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  1. I know the owner of this plane (from Bodø) He has also tried the Orbx RV 4 and he enjoyed it very much!
  2. It is in fact Henrik Isaksen who made the video. I'm not a good Director
  3. Thank you! Beautiful work! It looks like you have put a lot of work in this one. And thanks for your support!
  4. Nice screenshots! Is it OK for you if I use a couple of them on ENNK product page?
  5. Static ships are included in the scenery and appears at different places, random times of the day. Ships can be turned off in the control panel if you want to use Henrik´s boats.
  6. View from Narvikfjellet. It´s possible to land there on the helipad. Challenging in bad weather, if you don't see the horizon These are taken in P3D v2.
  7. Hi, progress in good. Working with the user guide now
  8. Announcement comes when it's ready. Required beta fixes being worked on currently
  9. Hi, preview shots are from FTX Norway, I'm unsure whether it will be marketed for Global or FTX Norway right now, but I can say it will work with both. 10m mesh are included for Global support.
  10. Seasonal changes being worked on right now.
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