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  1. Glad to know that Jack (anything for someone who has worked on the MD-11! I' ve already received an e-mail concerning the addition of a few more airports, especially for Canada. The list will be updated regularly.
  2. Beautiful shot for sure, congratulations and happy flying in your new scenery!
  3. Thanks for the info, Geezer. It is possible that some airports that are said to be in the freeware packs are in fact not anymore. A member told the forum that he once flew at an airport expecting some improvements at the airport and there was nothing added. Like I said, it is possible. As there are a lot of airports to be considered and I cannot fly to all airports to check them all, the best way is for the virtual pilots to fly at a chosen destination and to point to a specific airport where there is obviously no addition to the original scenery, When such an airport is found, it will be deleted from the list in future upgrades, as there is no point in giving a special status to an airport that has not been modified. I think this is the best way to go, unless somebody from Orbx has a clear idea on the subject.
  4. Thanks Doug. This time it is the final version. If you find mistakes of any kind, just keep me posted. Regards, Fran├žois
  5. Glad you like, oldboy43. It should help for your future cross-country flights. Cheers! Fran├žois.
  6. My pleasure Anton. If you find any mistakes, don't hesitate to e-mail me and it will be corrected in future updates.
  7. Hello, Finally, the complete edition of the freeware and payware airport list, with runway details and airport elevation, is ready. It will be updated regularly. The file is in PDF format, easy to download from the link below. Cheers! https://francoisouellet.ca/en/orbx-freeware-and-payware-list/
  8. Thanks Jack. Doing the list, I have learned that you can land in the USA at an airport that has an elevation of 8680 feet. I knew about some airports at around 6000 feet, but 8680 was quite surprising ( it is C24 in the freewares). While doing the runway descriptions in Oklahoma, I realized that 95% of the runways are oriented North-South ( normally in North America, the prevailing winds are from the west and an airport will make sure to have an East-West oriented runway if it is the only runway at the airport. But in OKlahoma, it is almost all 17/35 or 18/ 36!
  9. You are right. Several airports in the USA have no runway details yet, as there are so many runways as freeware. Very soon, all those will be done. Yesterday, I completed Canada and a few other states in the USA. It is moving along very well.
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