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  1. I have three of the Turbulent Designs airports prior to them being added to ORBX. How do I get SODE to them? Thanks, Ken
  2. I agree Brian. I own many of the awesome airports from the mid-west to east coast all the way to Florida but I seldom fly there because I really enjoy flying in mountainous country as opposed to flat country. Full disclosure, I live in MT so my opinion may differ from others. haha.
  3. V2 is one of the best I have seen of any developer. Love the people flow! Great performance and night flying in and out of this airport is outstanding! Great job!
  4. Love this version! V1 and the competitor's version of KSAN were very good but V2 took it to another level. Love the people flow loading planes. The runway texture and static aircraft add to the enjoyment. Night flying at V2 is excellent. I look forward to future airports in this mold. I hope for more mid-major commercial airports. Looking forward to KBIL!
  5. This may be a really stupid question but I will ask it anyway. Does Open LC already contain the ORBX trees or would ORBX trees enhance Open LC? All the ORBX airports and Open LC have great trees but it seems that ORBX is a separate product altogether also. Thanks,
  6. Short answer, yes. I am almost to the point of having to draw and airport out of a hat instead of deciding where to fly.
  7. It does appear that some of the static commercial planes are not accurate or parked at the correct gates. The lack of SW Airlines is obvious. I assume AI traffic will fill those gates. The city looks awesome but I'm not so certain about the airport. It looks like the clutter is pretty generic and airline clutter is missing. Very interesting product though.
  8. I am a fan of the mid-sized airports. I hope you do more of them. This will be a purchase for sure. I actually like the static planes so I turn down the AI in hopes of more VAS savings. Plus the planes look much nicer than the AI planes and you get corporate jets and GA parking as well. I do question the parking spaces though. A must purchase.
  9. My experience has been the very same as Matthew described. It is very difficult to fly from KLAS to KSNA (3rd party airports) without receiving a OOM or crashing with the full fat region and/or, either Active Sky Next 2016 showing poor weather or flying at night. Without the fat region it is very possible to complete the flight. OpenLC is an absolute must in my opinion for tube flying. The fat regions are very nice for low flying. They each serve their purpose but they don't necessarily work together for everyone all the time. ORBX has provided the best of both worlds!
  10. I was successful in moving many of my non-ORBX airports to my secondary drive. Interestingly, it didn't free up as much space as I thought it would. Although, I did not move the FSDT and Dreamteam airports. I will research the moving of data to a larger hard drive. I assumed you had to do complete reinstall of everything. If you could point me to a good resource I would greatly appreciate it. If not, I understand. And you are correct, there will be many more airports to purchase. To clarify, I turn on the region or regions when I am flying private or corporate flights. I only turn them all off when flying PMDG NGS 737.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I am a user that flies both high and low. With the advent of OPENLC I don't use the fat regions often at all. In fact I disable them in the Scenery Library for VAS issues. It just seems to me that they are taking up space on my hard drive. I do, however, love the airports and wish to keep them all functioning the way they should and for that reason I will not attempt to remover the regions if they are necessary. I wish there was a work a round for this issue. I could possibly follow jjaycee1's advice even though I have concerns about accomplishing that without issues myself. Of course purchasing more GB is an option but then I start all over with reinstalling everything. UGH So many wants!!!
  12. I am running out of room on my "C" drive due to my addiction to lots of airports of all developers. In an effort to free up some space I am wondering if it is necessary to have the fat regions even though I have OPENLC NA. Will the region airports still work with only OPENLC NA installed? Thanks
  13. Great news. I have been waiting for them and excited to have them.
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