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  1. Hi again, I looked up the info for KGSO in Air Nav and see it has PAPI's instead of VASI's on several runways including 23L (if I remember right) . I'm attaching the revised files for KGSO with the PAPI's, they will replace the 2 KGSO files in your ORBX.FTX_GLOBAL.FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS.Scenery folder. I have no idea how that might effect your rudder issue. Cheers, Neil ADE_FTX_FTXG_KGSO.BGL ADE_FTX_FTXG_KGSO_CVX.bgl
  2. Hi Richard, I do see KGSO in my list of FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS. I did it for Freeware Pack 19. Anything that is part of that airport should NOT affect your rudder trim. If you want the AFCAD (you will need ADE to read it) contact me via the "messages" folder at the top of this page. Cheers, Neil
  3. Hi Griphos, Unless there is some magic that converts Airport Design Editor (ADE) designed airports to XP11 format you won't be getting the freeware airports into XP11. I and the rest of the freeware airport contributors haven't converted anything over to XP11. Cheers, Neil
  4. Hi caleb1 A region of Alaska north of SAK is in the thinking process so I am hesitant to add these as it's complicated to remove them later if that region comes about. Cheers, Neil
  5. Hi thunderstreak, I found an Air Force museum at KFFO, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base but no KFFB. Are you sure of the ICAO? Cheers, Neil Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  6. Hi again, I'll pass on my original PAHO elevation file that is at the correct elevation of 60'. Place it in your Scenery/World/Scenery folder and have it replace the one that is there. I'm still looking to find where that elevation file came from but my guess it has something to do with the Payware PAHO airport which I don't have installed so can't check it out. Cheers, Neil ADE_FTX_SAK_PAHO_elevation_adjustment.BGL
  7. Hi guy's I'm having the same issue here. PAHO has an elevation change to 60' that for some reason is not being implemented, although it is "active" in Scenery/World/Scenery. I'll look into the reason. Cheers, Neil
  8. Hi BPL, I've noted the airports you've mentioned here. The vast majority are vector issues but I will see what I can do. Cheers, Neil
  9. Hi robertkoon, KEKN has been completed and is part of the next Pack due in April. I agree, it looks nice nestled in the hills. @PcDrummer, I've added your suggestions to my list of proposed airports. Cheers, Neil
  10. HI Troyboy, KBOI is one of the airports in the ORBX Central Rocky Mountains (CRM) region. It won't be done as freeware. @ Sabretooth, I'll add NY89 to my list of proposed freeware airports, it looks interesting. Cheers, Neil
  11. Hi Jose, There are a couple of overlapping buildings, done on purpose to match as closely as possible, using standard ORBXLibs objects, what that building looks like on Google Earth. Also, I will stay with FSX default terminal buildings when there is nothing like it among our ORBXLibs objects. Freeware airports allow the accurate recreating of many airports, using ORBXLibs objects, as an alternate to payware airports that often take many months each to do and are therefore few in number. Cheers, Neil
  12. Hi Carlosqr, If you have SCA installed you may need to disable the KLAS elevation adjustment "ADE_FTX_SCA_KLAS_elevation_adjustment" in Scenery/World/Scenery. Just add an " .off" to the end of the file name. There is also a Vector AEC correction that could be disabled, I'm not sure from what you said if you did this. Cheers, Neil
  13. Hi all you old farts, I'll turn 80 in August and have a myriad of issues but I'd like to think I'm still useful to ORBX. Revising airports is what keeps me from going nuts. Nice to see I'm not the only oldster around here. Cheers, Neil
  14. Hi again, Update to 8A1 complete and I'm sending you files via email so you can check it out. Cheers, Neil
  15. Hi Holger, I'll echo the thoughts above and wish you a very happy birthday. Cheers, Neil
  16. Hi guys, I see the changes in GE so I should be able to update the airport. Cheers, Neil
  17. Hi all, I'm working on the list of noted airports from reports starting Oct 2016 to present, I'm about 1/3 complete. NOTE: Only misfits not yet fixed in some other way will be done, ie: airports in regions, payware airports , Tongrass Fjords, ones already fixed, etc will be skipped. If you have questions please let me know. Cheers, Neil
  18. Hi Drizzle, This is not the correct thread for your EGHA issue, try the main forum. This thread is for misplaced (ie: misfit) stock FSX airports that showed up when "Vector" corrected the worlds shorelines. EGHA is one of our payware airports. Cheers, Neil
  19. Hi Guys, I've noted the "misfits" mentioned above and will look into fixing them. The majority of previous fixes has been in the Caribbean but I can expand that to include any others that are noted. Cheers, Neil
  20. Hi aflyguy, NA LC does not include reworked airports. For that you must purchase the Southern Alaska "region" (your 1st advertisement above) which is not included in NA LC. That's where you will received the 270 reworked airports, the hard surfaced ones include people, I know because I did them. You should hardly expect all the the 10's of thousands of airports in the NA LC area to be upgraded. If you want REALLY detailed Alaska airports you must also purchase the individual payware airports, they are well worth the cost but even they require the SAK "region" to be purchased so they will sit correctly in the upgraded mesh and better LC. Cheers, Neil
  21. Hi Markus, Hmmm....I normally use one particular "light" fixture on all my airports. The night brightness is part of the object and I can't change it and I agree it's quite bright. I'll see if someone can open up that object and tone down the brightness and then re-add it to it's ORBXLibs location. Next time ORBXLibs is updated it will show up as less bright whenever it's called for in an airport. No promises as I haven't the knowledge on how to do it, but hopefully I will find some one who can. Cheers, Neil
  22. Hi SmokeDiddy, Your graphics settings are fine. One of the big differences between freeware and payware airports is the use of standard ORBX Libs objects for the freeware and all "custom" objects in the payware offerings. Freeware airports generally take hours/days to create vs weeks/months for the payware versions. Most, but not all, ORBX objects have some amount of night lighting but by no means are they to the to the level our talented payware folks can accomplish. Cheers, Neil
  23. And don't forget to download and install the "freeware" airports. They populate the Global areas that are not covered by "regions". Not all the airports of course but enough that you can cross the US and most of Canada without needing to land at a stock FSX airport. There are around 800 or so at this time. Cheers, Neil
  24. Hi aagain, I'm glad the windsock is working for you. It is quite accurate showing direction and windspeed but alas, it doesn't work in P3D. Cheers, Neil
  25. Hi again, OK, you must be using p3D. The windsocks we were using when building those airports all used the ORBX windsocks (that we found didn't work for P3D). I now use the stock FSX versions that DO work with P3D. The fix I did here was easy by just moving the windsock that was placed as an object. However the next fix is a little more difficult as I place FSX windsocks via ADE and I don't have the original source file. Give me some time to find it and do the change. Cheers, Neil
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