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  1. I just did my first night flight in the PMDG 737Ng from Hobart to Melbourne at dusk. I'm running UT Live and REX Skyforce 3D and REX Environment Force. WOWser! Cannot think how this stuff is gonna get any better. Coming down through the clouds to line up on 34, with the skies full of traffic and the Melbourne skyline in the background was gob-smacking. This is going to lift my cockpit to a whole new level. Just amazing guys, truly! Thanx for all of your Great work, Frank
  2. I'm sure Jarrad is from Perth (Sandgroper!) and a while back he was talking about a Perth scenery after the project he was working on. Maybe it's a surprise and he's gonna unwrap it as well..... Frank
  3. Hey Guys. Congrats on such a wonderful achievement. So many of the best artists in the industry there. I honestly believe the last time I was so excited over a sim release was the original Tamworth. It was ground breaking and you guys have continued to raise the bar ever since. I am almost finished a very intense upgrade of my cockpit to a beautiful shiny new Boeing 737 Max 8 and this will be my pride and joy in the new cockpit! Can't wait to show all of my friends this masterpiece... Frank
  4. It was a bit jerky, so I dialled back from 4096 x 4096 to 2048 x 2048 and smooth as silk. Bear in mind,, I'm running a 9900k and a RTX 2080ti.... Frank
  5. Hey Guys, It's getting a bit monotonous, but I'm gonna say it. You guys hit it out of the ball park with True Earth GB. I took the Robinson for a long spin up and down the river, checked the palace, Piccadilly square, the eye, holy smoke, so much to see. I know I'm not supposed to say it, but UK 2000 London City works beautifully, as well. This is one of my favourites now, and a great place to explore. I think it will be time to brush off all those GB airports and give the country another recce under True Earth. Thanx for the great efforts, wonderful!! Frank
  6. Congratulations, mate. You're now in the 60's club, welcome! Stay healthy Iain and look after that great little daughter, Ayiesha. Your Ozzie Pal, Frank
  7. Speaking from Sunny Queensland..."That's Fake Weather!!!" Frank the Snow Stirrer!
  8. You're a Champ, Graham. There should have been an Australia Day Award for you.... Onya Graham, Oi, Oi, Oi, Frank
  9. 2019 has kicked off in a big way for OZI, Ozsim International Airlines (my fictional airline). We've gone through some real updates and upgrades over the past few months and finally we have tweaked and calibrated the heck out of the cockpit and the associated hardware. I had an awesome Xmas, with lots of friends and family flying with me, all over the globe. I've already completed the first few major flights and have several video's waiting in the wings. 2019 will feature our new tops and tails and newly developed graphics for my youtube channel. Last year, we went over to 4K and use picture in picture to access all areas of the cockpit. I'm just awaiting a lavalier mike to arrive, for clearer voice-overs and our Intercom will be in use in the next few weeks. But, the big news is our major upgrade this year. OZI will phase out the current 737-800Ng and will be flying a fully functional 737MAX 8 later this year. It really is a major change. The current MIP will have to go, along with the main overhead. I've already bought the overhead frame and plan to start building that immediately. The pedestal and throttle will also undergo changes, to represent the real aircraft cockpit. Even though Virgin are the only Australian Airline to order MAX's so far, I predict that they will be in plentiful supply in the next few years. It also means new training and paperwork for the MAX, as many of the operating procedures have changed. Avionics is a major part of the operation and we will be using the very latest Prosim suite, as soon as it launches. We already have a new aircraft livery and logo's for the new aircraft model. I'm really excited about the changes, as it means I'll be able to keep pace with the current aircraft, training, procedures, paperwork and carry that for a good many years. I'm happy to keep posting here, on the progress of the operation and throw in a few video's and photo's of the progress, provided Nick or John Venema don't have any objections. ORBX have always been great in accommodating my previous build updates, so I hope they don't mind if I do this one as well. So, that's the state of play, folks. Hope you can all get on board...haha, get the pun! More news to follow, Regards, Frank
  10. I know it's only personal choice, but I didn't like the position of the camera, at all. I like to see what is going on, in the video and that means seeing the upcoming runway and the gates, etc. The video is superb quality, 4K, but it's so dark, it's hard to make anything out in the cockpit. Mind you, that 787 is one beautiful bird. My wife and I flew home from Singapore on a Dreamliner a few months ago. The steward introduced me to the Captain and FO and I showed them my cockpit at home. They were stunned. I asked if I could take some pics and they told me to fill my boots. I got lots of great shots. You gotta love aviation... Frank
  11. There are a number of good payware airports in the area, that have been manufactured by good developers. Frank
  12. To get back on track here and re-direct the conversation, I was merely pointing out that the 4Tb series were very affordable now (sub 1000 dollars), so I'll be looking at adding that to my already 2Tb drives, not substituting. And as for the comment about de-fragmentation, it is still important to maintain an SSD by trim and keeping it lean by removing all the dead and orphan files. I have regular maintenance intervals where I do maintenance on my drives, do updates and fix small issues within my cockpit. The systems we run do not maintain themselves, yet! Frank
  13. I'm not so sure about future-proofing, as I have a lot of scenery add-ons and fully loaded, I still only get to about 800Gb, running Win 10 Pro and all of the sim gear (including all of my avionics and associated cockpit software), so at the moment a 2TB is ample. Who knows what will happen if we have more True Earth software to load. Frank
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