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  1. Doug - Thaks for this.... I have reinstalled P3D now to H: Prepar3d - with H being an external SSD The only things I have added thus far are my Carenado planes. I reran FTX Central - Vector succesfully (thanks) However I am still getting long run times - generally, in the past I was able to run this in about 10 minutes or so tops with all my addons - this past run was about 20 minutes without any add ons - thoughts?
  2. Brand new computer/new installation of P3D Try to run FTX Vector and it just runs and runs...(over an hour) I did delete the c: user appdata orbx and c user appdata temp to no avail I deleted FTX Central and re d/l it and same thing...over and over again...... IS there a log I can post to find out what exactly is going on? Deeply frustrating - especially for a new install.....
  3. sorry I meant Doug Sawatzky... (Sorry Doug)…. long day...
  4. Thanks all - as you can see it's fixed. Brad saved the day I believe.
  5. Working on this... will update shortly!
  6. Not sure how this occurred.... I suspect I have to reinstall all scenery again? Since this was a new installation... and I used FTX... I don't know quite what happened here.... thoughts/solutions welcomed.... migration_missing.txt
  7. Hello all, a little time has passed since my last post and activity - the images below are of the Vancouver area - and on my most update of P3D, and reinstall of scenery, I need what feel to be a lot of graphical issues i.e black patches, the quilt pattern of tan looking scenery AKA logged off areas of trees missing etc. they seem to not be the color they should be and don't represent other images from PNW that I see posted here. Perhaps someone might get this back to normal for me?
  8. one of my favorite airports to fly in and out of... both in sim and for real (back in the day) scenic... beautiful on calm and pretty days and frightening as hell in fog, rainy or windy days...
  9. Hey all - it's been a while - currently on the road a lot - with 14 clinics to manage and ensure that we are not killing people and providing quality care is quite a responsibility; as you can imagine not a lot of free time to fly. However, on a night like tonite - I have a few minutes but am not at home - thus my topic. Anyone fly using a laptop? If so specs/brand would be helpful....researching a variety of brands at present budget is around 1600usd and if I ask my wife nicely - up to 2k. Thoughts
  10. One of my favorite PNW airports - the approaches are fun.
  11. There are already 3rd party applications for this. Do some searching you will find them... I can't advertise them here but there is one company who has this in last development stage and the quality is very good w/o any or very little FPS and they are global so all bridges across the world are 3D, support traffic and are lit up at night.
  12. Excellent videos....my only problem with them is that you are now causing me to go buy a few more airports that I did not have in the hanger.....
  13. Working on lighting and presets - this caught my eye
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