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  1. Bill Womack

    Coming home to Nantucket

    LOL. The platform is a default XP object, left in for the helo crowd. If you look really, really close in P3D, though, you... still won't find it. :-)
  2. Bill Womack

    Leaving Nantucket

    Beautiful atmospherics! You have your sim dialed-in nicely.
  3. Bill Womack

    A couple from 6B6

    You're a braver man than me, flying one of those whirly-crashy things! Great shots, Jack!
  4. Bill Womack

    Pearson and Portland

    Nice shot! I love that time of day. Have a soft spot for Tri-Pacers, too. ;-)
  5. The work on KVUO itself has just about wrapped up, and we're moving on to finishing off the area around the airport now. Yesterday saw the addition of the night lighting - something I usually dread, but in XP11 it's more like dessert! It's the little things that delight in XP, like the specular highlights off the tarmac at night, especially with the bump mapping added to the pavement. Thanks to custom .FOR files, there's grass everywhere, too! Here are a few shots as of last night...
  6. Thanks! There are definitely some aspects of XP11 that look better than P3D. There are things that P3Dv4 does better too, in my opinion. The water looks better in P3D on max settings, and the clouds tend to be a bit more realistic. But yes, XP does have a very, very capable graphics engine that presents our work at its very best. The lighting is beautiful, the atmospheric light scattering is much more realistic, and the night lighting just blows everyone else away. It's a lot of fun having two distinctly different sandboxes to play in!
  7. Work is progressing rapidly on KVUO for X-Plane 11. I've attached some shots of the current state of things.
  8. Bill Womack

    Leaving Pearson at dawn

    Nice shot! Very evocative.
  9. Bill Womack

    !kvuo ?

    It's simple, but non-intuitive. FTX Central organizes the scenery entries alphabetically. In this one weird case, there's a standard FSX railroad bridge across the Columbia river that's included with the FTX_AA_KPDX_CITYSCAPE freeware package. I needed to be able to exclude it so I could include a custom model, and you can only exclude things that are beneath your scenery entry in the library. Hence the need to somehow make FTX_AA_KVUO read as alphabetically higher than FTX_AA_KPDX_CITYSCAPE. There, now you understand a tiny bit more of the silliness scenery devs have to deal with sometimes.
  10. No sounds this time. A few users experienced sim crashes with the sounds enabled for 2B2-6B6, so I decided to do a bit of research and see if I could track down the problem first. If I can isolate and fix it, we'll do an update at some point with sounds.
  11. Oh, I'd love to do Tillamook at some point. Talk about character! I love that enormous blimp hangar.
  12. I must have spent too much time with this airport lately. My first reaction on seeing your RL shot was "wait - they changed from Air BP to EPIC? Dammit!" LOL Thanks for posting the shots.
  13. For those who missed this, we've got a little video preview of what you can expect with KVUO Pearson Field. Enjoy!
  14. Bill Womack

    I could not resist.......

    You've really got your sim dialed-in when it comes to graphics, Paul! Great shots, man. I like that 310 as well.