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  1. The Schilthorn conflict will be fixed soon. There is no plan for custom POI's or city scene at this moment.
  2. Helo Albert, I'm working on a fix for Saanen. It will include 2 heli start positions. Should be out soon.
  3. Sylvain Delepierre

    A few snaps around Zurich - AFS2

    Very nice set, Thank you John.
  4. In Aerofly, cultivation is autogen buildings. Without them, you only have a flat photoreal.
  5. Thank you all for your kind words, much appreciated. I'm sorry for the lack of communication over this project. This scenery was on hold for several month and I really thought it was buried and suddenly, a few days ago we got a green. I am also working on a fix for my Saanen airport which will finally get a sloped runway and improved HD airport background textures and some additional clutter. Plus two helipad start positions of course.
  6. Some shots from upcoming service pack for Netherlands. We have placed 60 lighthouses along the Northern coasts. Enjoy some shots. All taken in AFS2
  7. Thank you gentlemen, I gave Breda airport a special treatment thanks to the rather good pictures available in google maps which are not always available for all airports. If someone can provide me with good pictures of any other dutch airport building (not Schiphol please ) I would be happy to give it a try.
  8. Hello, So far, only Breda Airport (EHSE) is covered with custom buildings. All other airports have generic buildings. These are the same as those delivered with the P3D version. I do not know if there are plans to improve this, but nothing is impossible.
  9. Sylvain Delepierre

    2 yellow biplanes at Saanen-LSGK via AFS2

    Very nice shots of nice planes over a nice scenery
  10. Happy Birthday John
  11. A little bonus for Saanen: Apron lightning !
  12. Thank you Marcel. I knew about hte airport extension but Thesxe are the first pictures I see. Thanks for sharing
  13. Thank you all, much appreciated