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  1. Thanks Jack. Doing the list in USA, I've noticed that there are some incredibly narrow runways in some states. Goheen, W52 (by Orbx), has 2 turf runways, and one is 36 feet wide. Imagine this with just a slight crosswind and it becomes quite a challenge to stay on the path!
  2. That is a pleasure Larry. That is nothing compared to the time you put on these airports!
  3. Thanks guys, I'm working on Australia tonight, adding some airports and runway conditions. For the second edition, I had not enough time to do much for that area.
  4. Thanks Greg. An ORBX member from Saskatchewan (Lysander) has asked me to add the airport elevation at the end of the runway details. It is a good idea and I have started to add it at the end of the runway description. It will be in red. Eventually, all airports will have it.
  5. Hi, I have just posted the second edition of the Orbx freeware/payware airports list. I have added 253 airports. Initially it was all about the freewares but I have decided to add the paywares as they are part of the choices a pilot makes when planning the flight. The payware airports are in blue. The freeware airports that are shown on Orbxdirect are in green. The airports from the global packs are in black. The work is still in progress. I know there are still missing airports; in some countries, many missing airports. They will be included progressively with the future editions. I have also started to add informations on runways at some airports. The runways that are 60 feet wide or less are in orange. The runways that are 2000 ft or less are also in orange (orange being a good colour to advise the pilots that the approach need to be carefully planned). When there is turf instead of asphalt, it is written in green (hoping the turf is well maintained, it should be something like green). When there is a water aerodrome, you will see it in blue. One blink on a state, a province or sometimes a country and you see immediately the short runways, the narrow runways, etc. No search required. I could not include the runway information for many states, provinces or countries. It is a lengthy process. I am doing a search on every single airport before adding the info on the list. That is why it takes a bit of time. I have included the link for downloading the PDF file. Don't print the list, there are and will be too many pages with time. Use the PDF, all the informations are readily accessible and in colours. Have fun. https://francoisouellet.ca/en/orbx-freeware-and-payware-list/
  6. My pleasure. I've already added 183 airports to the next update. I'll possibly have close to 300 additions when the first update is completed (for the coming week). I've started to include the paywares (in blue) and the other freewares not part of the global pack (in green). It's going well.
  7. Got it. What the list will give you is that you choose a State to start from, and you already know that it is an improved airport, whatever the number of details (it is always better than the basic airport). Then you look for the type of experience you want that day. Beside each improved airport is the runway condition, orientation, length and width. All on one page, no search. You can then immediately decide what type of acft you will use. Finally, having the winds at destination, you can decide if the runway you're looking for fits what you want (a lot of crosswind with a narrow runway, or no crosswind at all). No search needed, it is all in front of you on one page. Quick and easy. Every day that it rains here, I stopped the patio project and I work a couple of hours on the list. Lots of fun but not exactly a speedy process!
  8. Not a bad idea, I was considering it and had not decided on it yet. I think I will go for it. But you have to understand that it is a lengthy project and that there are lots of airports to consider. I already have added 90 airports (as of 11:00 this morning) to the next revision of freeware airports. Those are mostly from Canada, and especially Alberta (+50). As I am correcting the list, I am adding the paywares in blue and the freewares not included in the Global Pack are in green (like Claresholm Industrial in Alberta that was made by Vlad Maly). I guess that by next week, there will possibly be 200 new airports to the list. Do you have a preference of States when you fly?
  9. Those are good questions and comments. All I can talk about here is what I know and it is the list I have created and intend to update. I started with all the NA packs and EU packs on hand, then added the corrections that people sent me. I then realized that on the map, there was even more airports to be included in the list and that is what I am doing these days, trying to reflect exactly what the map shows. In about a week, I will install an updated version of the list on my website, with a lot more airports. I will announce it so there is no confusion. In step 2, I will add the payware (in blue) and the freewares that were not part of the Global Pack freewares (in green). As soon as possible, I will add beside each airport the runway orientation and the dimensions. I like to plan a flight ahead, knowing which aircraft to choose according to the length of a runway and its orientation. It's nice to practice crosswind landings. Essentially, I am building this list for my personal use, but since it is so time consuming to build, I have decided to offer it as download, with updated versions. As for the airports that are supposed to have been improved and are not (for whatever reason), the rule for me is simple: when I discover that the airport is not improved, whatever the map says, I erase it from the list. So far, it has not happened to me. I am sorry that I cannot help you more for now.
  10. Glad you like Greg. I will keep it updated and change the PDF version accordingly. After a while, there will be less corrections to make and the new PDF version will get in line with the annual ORBX edition of new airport freewares. Now I need to find the names of every creator of the airports involved, so as to include them in the list. Designing airports is a lengthy process; those guys have the complicated job, not me.
  11. You certainly did not missed anything Jack. There was just a plain list. But I have now included a PDF file (just learned how to do it 5 minute ago). So if you head down at the end of the list, there is a link in green. Just click on it, it opens as a PDF file. In the upper right corner, you have the possibility to click on "print" or "download". You decide! Have fun! I will correct the text in the web page to indicate where the link is to be found. Regards.
  12. Hi, I have taken all your suggestions into account. Everything has been corrected. I also noticed that a few states in the USA were not in alphabetical order; that has been corrected too.
  13. Thanks very much John, I might have missed one of the NA packs. Anyhow, I am adding them to the list.
  14. There are just a few freeware files that have become payware with time, if I remember correctly. I will erase them tonight from the list and if proven wrong, it is not going to be a problem to add them back.
  15. I found Kodiak in the NA packs. There is also a link showing it: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1PE1hbOnyNuZ5ynpoNmYsEPDi6Ao&ll=57.80263236794152%2C-152.37040786595367&z=14 You must log in into orbxdirect and head to the Freeware section, then click on Global Airport Packs. It's free. Keep me posted if you cannot find it, I will simulate a flight there to check this out.
  16. Thanks for the info. There are a few payware now that were formerly in the freeware packs. As I have bought Sedona as a payware, I do not know if there is still a freeware version, or if the freeware version stop existing as soon as a payware is made. So that is the reason why I hesitate to cancel the Sedona entry. Maybe somebody from Orbx can tell me if all the former freewares that have become paywares stop to exist as freewares, or if there are two parallel versions that still work?
  17. Hi, I have made a comprehensive list of all Orbx global airport freeware packs. I use it to plan my virtual flights. The list include all the NA packs, EU packs and other countries around the world. It is by alphabetical order. For the USA, it is divided by states. For Canada, by provinces from west to east. If the Orbx developers or members see a mistake or something missing, please send me a message in my inbox. Hope it can be useful to you. For now, it is in English. The French version will follow. Here is the link: https://francoisouellet.ca/en/orbx-global-freeware-pack-list/
  18. Does anyone know about a link to an updated map that includes all the freeware airports? Or at least the NA freeware airports up to the April 2019 edition? Thanks
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