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  1. Hi everyone In general I have to agree with FalconAF above. Not sure I agree with the term "lazy" as I can quite understand some people simply wanting to "plug and sim". I too like to fly low and slow as I love to take in the detail of the views I'm getting in XP11. I already have ORBX scenery on an external HDD. It works fine and honestly it's quite easy to do - just follow the simple instructions given elsewhere on the ORBX forum. I have also just found the Western Digital My Book 6TB Desktop Hard Drive (USB 3) for £106 on Ebuyer, so storage costs are coming down. I'm 70 so age isn't a limiting factor lol. For me personally, more detail is better, but that's my personal preference. Interesting times ahead. Pete
  2. Heehee! When I read the headline and glanced at the first picture, I thought it was a real (advertising?) photo! Shows how far Flight Simming has advanced over the past few years. Nice shots by the way. Pete
  3. Very nice. Have flown several times from this airport. Immediate purchase ! Pete
  4. Great set of shots. Lovely aircraft. Pete
  5. Happy Birthday John A huge thank you for all you, and your team, have done for us flight simmers Pete
  6. Yup, you've done it again Iain . Ultraweather and XVision settings when you can please. Thank you. I'm usually a TEUK flier, but this is a definite purchase when it arrives. Pete
  7. Wonderful. Only problem now is, I'm going to have to learn to fly a helicopter so that I can get close to all that detail ! Pete
  8. OMG. Not much else to say!! Love the last shot in particular. Pete
  9. As Julius Ceasar said: "I came, I saw, I conquered". Same with me and XP11 (plus ORBX). Pete
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