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  1. Soren, Please fly north out of KTYS at night toward Knoxville and let me know if you see the same. Glad to know that I'm not crazy or alone! TX G.
  2. I don't think it's an Orbx issue, Doug. I've been fighting LM for months over this. Not only are they everywhere, they move with the aircraft! Renaming hazards.bgl to .bak makes them go away but also takes away all towers etc. Flogging a dead horse...
  3. Hi Larry_R. Thanks for the amazing work! I lived in Nanaimo and it brings back memories for sure. Any thoughts on a V5 update/upgrade? I'm rapidly moving to the new version with its performance improvements. Again, many thanks. Glenn
  4. Worked perfectly, Nick. No need to apologize. Orbx has made my flightsim world a better place for years now. I don't leave the tarmac without it! Thank you (and Doug) for your solution and continued efforts, Glenn
  5. 2nd follow-up. Checked in P3Dv4 as well. SAME problem. Thanks again, G.
  6. Mine looks the same Mike's. Global Base/NA Landclass/SOCAL/HD Trees/Terraflora. Following with thanks, G.
  7. Well despite changing the weather to clear skies, I tried again this morning. FSX real world weather was reporting 24 F and snow at EGLC. Once custom weather was created, the problem went away. Thank you again for the lone reply Glenn. This matter is resolved. G.
  8. Thank you for the reply, Glenn. Real weather (FSX default). Tried clear skies (clear all weather). No joy. Tried 1 month forward and back. No joy. Flew further east toward London. Attached will illustrate. Blocks of terrain will flash back to summer and stay. Others will not. Only present in England. France and US OK.
  9. Hello all. I am using FTX Global Vector, FTX Global Base and just added FTX Global OpenLC EU andEU England. This is just north of Southampton 8/11/18 1251. Please advise with thanks, Glenn
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