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  1. I have every faith in Jarred and I am sure the wait will be worth it.
  2. that will be fantastic, thanks guys. I know Orbx will not put out a program until they are satisfied with it.
  3. another thing I have learned today, thanks again Nick, problem is remembering at my age lol
  4. Hi Jack, no just a freebie 737, just trying that out and maybe get the PMDG later
  5. thanks Nick, over the years I consider I have been helped a lot on Orbx and other fs sites
  6. I feel I need to explain myself, I have been around flight sims since the VOZ days and perhaps I should have known the answer to my question but I have in the past been flying small aircraft ony recently got into the 737 and discovered the SODE with the airbridges and was trying to remember the push back keys, as I said before I did try searching but could not find what I wanted, thank you Nick for your help.
  7. Thanks Nick, I did look there first and could not find what I was looking for I also did some searches on the forum, perhaps I used the incorrect words in my searches. Just saw your last post Nick, thanks
  8. ok, I am using P3D v4.4 and I am sitting in a 737 how do i get the engineers to push my aircraft back back ?
  9. great airport again, i do enjoy the train crossing the runway, like the warning crosses on either side, red don't move and green takeoff.
  10. Hi Guys, I found out today that milo passed away in July 2018, so sad as he was a 747 flyer on Orbx, he was also known as miloguys, he also did a radio show in Wollongong on a Friday night, he will be sadly missed. R.I.P milo
  11. Hi Nick, Thanks for that but it will take some reading up so may take me sometime to do it. one more question if I may Nick do you ever get time to fly Orbx/LM yourself ? because you are always on here helping us non computer savvy guys.
  12. Hi Nick, thank you for your help once again, can you explain in more detail how I can move the Orbx folder to another drive, would that slow down the operation of the flight sim ? I do not know what you mean by symbolic link, I understand that I would need a link of some kind but not how to do it. Regards Ron
  13. Hi Guys, I have a ssd drive (F drive) for LM and ORBX stuff and it is getting full, can I install FTX Germany South on another drive and use it from the other drive ? If yes, how would I do that ?
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