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  1. What were your tweaks? I have a coloration problem on the western side (behind L09 and R09) between AS Heathrow and TE South Britain. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Most of my ORBX/FTX products I bought at flightsimstore. Then I recall I transferred those somehow to ORBX. So I've used FTX Central 3 to install and purchase OSS's since then. Now this forum requests me to complete the required Profile information by asking to enter my Transaction ID. FSS didn't use any transaction IDs, only Order# and Registration Keys. Yes, I can see the transaction ID/receipt number in more recent purchases from OSS. But how about entering transaction ID for EU England if I have some technical questions about it and would like to post them here?
  3. Hello, I don't want to install FTX NCA, but unfortunately I installed KMRY and now I have elevation problems with it. I tried Vector tool, but it didn't cure the problem. I have FTX Central3, can it uninstall KMRY properly and retain the default KMRY? Thanks, Igor.
  4. Sounds good to me, I'll try it should work.
  5. No, my past download that I saved in my archives was version1.40. So yesterday when reinstalling everything fresh for p3dv3 I checked the current download version in flightsimstore and it was also 1.40. As it turned out today they are different installers/versions by functionality bearing the same version tag.
  6. Nick, for what it matters I referred to FTX NA PFJ v1.40 that turns out has 2 different installers under the same version, one older one newer - this is more confusing if you ask me. Thanks.
  7. I've figured it out. I think they should have chanded the version from 1.40 to 1.50. My older installer was also v1.40 and that confused me. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to install v1.4 of FTX NA PFJ in P3Dv3. The installer does not give me an option for P3Dv3, if I tick P3Dv2 I get Radio Buttons Error. Is there a way to install it in v3? Thanks,
  9. Btw the latest ORBX GUIDE is outdated for Scenery Library Insertion Point explanation, please update, I can't make it out from the older method. Thanks,
  10. Spad, My WIN10, P3D and ORBX installs ara all vanilla. I followed everything by the guidelines and ended up with the wrong order of ORBX install. What could have gone wrong? Do you think it's important to move those ORBXVECTOR entries below FS Global 2010 regions? Thanks Spad.
  11. My installer of FS Global 2010 mesh placed itself right above 1107 Base and below ORBX!VECTOR_EXX even though I installed it last (after vector and orbx lc products) - is it a problem? Thanks,
  12. Yes, it is compatible as stated here: https://www.fullterrain.com/sim/P3Dv3
  13. Is Vector 1.3 installer compatible with P3Dv3 add-on installation requirements? Thanks,
  14. I may be not alone at last complaining about some strange errors in FSX:SE installation: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/100020-remaining-vector-entry-in-scenery-library-after-fsx-reinstall/#entry904270
  15. Hi, and I decided to keep my FSX:SE and investigate instead, with some strange error messages too. RickD, could you pls visit the neighbouring thread below and see it it rings a bell for you? http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/99721-random-errors-at-start-up/ Thanks.
  16. I'm on Win7 x64 sp1, FS Global 2010 is not fully installed on purpose (I don't fly beyond those regions installed)... but first time. Hmm, never did that before btw. Could that be a problem? Thanks.
  17. I didn' mention I updated FSX navdata from here: http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html, but it's standard these days.
  18. I have 4 ORBX!VECTOR entries right ABOVE FS Global 2010 entries like in SPUD's post. And you (Friedi) say Vector should be under FS Global 2010? Thanks, Sabre10
  19. Do you see any problem here? Particularly with my ORBX Vector and FS Global 2010 entries?
  20. I recall I had a minor problem with Iceland, it somehow came right under ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1. I think it was done by one of the enumerators I used like FSTscenery.exe (not sure though, tried it again and FST worked perfect.) Doug, thank you for the screenshots. My FTX_OLC folder is 18.8GB/19.6GB on disk. I feel like there's something in the way FSX-SE starts with Steam and exits. Sometimes Steam process doesn't stop with FSX, and FSX closing gets held up by Steam and EZDOK as well. Yesterday when I closed FSX (after a 2hour flight) I saw some message for a fraction of a second
  21. I think I have all four, but how do I know now? What is the folder size? Thanks,
  22. Yes, Doug, absolutely. I haven't mentioned though I've used ORBX's FSXGo to start FSX, and always off-line (FSX-SE thingy). I'll try to run without FSXGo for a while.
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