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  1. Nice shots! That company has made the first flight with an electric motor in 2019.
  2. You nailed it with that video!
  3. Show off until I lost my license! It's an australian pilot. Down there, they only fly that way... Thanks John!
  4. Continue talking, I'm just passing by...
  5. For February, a glider in Parry Sound, Canada. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Beautiful shots and livery too Jankees!
  7. Excellent shots and work Richard!
  8. Excellent shots Adam. I crossed Canada on that one in 1981, from CYJN to CYEG. 43 hours of flight. Lands on a dime!
  9. Beautiful shots Adam, the livery for this Chipmunk is lovely!
  10. The problem stems from the fact that the earth is flat and all the snow falls overboard, leaving nothing for the skiiers.
  11. It's clearly the asphalt that is at fault here; way too soft for the plane. The enquiry will prove that you had nothing to do with the crash...
  12. Beautiful shots, I cannot match that with my FSX!
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