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  1. Congratulations to both of you. Two very beautiful shots indeed!
  2. It works. Nick, you're so quick, eventually you will send me an answer first and I will have to figure out the question that goes with it! Thanks
  3. Hi, Yesterday I was flying from the Bilbao airport to the Barcelona city. There were numerous black lines starting from objects installed in the landscape, and some white lights in the sky over the harbour. Have you heard of that problem before? Thanks
  4. Nick, I had an answer to both of my questions. And it worked. I had Cairns set up with traffic before but when we received the new Orbx Central, my settings were erased and I never thought of checking them again.Thanks.
  5. Congratulations Mikee, this was a very beautiful shot.
  6. Well, you are not only a good worker, but also a good thinker. You should ask for a promotion. Your suggestion worked and my aircrafts have been returned to me in due time. Thanks.
  7. Australians are unbelievable workers. In just 15 minutes, they have been able to fill in that huge hole and now everything is all right for a safe T/O and landing. Thanks. You would not happen to know about aircrafts that would have been stolen from Cairns in recent times. Some seem to be missing?
  8. Hi, I have a few issues with Australia. Here are two, for example: 1) There used to be static airplanes designed for Cairns, there is none anymore. I have to use Tfc 2013 cranked at 50% to get some kind of activity there. 2) At Melbourne and YLIL, for example, the airport elevation is off. Today, I downloaded Melbourne again, after having downloaded Australia again (today). The pictures below show that the problem still exists. What kind of correction could I apply to solve those problems with Australia?
  9. In the first two shots, I prefer without PBR. The scenery is less gloomy and I see more details.
  10. Superb shots Richard Louis, I see what I miss with my 10 year old system!
  11. Beautiful shots. And the livery is really nice too.
  12. Thanks Jack, but I really thought that this first flight would end up in a disaster. Those old warplanes are very touchy to handle!
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