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  1. Hi John I fly mainly ORBX TEUK in XP11. As time constraints seem to be limiting my flying time at the moment I tend to try flying over areas I have recently visited for real just to compare the Real World with Sim Scenery. And you know what it's pretty good!!!! I also use a program called FS Instant Approach (hope it's OK to mention that) that allows me to position my aircraft on an approach path to a chosen airport (ORBX of course!). Thus with limited time one can practice approaches and landings very easily - very exciting with some of the contoured runways ORBX are introducing. Best wishes Pete
  2. Beautiful! Just a pity I fly mainly in XP11 lol. Very impressive piece of work. Pete
  3. Great shots. Forgive my ignorance but are these P3D or XP ? Pete
  4. Absolutely wonderful JV. Can't wait. Definite buy. Thank you ORBX team. Pete
  5. Great shots, Jack, although I now feel slightly nauseous!!
  6. Super realistic shot. Very jealous of your desktop spec too lol !
  7. Well we all appreciate a loo is the ideal place to release "wind", especially when those props start turning !! Nice shot by the way. Pete
  8. Lovely shot, and yes I remember such feelings especially when I used the visit the amazing air show at Gaydon aerodrome near Warwick UK. The show always culminated in a mock "scramble" by 3 or 4 "V" bombers. Boy did the ground shake!! Pete
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