in The Orbx forum in this website as everything that you have asked in your mailings above has already been answered in the said website. Kind regards Ian S
  7. No, FSX/P3D and X-Plane are completely different as undernoted link shows. https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-main-differences-between-FSX-and-X-Plane Kind regards Ian S
  8. Thank you Kind regards Ian S
  9. Thanks for kind comments Kind regards Ian S
  10. North of Oban using x-vision and VMI-twick VR
  11. HI JV announced that the increased zoom levels had been pulled from SP1 but the images might be used for future projects. Kind regards Ian S
  12. Hi Doug fair assumption, but these days I try not to assume anything. Kind regards Ian S
  13. Hi FSUIPC and FSUIPC4 is for FS and P3D only and, as far as I am aware, Peter Dowson has no plans for an X-Plane version. Kind regards Ian S
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