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  1. Thank you very much for this. This virtual airline looks very great. I've just sent my registration request. Mike
  2. The left part of the scenery is very great, but not so great for the right part. I hope the blocky trees, houses and scenery will be fixed. The sim looks very great and can't wait to fly in. My point was only to show that, not all locations will be as perfects then the ones we are looking at in those videos.
  3. Still in Alpha I know, and 3D objets still poppings everywhere in the videos...perhaps it still to much for our hardware. and don't be too exited, most of the time there are showing us the best looking scenery and city. There are also ugly scenery as below screenshot from the video. It can't be perfect everywhere on the planet. I still have hope that it will be the best sim ever.... but only after few years of maturity, so enjoy your ORBX sceneries.
  4. Unbelievable ! All we are all requesting from a sim for the last few years, will be in FS2020. Can't wait to see if it will delivers all that ! Mike
  5. Great advise from Nick. +1 If you are tight on your budget, instead of upgrading the graphic card, you should go for a better CPU (i7-9700K) and keep the GTX1060 for FSX. IF you choose P3D, a better graphic card than the 1060 is better if your screen resolution is higher than 1080p.
  6. Come on guys ! Flight sim addons, are like other consumables. It's not because I bought for $1000 of my favorites chocolate bars in the past I will no longer buy them in the future. You buy it, you use it (or eat it) and have joy from it. You buy a chocolate bar for $1 and have about few minutes of joy. You buy an addon for $50 and have many months of joy. If I buy and addon and use it only for 3 months because of new things are coming out, no problem, I got enough joy from it, so it's ok, same as my chocolate bar, keep it simple, and enjoy what you have. Mike
  7. Wow ! Spectacular set ! Mike
  8. Hi Jonhy ! From ORBX Direct web site: and some more info here: http://c-aviation.net/review/ftx-global-vector-orbx-5/ Mike
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