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  1. Of course you are aware the the original purpose behind the pre pay offers was to help ORBX with cashflow? Assuming that was your intention you achieved your objective, if of course you wanted some great sceneries at a great price...well you also achieved that as well. Bryan.
  2. I can't see what you are complaining about then, you got what you wanted simple as that. Your only complaint is you couldn't get it cheaper, ever hear the expression good thing comes to those who wait? I won't be surprised at all to see JV reverse the decision to put the recent products on sale, assuming of course that this sale is down to ORBX and not just FSS. Bryan.
  3. Don't understand some of the reactions to be honest, after all wasn't the reason you prepaid for those products to help ORBX? Well you helped ORBX, so where's your problem? Bryan.
  4. Can't stand companies that don't train their support staff properly.....if you don't know the answer to a question don't lie to the customer be honest and find out. Bryan.
  5. If you want engine faliures and such like have you tried A2A Simulations stuff with Acusim? Bryan.
  6. Fly the tutorial, some of the autopilot options are not particularly intuitive. Bryan.
  7. Just a quick post to thank Orbx for the great job they have done with the default airports. Was completing a quick flight into CAB5 (covered by Tongass I believe which I don't have) and was horrified when I landed there. No buildings or other objects at all, it looked totally and utterly dead. When you look at the great work that has been done with these default strips it make you realise the value Orbx have added to their NA packs. Well done again. Bryan.
  8. Maybe, if that is the case hopefully they synchronize their release better than FSX/Vista. Bryan.
  9. I have no objection to MS developing and selling new products but it has nothing to do with technology adapting to survive. Our present methods of using a keyboard and mouse to interact with our computing devices works perfectly well and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. What MS are doing is pandering to that emotion inside all of us, namely it's new and I want it now. Nothing wrong with that mind you, that's how the vast majority of companies survive. Bryan.
  10. Agree with the above, I think it's called partnership. Apple want to release a new product and they happen to know a company that wants to make a few bucks with their tiny cameras that just happen to fit on their Ipads....You can see where I am going? And as for Windows 8 do you think maybe MS knows a few companies that manufacture touch screen monitors? Oh, and can you imagine how comfortable it will be for the average pc user to keep leaning forward and touching their screen, does not make any sense except maybe for people running an ipad or laptop. Bryan.
  11. Generally the only thing competition does is drive down prices perhaps coupled with innovation to stay ahead. You mention ORBX and whilst it's true that when it comes to scenery development they are top dog at the moment and they are still pushing the envelope this is on the fact of much lower product pricing than when they first started selling their products. Also bear in mind that companies such as PMDG, Leanardo and the others play their cards close to their chest when it comes to add on development, witness Captain Sims surprise news of their 737. It's probably fair to say the all companies know when they start development of an aircraft there is always the risk of another developer matching their product at a lower price point and really it's this that drives innovation and also perhaps the love of being 'rivet counters' in the case of PMDG. It maybe that as competition increases companies have to revise their profit margins, but that is how the real world works but you don't see companies going bust as a result. Bryan.
  12. I doubt it will happen, but I would like to see the IFLY product outsell the PMDG 737. My reasoning behind this is it will help IFLY to develop future products and will also force PMDG to really raise their game even higher. Competition is good for all of us. Bryan.
  13. Hi Chumley, I get pretty much the same frames that you mention above, thats with an i7 920 so I am surprised you are not getting more with your 2600k. Still if you are happy then thats great, but I find that TrackIr becomes very sluggish when dealing with frames below 25fps. Bryan.
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