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  1. I suspect there'll be alot of C337's in the air tonight
  2. Reading Larry is hard back at work for my most favorite flying area makes me all a tingle. Such a rich environment for FS. I see pics and videos of heavies flying into these dull airports and just think, why? It's not like it's crowded in the FS world or anything! LOL Keep on Larry!
  3. Must get back there soon. Looks fantastic Hey, did you install the ferry system? I'd like to get at it sometime, just need a few hours "uninterrupted" by ATC I guess.
  4. TheHDaviation utube channel is just awesome. He does great vid.
  5. And wasn't a Westjet pilot involved too? She may not have been with Westjet at the time, she was flying around with Jon Lovelace for Wings over Canada, can't recall her name right now, she seemed so nice.
  6. That's a classic shot! Some frost...Awesomeness.
  7. I knew is was just a matter of time. I thought it would be in the Rockies but alas, in typical Orbx humour, the bald ass prairie.
  8. Wow, can't tell if I'm looking out my window or at the screen! Nice. I concur with smiling_joe about the runway. There is, however, a freeware update somewhere on here
  9. I've seen some Twin Otter flame-outs here. This wasn't one, no ideas why it stopped Then on approach, I realize the runway has a big fax yellow X on it. Oh well too late now.
  10. I found an upside down half salvaged cub behind a shed the other day! But it wasn't so much the scenery as just the look, that make sense? I mean Lake Agnes on floats never occurred to me but now I have to try that too! I did land on the ice in front of the Chateau though.
  11. Driving home today from cross country skiing between Banff and Lake Louise I was looking at the sun's glow on the mountains as the sun was setting. It is so eerie how well Orbx looks to real life. I've been addicted to Air Hauler so I've seen this view manly times on FSX. Well done, so glad I bought this addon! Gord CYYC
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