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  1. Thanks Holger...much appreciate the time you spent in your response...consider me educated.
  2. nope - just looking for what the original msfs looks like under certain conditions./
  3. Could someone do me a favor please? Can you set Feb 27th as date and 9:00pm as time on your flight with clear weather, and take a few screenshots of Vancouver B.C. for me? I noted some darkness, where I believed there to be buildings lit up and I am not sure why, also a stream of what literally looked like white Antiaircraft fire/tracers emitting from one building that only had 4 windows lit. Really trying to figure this out...this was on 5k setting, but even defaulting, buildings were darker....going g to look again today/compare to NYC and Chicago which were spectacular.
  4. Hey - appreciate the input for sure. No other peripherals attached - all previous binds were cleared etc. Guess what - plugged in a New X56 - - it works and is out of the box perfect at least for a cessna flight.
  5. Thanks for the input - I tried many sensitivity settings but am also opting out for new HOTAS system. --- FOr Sale Logitech T6000 with Pedals...cheap!
  6. So after a day of messing around trying to find out why this is extremely unflyable, as in all axis are crazy unstable I figured I would reach out to see if other had this problem. I have run nearly every sensitivity setting across X, Y and Z to no avail - some forums indicate for some there is no problem and many others are experiencing the same as myself. Just curious as to the perceptions of others here?
  7. Resolved - Unfortunately through uninstallation
  8. This has been resolved. All peripherals unloaded, and cleared all joystick/Throttle assignments and remapped. New problem though is input lag - virtually unflyable despite changing sensitivities. If someone is flying using Thrustmaster Hotas with smooth settings - I'd love your feedback.
  9. Hi Doug - somehow I knew you would be amongst the first to respond.
  10. All - so glad to see many are still here after a very long leave of absence - Hopefully everyone is safe and healthy - No joke on the Covid as I am recovering from it - I was very lucky based on likely limited viral load - so was pretty sick but not like others I know. Anyhow, as I now back messing with the deluxe version of MSFS2020 - I am just trying reinstall after an initial install that was causing a few issues - most recently, and on this current install the menu i.e when first trying to set up controls, or where to set a flight up - the menu is unstable for me i.e. not allowing me to go
  11. Doug - Thaks for this.... I have reinstalled P3D now to H: Prepar3d - with H being an external SSD The only things I have added thus far are my Carenado planes. I reran FTX Central - Vector succesfully (thanks) However I am still getting long run times - generally, in the past I was able to run this in about 10 minutes or so tops with all my addons - this past run was about 20 minutes without any add ons - thoughts?
  12. Brand new computer/new installation of P3D Try to run FTX Vector and it just runs and runs...(over an hour) I did delete the c: user appdata orbx and c user appdata temp to no avail I deleted FTX Central and re d/l it and same thing...over and over again...... IS there a log I can post to find out what exactly is going on? Deeply frustrating - especially for a new install.....
  13. sorry I meant Doug Sawatzky... (Sorry Doug)…. long day...
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