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  1. Stunning! I thought I would be spending all my time exploring TEGB (which I still will of course) but this will definitely broaden my horizon. ORBX plus X-Plane equals bliss !! Pete
  2. Another lovely series of XP11 plus ORBX (plus your photographic eye of course!) shots Pete
  3. Hi John. Great shots. I was wondering which part of the UK could afford so many McLarens in one place? Then I noticed the building! DOH! Love XP with TEGB. Thank you ORBX team (I've probably said this before!!) Pete
  4. Lovely shots Adam. Like you , I was (and still am) a P3D enthusiast, but XP11 has definitely become my sim of choice when flying in the UK with TEGB. As you intimate, P3D seems to look computer generated compared with XP. Do get Xvision. There are already some great presets available and I guess we'll be seeing some from you too! Best wishes Pete
  5. Great set of shots. Even though I'm now a somewhat biassed fan of XP11 I am still amazed at the realism when flying in XP combined with ORBX, as exemplified by your shots above. Pete
  6. Wonderful. Got my day off to a very cheery start! Thank you Jack Pete
  7. Well I know we voted to leave Europe, but this seems a little extreme :o/ Pete
  8. Lovely shots. So clear pete
  9. Beautiful set of screenshots. As I keep saying, XP plus ORBX plus xvision etc - magic! Pete
  10. Great news John. Just my luck that were going away for a Music of the 70's weekend . Will miss the SPI release and the first F1 in Austaralia, but at least my wife will be happy - she's going to see the Bay City Rollers!! I'll download as soon as I get back!! Pete
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