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  1. Stewart I had a similar problem once I had installed and climbed the learning curve for X-Plane. But now the decision is easy. For TEGB it's X-plane all the way. Smooth, sharp,great roads and traffic, more realistic than P3D. I won't abandon P3D, however, as it has a great many virtues outside TE. Pete
  2. petehowell57

    Emmsie 60 today.

    A very Happy Birthday Iain. "My final shots" must rate as one of the greatest and most eagerly anticipated statements amongst the Sim community!!! Enjoy your 60s. I'm about to leave them and enter the 70s !!!!! Best wishes Pete
  3. petehowell57

    About "North".

    Thanks JV for a comprehensive explanation. I'm sure many of us do not fully appreciate the hours of work and technical challenges faced with such a product, and at such a reasonable cost to us. I don't know Scotland very well (much to my shame) but I do enjoy the overall experience of flying "up North". Thank you ORBX for what you have given to the flight community, and what you will bring to us in the future. Oh, and this isn't a "dig" at my fellow flyers, I too found that the representation of my house in the middle of Birmingham wasn't accurate, but boy oh boy I still loved the overall experience. Pete
  4. petehowell57

    xp11 EGSG to EGHR

    Amazing screenshots. Pete
  5. petehowell57

    TrueEarth GB North XP11 here and there.

    Whoops sorry, wrong spelling of Iain !! Pete
  6. petehowell57

    TrueEarth GB North XP11 here and there.

    Thanks Ian, Will try out those settings. Best wishes Pete
  7. petehowell57

    TrueEarth GB North XP11 here and there.

    Ian, Wonderful screenshots as always. Could you possibly let us know your settings for xvision and UWXP. I have both programs and would love to be able to duplicate the quality of the scenery while flying. Can't wait for TEGB XP North to arrive. Pete
  8. Already have South and Central , so looking forward to completing the trio. Great shots! Pete
  9. petehowell57

    EGTR Elstree XP11 My Final Shots.

    Amazing shots showing amazing detail. XP is definitely my favourite SIM at the moment, but with TEGB around the corner for P3D who knows? Exciting times. Pete
  10. petehowell57

    Southend in the Clag

    Great shots. I too use ASXP and UWXP but don't get clouds representations as good as those. Could you possible show us your UWXP settings? Many thanks Pete
  11. petehowell57

    EGSG Stapleford XP11

    Amazing shots. These are real photos - Yes? Lol. Love them. Merry Christmas Filou. Pete
  12. petehowell57

    EGSG Stapleford XP11 from me.

    +1 to all of the above. Tending to fly XP11 far more than P3D now. That may change when TEGB for P3D comes out but the clarity of XP scenery is very impressive.. Merry Christmas everyone Pete
  13. Filou Hope it's not too off target, but what settings do you use in Xvision to get such amazing shots. I have bought it and have loaded the "Impressive" set, but it doesn't look as good as yours. Still a little washed out. Pete
  14. Beautiful. Can't wait for TE GB Central to complement my TE GB South. Pete
  15. Have found X-Plane TE GB to be much smoother and with sharper graphics than TE NL. Have surprised myself at how much I have flown X-Plane recently compared to P3D4, but I fly mainly GB. Pete