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  1. Did you not see an A321 Neo in the promo vids? Do you know that PMDG has offered a cross grade to MSFS 2020 of the NGXu when it is released? Honestly, so much disinformation, you guys need to do more research.... Frank
  2. Hi Guys. I put a little post here, about a week ago, to do with the state of my new sim. In the video that I posted within the post, It has a brave statement indicating that we will be using MSFS 2020 for our visuals I our new 737 MAX 8 cockpit. I don't have any inside info, I don't have a crystal ball. I watch, I listen, I read and I read. There is a changing of the guard. That does not mean that the old palace will fall down, just more variety to choose from. You guys are intelligent, aviation followers. Perception is one of
  3. Thank you, guys. I am hoping that the biggest upgrade Ive ever done, pays off. I still need some major events to take place and some key features to fall into place. Some of the stuff happening in the wings, I'm not at liberty to discuss, but the excitement levels are fever pitch here. I am nearing the nd of the formal build process, I have all my major components either finished or very near. From a technical point of view, my swap to Sismo Solutions modules was the best thing I did. Their quality of components is second to none, in the cockpit building business and t
  4. Thanx Guys. Nice to be back, Iain. Always a seat in the sim for you, mate, anytime you come to Brissie. Scott, It isn't so much the joy of manufacture any more for me. I love that I still have the skills and it's a great outlet, but it has honestly been a struggle with failing health. I recently had a stint in hospital with fluid in the heart cavity and pneumonia. That slowed my progress down to a crawl. I knew when I started this project off last year, that it would be a all on or nothing, but as usual, it kept growing. My biggest downfall is that I want so b
  5. Hey Orbx People. I haven't posted here, much for a long while. For those that remember me, I built a 737NG cockpit and ORBX allowed me to post all of my progress in 3 rather amazingly long threads, which totalled over 500000 views. I haven't been idle in the last few months, I drop in here very day and check out what is happening in your neck of the woods and watch the steady progress of the most brilliant Scenery based company in the world. I decided, over 12 months ago, to upgrade my cockpit from the 737-800 to the latest Boeing 737 MAX8. (please, no comments abo
  6. I just did my first night flight in the PMDG 737Ng from Hobart to Melbourne at dusk. I'm running UT Live and REX Skyforce 3D and REX Environment Force. WOWser! Cannot think how this stuff is gonna get any better. Coming down through the clouds to line up on 34, with the skies full of traffic and the Melbourne skyline in the background was gob-smacking. This is going to lift my cockpit to a whole new level. Just amazing guys, truly! Thanx for all of your Great work, Frank
  7. I'm sure Jarrad is from Perth (Sandgroper!) and a while back he was talking about a Perth scenery after the project he was working on. Maybe it's a surprise and he's gonna unwrap it as well..... Frank
  8. Hey Guys. Congrats on such a wonderful achievement. So many of the best artists in the industry there. I honestly believe the last time I was so excited over a sim release was the original Tamworth. It was ground breaking and you guys have continued to raise the bar ever since. I am almost finished a very intense upgrade of my cockpit to a beautiful shiny new Boeing 737 Max 8 and this will be my pride and joy in the new cockpit! Can't wait to show all of my friends this masterpiece... Frank
  9. I'm sorry, I was simply putting it out there that there is a section of the forum that deals with scenery issues. This section of the forum is clearly marked General Discussion- No Support Requests here please. Telling users not to Install an update does not constitute general discussion. Frank
  10. Without knowing all of the hardware and software running on other people's computers it is very misleading to advise people not to install a product which has obviously taken the ORBX team lots of time to produce, and which may be fine on others computers. I see a proliferation of these kinds of headline grabbing posts throughout the forums, with little research to back them up. Perhaps asking if others are experiencing the same problems might have been a more accurate Heading for your post. I speak from experience, as I have also done the update and am not
  11. It was a bit jerky, so I dialled back from 4096 x 4096 to 2048 x 2048 and smooth as silk. Bear in mind,, I'm running a 9900k and a RTX 2080ti.... Frank
  12. Hey Guys, It's getting a bit monotonous, but I'm gonna say it. You guys hit it out of the ball park with True Earth GB. I took the Robinson for a long spin up and down the river, checked the palace, Piccadilly square, the eye, holy smoke, so much to see. I know I'm not supposed to say it, but UK 2000 London City works beautifully, as well. This is one of my favourites now, and a great place to explore. I think it will be time to brush off all those GB airports and give the country another recce under True Earth. Thanx for th
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