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  1. I must congratulate ORBX on the latest Wollongong, Moorrabin, and Alice Springs delivered so quickly by Dean from PC Aviator, I received my latest Airports Yesterday and was surprised to get the delivery sent by Express Post not by regular post. It is this extra thought that impressed me accompanied by email and massage contact advising of the delivery and the extra detail given on additional products that I also bought, ie Carenado Cessna 182 182 RG and the Cessna 206. I would like to thank all the team of FTX ORBX and the resellers PC Aviator for all there products and services during 2011 and look forward to purchasing many more products in 2012.
  2. You are correct (Dragnhorn) Rob, I will not deal with the (OTHER) supplier anymore, bad customer service and not doing what one promises does not go down well with me, 1 unsatisfied customer can result in more than just my lost sales, it multiplies into many as I will recommend PC AVIATOR to my professional simulator community within the military, some companies do not realise the lost income from one unsatisfied customer. I am pleased at your satisfied post (macca22au) Ian. I agree with you Ian that I go with service first every time even though I have a 3 strike policy on non performers, I am a patient customer but will not tolerate a supplier not doing what they promised to do.
  3. Just Pre Paid for YBAS, YMMB, YWOL and FTX NZ on DVD from my new prefered ORBX FTX supplier of PC-AVIATOR Australia. I don't mind paying extra for customer service, Cannot wait to fly into and out of these airports. Looking forward to buying further ORBX titlles and other Simulator Hardware and Software in 2012. It will be great to have an FTX ORBX supplier that Communicates with and values it's customers
  4. Many thanks Tim, I will not make any further enquiries regarding this issue. I will probably purchase a DVD edition of Essendon from PCAVIATOR and further FTX products and DVD editions from that supplier also, pity, I have bought many products from Adrian and FSS, but I have never had to get follow up service, thats where I feel let down. I have given him plenty of chances to communicate and follow up on this issue, I am afraid that he has lost a long time customer, cheers mate a have a great day
  5. Excuse me John but could you please ask Adrian to action the above Essendon DVD as I am having no luck contacting him on any personal messages or FSS service tickets and he said that he would action it on Nov 4th,I am troubled by this as would like to order all the Australian titles and NZSI when they are released and I would like to know I can rely on the reseller for any after sales service regards Graham
  6. Adrian please update me with the supply of the Essendon DVD as per your last message
  7. Many thanks John, sorry you had to get involved, I know you must be very busy with the new sceneries, cheers
  8. I am unable to contact FSS or Adrian regarding my Essendon DVD that I was promised, I have even tried his facebook page with a message again with no response, I am worried that there has been no follow up on service dockets and as I will be ordering 4 DVD versions of the new Australian Airports and New Zealand South I am worried that he does not respond and the customer service could be lacking. Are there any other suppliers of FTX ORBX in Australia that I might have to consider purchasing from ?
  9. Many thanks for the heads up on the whole OZx package jerry, cheers and have a great weekend
  10. The pictures of YMND Maitland look great but when I went to the OZx site there was no download available, could someone direct me to the download page for this great airport, cheers and have a great weekend everybody
  11. Incredible scenery, will compliment the YSCB scenery well, I will not want to leave the Canberra area
  12. I went to Maitland Rutherford yesterday to check out the new Cessna 162 Skycatcher that RNAC has and it looked great, planning to goup in it for an hour or so in the coming weeks. I saw so many aircraft and parachuting activity there that I was wondering if ORBX FTX had plans to make this a future airport fo FTX.
  13. I will be ordering all he Australian add ons, Alice Springs, Moorabin and Wollongong as well as New Zealand South, Great XMAS coming, starting saving for pre-pay. Question? will the DVD versions be released before XMAS. Great job planning to release so many new titles
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