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  1. Iian I titled it Robert's Lake to indicate the location to the ORBX crowd. Robert's Lake comes with the Parry Sound scenery for Canada and it was made by the regretted Vlad Maly for Orbx. The Lake Bucanneer and the green Cessna on floats are included in the scenery, so is everything else except the red Piper Pacer on floats (I was just arriving at the dock with it, the engine is still running). You find the lake when you arrive on final for the airport. Regards,
  2. Beautiful colourful shots Jack. Was that flight a lesson on how to lose your pilot license in Great-Britain?
  3. Boy that weather looks awful, kind of mix precip and fog and mountains all around with an old prop airplane. I would not like to find myself in that situation...!
  4. Superb crisp clear shots Dolf!
  5. Very interesting shot, those tires are something else!
  6. Excellent shot Adam!
  7. Superb virtual and real shots. That is serious stuff!!
  8. Thanks Wain71, I am happy that you enjoyed the flight!
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