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  1. Vienna took the top spot a couple of years ago, Melbourne was number one for 7 years running. Thanks everyone for the kind words
  2. Hi everyone! I'm proud to showcase my home city to you all, and the home of Orbx, recreated in incredible detail with dozens of custom landmarks. I'd first like to give a congratulations to Frank Schnibben for really piecing this city together. He's done an incredible job leading the charge and should be exceptionally proud of his work. We also had Gaya Simulations contribute several landmarks which are also featured below. Melbourne will be included in the upcoming Australia v2, and we hope you enjoy exploring the second most livable city in the world. Enjoy the shots! Looking towards Southbank from Federation Square, with the Eureka Tower taking centre stage. Melbourne Exhibition Centre and Crowne Plaza The iconic western skyline - the Bolte Bridge and Docklands The Melbourne Star with the dynamically lit Bolte Bridge in the background The hospital precinct - the new Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, opened in 2016, with the Royal Melbourne Hospital by Gaya Simulations. The Royal Childrens Hospital is also in the background. And YES! The helipads are there for all the rotor heads Looking west with Swanston Square in the foreground. This building is also a new addition to the skyline, and is part of RMIT University Raz's stunning Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building. A contrast of old and new in the one precinct And again The Melbourne skyline looking south. The photoreal coverage extends all the way up to the Melbourne Gateway and down to St Kilda. The West Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Bend. A lot of Melbourne's big industry is down here, including the Boeing factory and the Port of Melbourne The foot of the West Gate Bridge, with the Todd Road karting track and the ever-popular pink lake. This is one of the very few naturally pink lakes in Australia. Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) Albert Park Lake - home of the Australian Grand Prix. This is one of Melbourne's biggest local sporting hubs, with multiple ovals, a running track around the lake, MSAC, a golf course and the athletics stadium. My main contribution, among others, to Melbourne City was the Melbourne Cricket Ground. I pounced at the opportunity to do the MCG, as I've spend a lot of time both on the ground and in the stands, and it felt right to bring the hallow turf into the sim in ultra-HD detail. I made sure to represent both the AFL and Cricket seasons, seen below, and switch automatically depending on the time of year. The home of the Boxing Day Test. Also in the background is the highly unique AAMI Park - modeled brilliantly by Raz Goeta. Also surrounding the MCG is the venues hosting the Australian Open tennis - Rod Laver and Melbourne Arena (formerly Hisense). The Holden Centre, home of the Collingwood Football Club, also modeled by Raz, is also hiding in the background. Over 3 million people walk through the gates of the MCG during the AFL season. The average attendance here during season 2018 was 53,000. Cities don't sleep, so of course Melbourne includes full night lighting including P3D v4's native dynamic lighting. Melbourne Park all lit up Melbourne park as would be seen from the Eureka Tower The skyline from the west. The Melbourne Star really shines at night, a stunning view for the heavy haulers when approaching Tullamarine from the south More previews will come as AUv2 nears, but in the meantime all the best. Cheers!
  3. Very nice mate, a good half of my logbook is SYE, I absolutely love that plane. Will say hi if I see you around the club!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm very happy to introduce the next Australian airport for Prepar3D - YTYA Tyabb Airport! Tyabb has been my real-life home aero club for the last two and a half years, and I'm thrilled to be able to bring this fantastic aerodrome to Prepar3D. Only a 10 minute flight from Moorabbin, and a 15 minute flight to the Melbourne CBD, Tyabb is the perfect place to start or end a scenic flight around Melbourne, or practice your landings on the narrow 8 meter wide main runway. A small army of warbirds proudly owned by the Old Aeroplane Company call the airfield home, including one of two airworthy P-40F Warhawks. Every two years, Tyabb hosts one of Australia's most popular country airshows, attracting over 10,000 visitors and dozens of unique and rare aircraft from all eras. The airshow is a charity event, with money raised going directly to a nominated charity, as well as local organisations such as the CFA and sports clubs. Features: Highly detailed rendition of YTYA Tyabb Airport made from hundreds of onsite photos and days of on-site development 85 square kilometres of 60cm per pixel photoreal imagery Aerodrome area in exquisite 10cm per pixel photoreal Custom POIs including those used in the circuit - Bunnings, Bluescope Steel and Flinders College Full suite of ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, NatureFlow and more Heavy optimisation techniques to ensure best performance with high resolution textures Only minutes away from other Victorian Orbx airports such as YMMB Moorabbin and YMEN Essendon Blends seamlessly with our Australia region YTYA Tyabb Airport will be available to purchase from OrbxDirect soon for AUD $24.95 (approx. USD $17.90 / €15.75 / £13.90) but will be released straight into the End of Year Sale at 15% off! For the best experience, we recommend purchasing and installing our Australia region prior to using YTYA. Please note that this product was developed for Prepar3D only - FSX is unfortunately not supported at this time Coverage Area: And now the rest of the previews - enjoy! Cheers, Jordan
  5. Hi Perk, no not as of yet. Only one object in the entire scenery has Objectflow, and that object presents no issues in showing in the sim. Jordan
  6. Just one from me from a quick test of Kern Valley in P3D V4, which is now up on OrbxDirect. Enjoy
  7. Sensational shots! Glad you're enjoying. Jordan
  8. Welcome to L05 Kern Valley Airport for FTX Southern California! At the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Kern Valley is a small airport with a big view. With on-site camping and cafe, it is the perfect destination for a quick $100 hamburger or weekend away. If pavement is not your preferred landing surface, Lake Isabella is a fantastic base for float flying or you could even try and put it down in the river running beside the airport! Kern Valley's 3,500ft runway will hold up to PC-12/B350 sized aircraft, which is a fantastic challenge approaching from the north where the surrounding peaks up to 6,500ft. Features: 250 square kilometers of 80cm photoreal imagery 30 square kilometers of 30cm high resolution imagery High resolution buildings Mountainous terrain with peaks up to 6,500ft only miles from the airport Over 70 custom models built from photos of the real aerodrome Sharp 5m Mesh making the mountains pop Screenshots: Coverage Area Hope you all enjoy!
  9. Awesome story Jack! Singapore certainly know how to do things the right way. Sounds like a dream come true really
  10. Along with the recent release of YMML V3, the real Melbourne has also seen some exciting movements in the last 24 hours. Yesterday (10/08), we had the inaugural arrival of the Airbus A350, and today we had the Antonov AN124 drop by to pick up an engine to transport to Guam to bring one of our 787s back home after it experienced problems outbound from Tokyo. With an Etihad 777 on stand right by the AN's side, it was also irresistible to grab a snap to capture the shear size of the thing. If you'd like to see more airside photos, then feel free to follow my Instagram account: goughyscoffee Enjoy!!
  11. Ed Force One visited Melbourne on the 8th of May, so I thought I'd share some photos I took as well as some other assorted goodies from the ground
  12. You cant climb it any more!! And the airport is a tad more developed now
  13. One of my favourite places in this great land. The magical Uluru.
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