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  1. Thank you, Holger. Your notations to "make a note" is...well...noted. Danny
  2. I see one other post in the Bug thread but no response. Has anyone tried to land at U63, Bruce Meadows in CRM scenery. Brakes are not effective at all. I tried to taxi the C90 King Air. It is like driving on ice. Tried other planes and others from the flight-sim newsgroup are reporting the same issue. Danny
  3. Bruce Meadows, U63, Central Rockies I see a post about braking, or lack thereof, at U63, Bruce Meadows, but do not see any response. Several of us have experienced this same weirdness. Flew the Carenado C90 into there two days ago and even taxiing, it was like driving on ice. Any Fix mentioned that I have missed? Danny
  4. This is not a 'How To" for Mile Hi, but this is my Super Cub from Flight Replicas. Any Cub will work and even did the strip in a Cessna 210. Just takes practice. http://youtu.be/6QOJhFL2QT4?hd=1 http://youtu.be/j89FoN50G6k?hd=1 That has been one of my favorite areas in the sim world since FS9. Idaho Primative area. Orbx really did it justice...I believe.
  5. This gorgeous strip lies 3 miles south of Mackay Bar on the South Fork Salmon River. Depart Mackay Bar to the West and IMMEDIATELY turn left to follow the river for 3 miles. This shot was taken with Summer season. PA-18 Super Cub from Flight Replicas.
  6. Really a nice video composition. I am not a fan of music on Flight Sim videos, since I enjoy hearing engine sounds, but your's is the exception. The music just seemed to fit. Not a big fan of today's country music, love bluegrass, but your tune selection was good ole country music. Good job.
  7. Smooth landing. Very nice piloting skills. I had the Harvey and Monroe fields for FS9. It was well done too.
  8. I did, indeed, Hank, and the winds were normal after exiting that faulty program. I had another episode at a strip in Vermont Sunday, while running this same weather program. I have since deleted the program. My landings can be bad enough on their own with no help from a fierce Mother-nature.
  9. Recently departed Memaloose Airstrip, 25U. Dropped over the ledge and descended about 4,000 feet to the Snake River. Turning right and continuing south to continue to Hell's Canyon Dam and the convenient landing area provided mid-stream further on below the dam. The rock textures along the steep walls of this scenic canyon are awesome. http://youtu.be/nJGfJQVxURg?hd=1
  10. Flying in the Central Rocky Mountains from Cayuse Creek to Running Creek Ranch, flying this plan, 2ID7 Cayuse Creek S92 Fish Lake 1U1 Moose Creek 2U5 Shearer 05ID Running Creek Ranch (another slightly sloped runway) When I was on approach to Moose Creek, just before I touched down, tornado force winds pushed me backwards. Never have I see this in Flight Sim. I captured it with Playclaw. Had to be a bug in the weather download, I suspect. I am using FSRealWXLite, a freebie download. I have been using that weather thingy a couple of months with no problems until that flight and
  11. Phil, Would you believe....skill? I did not think so. I used a free arrestor cable program titled arrcab26.zip. It is available on flightsim.com. READ the PDF instruction so you can adjust the default settings. Installation is very simple, but it does require FSUIPC4, free or registered version. It also includes a catapult which I could have used at Lower Loon but did not. A keyboard shortcut combination activates the cable effect which will work equally well on a road, top of a building, where ever you choose to set the jet (Cub, Cessna, etc) down.
  12. After I got my Lower Loon repaired and down off of that tall plateau, I watched a video of a friend departing Lower Loon in the FA-18. I decided to one up him. http://youtu.be/0fu-6lIETAk?hd=1
  13. Acknowledged. Thanks Alex. I have the two replacement bgl files and the Loon is now flat. Woo Hoo!
  14. Flying the awesome CRM the other night from Mile Hi to Lower Loon Creek. Got to Lower Loon and discovered it is on a tall plateau and overgrown with trees. I have no third party mesh installed, no FSGenesis or UTX.
  15. Thanks Phil. I do have a screenshot and will add it to the post.
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