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  1. As far as I am aware, V3 is considered a new product and doubt a free upgrade is available if you have V2
  2. Its on their home page: https://www.pilots.shop/Cms/ - see May 24 roadmap - FS Global 2010 below.. MAY 29th 2017: FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation (DVD box): New installer for DT FSW and Prepar3D V4 released at no cost via the installer update feature. ~ MAY 24th 2017: Roadmap 2017 for FS Global mesh productsFS Global 2010 (and FTX DL derivates):supported up to Prepar3D V3; replaced by FS Global 2018, see belowFS Global Ultimate –The Americas/Europe-Africa/Asia-Oceania:supported up to Prepar3D V3; replaced by FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation, see belowFS Global Ultimate – Next Generation (DVD box):New installer for DT FSW and Prepar3D V4 to be released soon at no cost via the installer update feature.NEW coming end of May/early JuneFS Global 2018:successor of 2010, incl. FTX version, download only, all new data like Ultimate, for the cost-conscious user data reduced rendered, the standard mesh for DT FSW and Prepar3D V4. FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation Continents:download version of FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation, incl. FTX version, same as DVD box, meets higher demands for DT FSW and Prepar3D V4. ~ FEBRUARY 10th 2016: Today marks the release day of the installer for our DVD products of FS Global Mesh series into Prepar3D V3. See more details by following the link on the left side menu "Our Products".
  3. You could refer to these links to help understand how to uninstall P3D and / or reinstall or upgrade hot fixes in P3D. http://www.avsim.com/topic/480898-how-do-i-uninstall-prepar3d-v3/#entry3348670 http://www.avsim.com/topic/484945-how-do-i-update-prepar3d-v3-using-the-new-installers/ Orbx moderators - I hope I haven't broken any rules by posting the above links. Happy for this post to be deleted if I have. Regards, Mario
  4. I was experiencing what looked like corrupt textures around NZQN to NZMF, YBRM in P3Dv3.3 after upgrading to FTX-C to 2.1. I am pleased to advise that after installing P3D v3.3.5.17625 hotfix (client only) the issues are resolved. Not sure if it is specific to my system but those on P3D v3.3 may want to give the latest hotfix a go. Orbx Libs.dll is working too ; although every time I start P3D I get a message "The module "ObjectFlow_P3D.dll" has not been tested for compatibility with the FS version you have installed. Your Version is: If you run the module, it may cause problems or a crash. Run the module now? I then click on Run Once - although the screen goes blank for a while, P3D loads perfectly to the scenario screen. No issues to report so far. Will continue to test and report back if any issues arise. Regards, Mario
  5. P3Dv3 Settings update : This thread is one to watch: http://www.simforums.com/Forums/switch-to-p3d_topic53980_page1.html In short, very few tweaks is the name of the game. My personal settings are: In game ANSO x16 + MSAA 8 samples All the other sliders to suite your requirements. Start with full right and work your way backwards for Scenery TAB. Water set to medium is good enough for me. I set textures to 1024 which was good for me visually too. My frames are set to unlimited with G-Sync enabled in both full screen and windowed mode as I have a G-Sync enabled Monitor and GFX card. (see sig) .cfg contains just these settings. [MAIN] HideInfoText=1 still gets rid of all the screen readout junk unless you want it FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.10 to .33 adjustable (mine is 0.10) [SIM] OPTIMIZE_PARTS=1 NO Nvidia Inspector setup at all That's it.. no further tweaks and no DSR setting. Cheers, Mario
  6. Disabling HT provides better FPS and more VAS available. Search on Rob Ainscough's youtube channel for P3Dv3 HT test
  7. I thought I would dig around online for P3dv3 tweaks and ran into Rob Ainscough's youtube vid on disabling Ht and the effect on FPX and VAS.. Very interesting.. have a look. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W5CeDlRMaQ I then searched some more and found his settings.. http://www.robainscough.com/Prepar3D_Settings_2.html My setup is between his: meduim settings http://www.robainscough.com/P3DV3_Settings_Medium.html and High http://www.robainscough.com/P3DV3_Settings_High.html Hope this helps all who visit this thread for P3Dv3. Regards, Mario
  8. Thanks Guys. So were you able to get clear crisp and sharp scenery in V3 without any tweaks at this stage? My aim is to get my v3 to the same level of performance and eye candy as v2.5 based on the setting in the start of this topic. My v3 is no where near that stage right now as I am still trying to get PFPX, NAVIGRAH AIRAC cycles installed and setup. Once I have done this and tested a pmdg 777 flight successfully, I will embark on trying different setting in the new version to acheive the best performace vs eye candy. Patrick, are you onboard v3 yet or holding off ? If yes, have you achieved similiar results as v2.5 ?
  9. Thanks Gauthier So I gather no cfg tweaks but what about the nVidia inspector settings - do they work for V3 ?
  10. I am in the same boat but not too chuffed. As JV rightfully said.. First world problems ,.... ) I plan on moving to P3Dv3 in the new year - once most of the addons have cought up to P3dv3.1 or 2 (given the way this sim is progressing ahead :-D). Cheers to all for keeping flight simming alive !!!
  11. FLYTampa has already released a very good version of YSSY.
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