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  1. The issue seems to be resolved in P3D v4.5 …. except for this one building in the background!
  2. For everyone's information, I've completely formatted my computer and re-installed Windows 10 with just P3D v4.4, FTX AU, Gold Coast City Scene, YBCG and the latest ORBX Libraries...and this issue is still there!
  3. I'm not sure this is a P3D issue @Larry_R, @akriesman. Has anyone reported similar issues with Canberra, Orlando or Barcelona CityScene using P3D v4.4, or even 4.3? It looks like the Q1 building is still appearing for both myself and @ElephantAir737. Why would that be?
  4. Deleting the Prepar3d.cfg file in the LM %appdata% folder (forcing P3D to regenerate it) seemed to have fixed the issue for me...but then it came back. I must be one of those unlucky people who still have this issue after a clean install of v4.4
  5. Nothing unfortunately. The following 2 screenshots were taken from YBGC within 5 minutes of each other. Other than close P3D and reopen it with the same saved scenario, I have made no changes. Notice in the first screenshot that the high rise buildings are showing, but not those in the foreground. In the second screenshot the high rises aren't showing (besides Q1), but one of the nearby buildings has appeared... UPDATE: I've just found that adjusting the Scenery Complexity slider in P3D (up or down) seems to make all of the buildings appear, but this is only a temporary fix. The buildings disappear once again when the sim is reloaded. I'm baffled! Any thoughts @akriesman?
  6. Looks like I'm having the same issue too. At first I thought it was just the buildings around the airport. Most of the high rise buildings are missing too. I don't know why I didn't notice this before.
  7. I've moved the layers in the order you've suggested. No change. Sometimes I make changes to the Scenery Library and the buildings appear, but when I reload P3D, they're gone again. It doesn't seem to make any sense. This is proving to be too much of an issue. It's not worth stressing over. I'm going to put this one in the 'too hard' basket. Thanks for your help anyway
  8. Here's my current Scenery Library. Please let me know how is should be layered.
  9. Thanks for your response @akriesman. It appears that this issue only effects buildings around the airport. Zooming, slewing doesn't seem to make any difference though. I'm not sure how, but uninstalling ORBX AU resolved the issue. Re-installing it brought the issue back. It seems like there's some sort of conflict.
  10. Apart from the outline of the roofs and air conditioning units, the building do not appear at all. I look forward to @akriesman response. Thanks for your help Nick.
  11. Thanks for your response Nick. I haven't had any suggestions after 2 days (gotta love crowd-sourced support forums!). I've tried changing priorities of both City Scene and YBCG in the Scenery Library, but that didn't work. How do I escalate the issue to someone at ORBX?
  12. Hi Folks, I seem to be having an issue with CityScene Gold Coast. Some of the buildings included in the package are not showing fully. Basically, parts of the roofs are floating! This issue occurs regardless of whether ORBX YBCG is installed or not.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to respond Dieter. I have tried to clean install NZSI and NZMF, but nothing's changed. Uninstalling Vector seemed to help, but then I noticed that I was having the same issue at NZAA, so now I'm in the process of re-installing everything from scratch using FTX Central 3. I've even performed a clean install of Prepar3d v3.4. I'll let you know how it goes...
  14. Regardless of whether Airport Elevation Corrections are enabled or disabled for NZMF, I'm still having elevation issues at this airport. Any ideas?
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