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  1. Come on guys ! Flight sim addons, are like other consumables. It's not because I bought for $1000 of my favorites chocolate bars in the past I will no longer buy them in the future. You buy it, you use it (or eat it) and have joy from it. You buy a chocolate bar for $1 and have about few minutes of joy. You buy an addon for $50 and have many months of joy. If I buy and addon and use it only for 3 months because of new things are coming out, no problem, I got enough joy from it, so it's ok, same as my chocolate bar, keep it simple, and enjoy what you have. Mike
  2. Wow ! Spectacular set ! Mike
  3. Hi Jonhy ! From ORBX Direct web site: and some more info here: http://c-aviation.net/review/ftx-global-vector-orbx-5/ Mike
  4. About P3D, version 4.4 is by far the better version of P3D so far, and version 4.5 is coming fast.. Photo scenery is now loading as it should in 4.4. No more blurry PS loading in patch. Mike
  5. Very great find ! Thanks for sharing.. So, the 8700K is the best bang for the bucks. The 9900K is almost just a 8700K with +2 cores... Mike
  6. TE products brings variations to the scenery instead of same tiles look provided by LC product. It also provides 3D autogen over the photoreal terrain, but I agree that if we are not familiar with the region these advantages are less important. Mike
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