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  1. She climbs like a jet and sounds like a Harley. Enjoy.
  2. Thanks Jack I believe that Orbx is having problems with their plans for LC Africa and Asia? It has dropped of their update list. But I hope I am wrong. 9 Mile
  3. Interesting area in China only Orbx Global & Vector wish I had China LC. Enjoy
  4. Going in and out of the mountains following the Yangtze river. We are now past the mountains in flat terrain getting ever closer to the birth of the river I believe another 250nm to go? Enjoy Landing in the grass next to the river one more trip and we are done with the Yangtze River.
  5. Well decided to take a Beaver Turbo 750 SHP to fly these canyons and the river opened up again so it will be a float landing. Enjoy
  6. We continue to follow the Yangtze river it is now a stream and we are high in mountains zig-zagging every 7-9nm . We decided to find a nice field no rocks or trees and landed the Jet Aircraft. We switched to the Beaver with Tundra Wheels to continue the trip no more airports on this route close to our flight plan. We will continue to the starting point of the Yangtze I believe the altitude will be around 18,000 feet I hope the Beaver will be able to cope oxygen on board. Enjoy 9Mile
  7. The Yangtze trip continues from Wuhan (ZHHH) to Chongqing (ZUCK) interesting trim through the mountain and it looks like the area is not so populated knowing that 500 million people live near the river. Enjoy
  8. Well you doubled your workload when you got into XP?
  9. Jack you are flying as much as I am. Great scenery shots keep it up. 9M
  10. Great shots jack enjoyed every one.
  11. One other item which is important. (Free MeshX Global 2) or FS Pilots Global 2010 mesh if you have it I believe the last one is no longer available. FS Pilots Global 2018 is the replacement, but has not got clearance by Orbx. http://ninetwopro.com/freemeshx/ This will show the real elevation of the hills and mountains otherwise all scenery will look flat.
  12. Thanks for your comments much appreciated. I would have to agree with your opinion but one should remember that we have Orbx Global and Vector running on top of that the P3D v4.4 has PBR capabilities in previous version the max we were getting was 256X256 now it is 512X512 and you can crank it up to 1024x1024 if your system can handle it. LC would be nice just like what Orbx did for South America. Thanks NineMile41
  13. Great shots of London well done #5 is my choice.
  14. The Yangtze River (English: /ˈjæŋtsi/ or /ˈjɑːŋtsi/), which is 6,357 km (3,950 mi) long, is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world. The river is the longest in the world to flow entirely within one country. It drains one-fifth of the land area of the People's Republic of China(PRC) and its river basin is home to nearly one-third of the country's population.[6] The Yangtze is the sixth-largest river by discharge volume in the world. Leaving Shanghai In the distance with the tall building is Shanghai On our way to Nanjing the river is big and wide. Nanjing relative small city but it looks big Over Jiujiang as you can see the river is getting smaller Arrival over Wuhan you have to watch out to follow the Yangtze and not some other river. This is our flight plan for trip #1 Enjoy
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