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  1. Stunning shots Filou. ORBX and XP 11 have done it again!! Pete
  2. Great shots Iain. Love the lighting. Happy New Year. Pete
  3. Hi John I fly mainly ORBX TEUK in XP11. As time constraints seem to be limiting my flying time at the moment I tend to try flying over areas I have recently visited for real just to compare the Real World with Sim Scenery. And you know what it's pretty good!!!! I also use a program called FS Instant Approach (hope it's OK to mention that) that allows me to position my aircraft on an approach path to a chosen airport (ORBX of course!). Thus with limited time one can practice approaches and landings very easily - very exciting with some of the contoured runways ORBX are introducing. Best wishes Pete
  4. Beautiful! Just a pity I fly mainly in XP11 lol. Very impressive piece of work. Pete
  5. Great shots. Forgive my ignorance but are these P3D or XP ? Pete
  6. Absolutely wonderful JV. Can't wait. Definite buy. Thank you ORBX team. Pete
  7. Great shots, Jack, although I now feel slightly nauseous!!
  8. Super realistic shot. Very jealous of your desktop spec too lol !
  9. Well we all appreciate a loo is the ideal place to release "wind", especially when those props start turning !! Nice shot by the way. Pete
  10. Lovely shot, and yes I remember such feelings especially when I used the visit the amazing air show at Gaydon aerodrome near Warwick UK. The show always culminated in a mock "scramble" by 3 or 4 "V" bombers. Boy did the ground shake!! Pete
  11. Yep lovely shots. Love the first two "comparison" shots - just illustrates the "magic" ORBX can bring to FS. Pete
  12. Lovely picture. So realistic. Thank you. Pete
  13. At first glance I really thought this was an actual photo - stunning! Pete
  14. Amazing shots - well impressed! Pete
  15. Yes Tim K, I have to agree. As I do most of my flying in the UK I nearly always use XP11 rather than P3D for that very reason, and I have TEGB installed for both (only TESouth in P3D of course). Now also beginning to explore TE Washington in XP11. And of course lovely shots TTM! Pete
  16. Amazing pictures. Love them. Have used this airport several times to fly to France (on Ryanair). Thanks to ydelta for the shots and ORBX for the airport!. Pete
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