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  1. It is all about Orbx. The boxes, the man, the truck, the lamps. Head to the Enja heliport, everything is there.
  2. Both are excellent shots. Congratulations to you guys and happy flying in your new scenery!
  3. For June, a fishing trip at Pender Harbour. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Hi, This is a minor update to the freeware and payware airport list. I have added 7 airports from Canada and one from Argentina that were missing. They are: CCN2 - Grand Manan Island (New-Brunswick) CYYQ - Churchill (Manitoba) CYLT - Alert (Nunavut) CYHI - Ulukhaktok/Holman (North West Territories) CKH6 - Vermilion Bay Water Aerodrome (Ontario) CYRL - Red Lake (Ontario) CYCE - Centralia (Ontario) SAWH - Ushuaia Maldive International, Argentina – If you think of using these airports, the new updated list is ready for download using the link below. Cheers. https://francoisouellet.ca/en/orbx-freeware-and-payware-list/
  5. Glad to know that Jack (anything for someone who has worked on the MD-11! I' ve already received an e-mail concerning the addition of a few more airports, especially for Canada. The list will be updated regularly.
  6. Beautiful shot for sure, congratulations and happy flying in your new scenery!
  7. Thanks for your comments, I hope the list is shared with as many people as possible.
  8. Thanks for the info, Geezer. It is possible that some airports that are said to be in the freeware packs are in fact not anymore. A member told the forum that he once flew at an airport expecting some improvements at the airport and there was nothing added. Like I said, it is possible. As there are a lot of airports to be considered and I cannot fly to all airports to check them all, the best way is for the virtual pilots to fly at a chosen destination and to point to a specific airport where there is obviously no addition to the original scenery, When such an airport is found, it will be deleted from the list in future upgrades, as there is no point in giving a special status to an airport that has not been modified. I think this is the best way to go, unless somebody from Orbx has a clear idea on the subject.
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