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  1. Would like to know as well. Would be nice with a feature to convert from root installation to add-on method.
  2. Absolute perfection. Hopefully X-Plane will one day see some weather implementation, native or third party, that matches the beauty of what's happening on the ground.
  3. Wow, looks absolutely incredible. Great shots!
  4. Ah, that's a nice surprise to come home to! Thank you for the comments and thank you to everyone who voted. A lot of excellent shots for sure. I'll get that email fired off immediately. Also, thank you for all your work doing this, Iain
  5. Looks incredible. I can't wait for X-Plane to get some decent looking weather, then it'll all just come together beautifully.
  6. Parked up at Bozeman in the A2A Bonanza
  7. Late to the party but wanted to add my opinion on the matter. Personally, I'd vastly prefer the LOD14 option, as the difference seems negligible. I hate to even say it, as it comes off as condescending and unappreciative of the fantastic work that is being done but I wouldn't buy a P3D product that didn't feature seasons. One of P3D's key selling points, for me, is seasons and the consistency of the world. All the products, at least in your line-up, despite being at vastly different 'quality levels' from Global up to / down to TE level, all share a similar feel and consistency that increase the immersion factor. I'd hate it, if that selling point would slowly be eroded by going forward with summer only textures in future products, meaning you'll fly across a snow-covered or bleak looking terrain, in heavy snow and slush and then suddenly, boom, green fields as far as the eye can see. There was talks about offering two products, one at LOD15 and one at LOD14, which I think is a good approach in terms of costs. Say you bought both, would it be possible to mix them together? So LOD15 when you choose summer in-sim and then LOD14 with all other seasons, or do all the textures have to fit within the same LOD level?
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