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  1. Heh, with your breakneck pace of pushing out X-Plane 11 content, I expect it to suddenly release next week
  2. Currently awaiting MisterX6's SFD Global, which looks amazing but I certainly wouldn't mind OrbX taking a stab at it. They just have that magical flair for making it look real and beautiful.
  3. Yup, another vote for FreeMeshX. It's good and more importantly; it's free. Hard to beat.
  4. Very nice, sir. Hope you're enjoying the whirlybird.
  5. Personally, I just add them to favourite places on Google maps in a browser, which gives them a nice star. Then I have an easy overview of all my sceneries. Can even have multiple profiles and markers, for the various sims or for landmarks / sceneries / airports etc.
  6. Today is the day, curious to see who takes away the grand prize and if my unmarked bag of gold and homemade muffins have arrived safely.
  7. Your health is a million times more important, Iain. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  8. Thank you guys That would be the Dreamfoil Bell 407 (X-Plane 11 version, of course), perhaps one of the best helicopters for X-Plane.
  9. OrbX's TrueEarth products have completely transformed the sim. Such a pleasure to fly and explore!
  10. Been a dead duck for quite some time now. They did have an amazing base with that engine but they really squandered it.
  11. Thank you for all the kind comments! It would be an honour, sir
  12. Thank you OrbX for the amazing work
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