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  1. Thanks Jon for your prompt reply. Turns out, I needed to 'verify files' and that fixed my problem. Thanks, Nick
  2. Good Afternoon (Aussie time), After installing TE Washington SD into XP11, I get the following error (as seen in the picture) which then causes a crash whilst loading XP11. Any thoughts? All of the other TE files are there in the XP11 custom scenery folders and Orbx Libraries and Central are up to date. Kind Regards, Nick
  3. Hi all, They should do what is the procedure in the rest of the finals series and that is to play two 5 min halves and the winner after that goes through, not sure what happens if scores are level though. Good game to watch today and i have to say that Goddard or Maxwell should have got Norm Smith (Best on Ground). Just my opinion Cheers, Nick
  4. Nice to see you back in action mate, great shots as well. Cheers, Nick
  5. Yeah but at the moment I'm just glad that it is not closed completely as of yet and hopefully it never closes because it was the first Aerodrome in hobart, it has historical and emotional significance to all of us who have flown there and many of the old timers who hang around at the bar on a sunday can attest to that but times a changing I spose. Cheers, Nick
  6. They are all awesome, well done but that second one is especially great! Well Done!!! Nick
  7. Hi All, This is related to YCBG Cambridge which is Hobart's smaller airport, for those that are interested, the largest runway here 09/27 is being closed to make way for an industrial estate with the only remaining runway 14/32 also being demolished very soon as well. The owner is planning to create a 12/30 runway parallel to Hobart's runway. This has its good and bad points with the Tower at hobart being happy that the runway is parallel but most pilots at YCBG such as myself are not too happy with this decision as it means we will always have crosswinds and more hazards to deal with etc.
  8. I was thinking that if you transfer the folder with the cessna in it, called something like 'Carenado 172N' or similar and put that into the sim objects/airplanes folder. It should then show up in the selection screen in fsx. Sorry if these instructions are a bit rushed but im not currently on my FSX PC. Cheers, Nick
  9. Great shots mate Also i hope that that Airbus A380 down there has some strong wings because it looks like international has just lost some passengers... Cheers, Nick
  10. I think it would take a bit longer than 50 minutes if it was fully loaded with passengers and luggage, but an interesting ride none the less. Great Find... Cheers, Nick
  11. Hey Dave (NYXX), check out this website, not sure if you have already been on there but i think on this page there is a JS4100 topic, hope this helps. http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=32&start=50 Cheers, Nick P.S. here is the JS4100 link http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=20024&sid=9a7abf9c469cabc116470c4575ac6b68
  12. This one is a great freeware aircraft his T-45 is also great. indiafoxtecho.blogspot.com this is Dino's website where you can download his aircraft from and it also has his blog which is an interesting read sometimes. Great shots mate, well done. Cheers, Nick
  13. Alright, i'm in now, my first season with Dreamteam but hopefully i don't come last. Good luck everyone. Cheers Nick P.S. Go Cats
  14. This is sounding great and im thinking im going to buy V2 when it comes out, Great work. Cheers, Nick
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