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  1. Let me clarify, from the sea of options. I would assume the following sequence, to optimize FSX for PMDG, with the assumption that all the usual customization settings are fine for every other aircraft out there I run in FSX: 1. In FSX, turn off all AI traffic, Air traffic, airport vehicles, boats. 2. In FSX, untick all add-on airports, even if they are currently working well with ORBX layercake (FTXglobal, FTXVector, OpenLC, etc.). 3. Exit FSX. 4. Go to FTX Vector Configurator Tool 5. Turn off all FTX Vector highways, bridges, tunnels, etc. along wi
  2. Hi Nick, I have tracked the VAS issue for years and yes, so many factors contribute. I've been busy for awhile so away from flight sims, but quick question, if it's appropriate to ask here: what's the easiest way to "turn off" stuff from ORBX without going through lots of file renaming or sorting? In other words, I'd love a specific, PMDG guide to "how to save a configuration that will let you fly your 737/777/747v3 between two dense airports." I know there are lots of configuration factors, sometimes reboots, sometimes even turning the PC off and back on to
  3. Update: I resolved this problem by purchasing YMML 3.0. Looks like 2.0 is no longer compatible.
  4. I don't have DX10 fix but have the same problem.....???
  5. Hi, The migration and update to FTX Central V3 seems to have gone relatively smoothly for me -- had to recall that I have to set two options for scenery order, First one for Edwards AFB (default FSX scenery) as the thing to put everything after, second one for FTX as the thing to put openLC stuff after. One problem I'm seeing is that I am getting the "Edo" error (as I like to think of it, when FSX is not finding the right scenery, it defaults to "Edo" as the airport choice when you try to start at default active runway for the airport you've selected), which I've forgot
  6. Hi, Is there a new Google Earth .kmz file to accompany the new airports provided with the September 2015 update? Thanks.
  7. Late to the pudding, have been quite busy! But as always, very appreciate of the generous work ORBX does on each and every one of its efforts. Picked up the first OpenLCNA, happy to wait until the second is ready, and excited to hear Vector 1.3 is getting closer. To celebrate, since the OpenLC was so inexpensive, also picked up KEGE, which is probably the best thing Jarrad Marshall has ever done, incredible work, detail and size of the airport scenery area. Thanks to all of you, as always!
  8. Hi Holger, Again, thank you, and thank you Richard, for such prompt attention! Fixed it the giant sledgehammer way: manually uninstalled FTXEUNor1.0.0, then reinstalled, then ORBXLIB'd up to latest (1228), alles ist gut (sp?) now. Appreciate your patience; I'd been away from FSX for a bit, everything had been running smoothly, then... MYSTERY! Happens. Must've gotten some cheese on some of the bits on my SSD or something. I have a feeling something messed up with the latest version of REX weather-injecting; it's probably just magical thinking on my part, but after reinstallin
  9. Hi Richard, Update: it's been a few weeks since I've been at FSX, so the little details, as usual, drive one mad: 1. I'd like to try disabling GSX at ENGM. This requires the manual. It is nowhere to be found in my Flightbeam folder, despite my having installed a legitimate copy of GSX (not your problem, I know <g>). 2. I can load EGLL (Heathrow), all the smaller airports in the western part of Norway, but try ENGM, ENJK, ENMA and whatever I do, the FSX program crashes after it's gotten midway through loading terrain. 3. I have tried reinstalling FTX EU Norway, the updates to FT
  10. Hi Richard, FSX. I suspect GSX, will try disabling that as a next step. And I mean FSX crashes upon loading; it's not the "hit invisible collision box" that sometimes happens. Whole program doesn't get loaded and FSX Stops Working. Regards, Steve
  11. Hi, I'm finding -- with FTX Global, FTXOpenLC Europe (updated to 1.15), FTX EU Norway installed: if I attempt to start anywhere at ENGM, FSX crashes out. Not a problem if I load at a different EU Norway airport. Is this the first case of this? Have done the usual, run FTX Vector autoconfig, latest everything, updated ORBXLIBS last, etc. etc. Let me know if I'm missing/have forgotten anything, thanks! NOTE: I do not have any non-ORBX scenery installed for Europe. I do have GSX (latest version), in case that is a factor. Steve
  12. Probably best to raise this in the support forums, eh? I've noticed all the Release Forum topics are locked -- just wanted to pop in and say, ORBX have truly outdone themselves with Norway! Utterly amazing job, and they've already set high benchmarks with all their previous work. Congratulations, team! Best of luck sorting your issues, I'm sure you will if you are patient.
  13. Perhaps I should lobby for this as an addition to Peopleflow? Or, alternately, contact FSDreamteam about adding it to their Ground Services add-on? All in good fun, Steve Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Hi Tim, Just a quick note, and a cheery Sunday morning to ye: saw in passing on the fullterrain.com freeware webpage that 7WA3 now has 3 "crass" airports. I've always liked them, and never considered them particularly crass...... although perhaps there have been goings-on there recently I'm unaware of...... I'm looking more closely now, though, perhaps there's a topless bar I've missed...... Best, Steve
  15. Hi Jeff, yes, I've done that, too, and despite seeing the icon available, clicking on it, or clicking on it and then the white space around it, and then clicking Apply..... doesn't change it back. It is just odd. Oh well!
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