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  1. Great stuff, guys! I am certainly going to purchase this one.
  2. Looks amazing, guys! Good work! PS. I wouldn't mind you doing Gold Coast City Scape next
  3. Antonvs, you have a Polish surname. Any connections with Poland?
  4. Yes, yes, yes!!! :mrgreen: Great news about YBBN, I'll certainly be prepaying.
  5. I have enjoyed every single screenshot that you've published, Mango. Thanks a lot, mate!
  6. LaGuardia (New York) has 7,000 ft runways and 757s are operating from that airport every day. You need to check if the taxiways are wide enough for the 757.
  7. 767 Level D is an excellent product. The company is doing B757 now. It should be a nice aircraft as well.
  8. Flight1 is a distributor but it has a strong reputation to look after so getting involved in ridiculous projects is not an option. Furthermore, Air Simmer has never given a specific date; their Airbus will be released when it's done. I agree that the Aerosoft A320 looks good but is not an option for those who value realism more than beautiful graphics. PS. Ditchdigger, welcome to the forums
  9. Where did I hear that before? Oh Digital Aviation Fokker. They promised a free VC for early purchasers and still, 2 years after that, there is still no VC and I think it will never be one. Also their Fokker is a FS9 port in FSX, still unfinished. Well don't count on what the developers say. I wouldn't genaralise here. On one hand, we have a Digital Aviation Fokker (I am not familiar with the case so I rely on your post) that has been unfinished for two years. On the other hand, there is ORBX which has my full trust and support. Both companies DEVELOP FS addons. Air Simmer is a young company but it works with Flight1, FS veteran when it comes to addons.
  10. I agree, the FS9 Basic that Air Simmer released some time ago is not perfect. However, the customers who bought it will receive a final basic version for nothing. This sale was announced due to financial problems. "The FMGS is simplified in this version (we might do a more complex version later if there is demand for that). Apart from the pages that are more or less faked because it is a simulation (like startup pages, IRS etc) you will have" "Engines are very realistic (apart from the nagging fuel burn issues when you fly at very low or very high cost settings, we don't care a lot actually about that)" "Simplified Performance page" "Simplified vertical navigation" These are some Aerosoft A320 features. Clearly, Air Simmer Basic version will be more advanced than that but it will take some time to finish it up. The prize is pretty much the same, 40 US dollars versus 30 euros.
  11. I must say, the screenshots are amazing. However, "the intention is to offer a superb visual experience with a system depth that allows the user to get a good idea of what the aircraft is aimed to be without getting into massive details.". Thus this Airbus is not for people who give priority to "as real as it gets". Personally, I am an Airbus freak with about 600 hours on Vatsim so the only realistic option I have is Air Simmer. Apart from beautiful cockpit and exterior model, Air Simmer Airbus features almost all real life systems. Can't wait to fly between FTX AU and FTX NZ in an A320
  12. This is one of the things I love Australia for. In Poland probably no one would even think about celebrating Independence Day or 3rd May (national festivals) in such a relaxed and fun way (even though these events have a positive historical background). As a member of "young generation" I find that very inspiring. I hope you will have an excellent time.
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