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  1. As today, I'm on P3dv the offending LM file (1004) found by Nick, has not been removed. So I (.off) it just to be sure. I am buying all the add on Papua New Guinea Orbx airports, intending to do some bush flying so need the area to behave itself! Happy simming! Cheers.
  2. I have just revisited Friday Harbour, after not flying there since FSX. Now on P3dv4.5, I saw what look like runway edge lights that resemble little Christmas trees. Anyone else see them? There is no glow, they are just little white tree like objects, that look like someone's drawn them in MS Paint.. Please can these be upgraded into some more up to date lights that P3d4.5 can render? The current lights look rather fake and out of date! Also 61WA (Rabbit Run) grass strip, south of KFHR, has a landing grass strip that's too uneven to land anything! I like realism, but the bumps here are excessive! Regards David
  3. There might be an issue ( another one!) with FSDT GSX and East Midlands Airport. I bought EGNX today and confirm that the GSX editor seems to have a problem with the AFCAD file. Nothing new here from my perspective. Not all Orbx airports play nicely with GSX. EGNX may be one of them. When I went to set up the GSX editor for position 12, the aircraft was flung 2 miles into the wrong direction, at 2000 feet. I had to open the P3d Airport selection screen to get back to the parking position. GSX editor correctly identifies the FTX bgl, but messes around when trying to edit. I fing GSX a bit of a nightmare at times. Support is on his forum. Hope you get the airport running in P3d. Its very nice at night. Regards David
  4. I just purchased East Midlands Airport. Unfortunately my download speed is 200/300 Kb. I have a 200 Gb fibre optic internet. It should take seconds. Is there something up with your servers, or is everyone in the world taking opportunity of your sale? Cheers!
  5. There's also no dynamic object lighting, so at night your PBR aircraft will be totally black! Please can someone re do this airport?
  6. Is the D drive where your P3d simulator is located? It sounds like P3d hasn't activated the scenery. Can you open the scenery and move around in the GSX editor? I would uninstall the scenery, then reinstall. I always chose the option to install into the main simulator folder. Do each scenery one at a time, when you load P3d it should automatically load in the scenery. If you cant get the GSX editor to open, I would ask on the FSDT GSX forum. If there is no GSX "panic log" try and make a note of where the scenery has been installed to. Good luck.
  7. Why is Leeds Bradford for P3d not in the leap year sale when Leeds Bradford for X plane is? Disappointed.....you bet ya!☹️
  8. Thanks again! Your solution was spot on! I am uploading a you tube movie which is part two of a three part flight. Part one was Germany (EDDN) to Brisbane (YBBN), in a maxed out 787-9. Part two YBBN to Wellington New Zealand, (NZWN). Part three will be NZWN to Milford Sound, in the Aerosoft Twotter...You Tube as "David herky". Some folks may think GSX 2 is a bit daft. But I think it adds more atmosphere into the sim. A bit like those horses at Lilydale, or the butterflies, dolphins, whales and ringing telephone at Milford. At any rate, it's fun getting it to work properly. The parking spot was beyond my ability. You have to apply a further GSX edit to get the passengers up the short steps of the Twotter. I know it's not perfect, but it makes me chuckle every time I see it! Regards David.
  9. This file is a complete success! Well done sir and thank you. I suggest the Orbx devs put this parking spot file in a patch for NZMF. GSX works 100% with this parking spot #4. No crashes. I see the vehicles spawn and de-spawn well away from the parking spot. This must have solved the GSX crash? Thanks again. I have attached a couple of photos. Now Ill do my little You Tube video of my travels!
  10. Thanks, will try it later today. Got a reply from the GSX Dev but I'm not sure he knows what's going on. I guess we're on our own with this one. Here's the link. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,23124.0.html
  11. Thanks Smudger. I run it with option 1 in the FTX NZMF editor, this eliminates all the static vehicles. I surmise that you could create another parking spot, say, top right corner, near the inlet? Agree that two refuel spots are curious. I always avoid those due to the old type auto refuel? When I select parking spot 2 or 3 from the GSX menu, GSX puts up an error message as orphaned parking and no GSX available. Funny thing is, with GSX, it auto moves your aircraft to the spot, regardless of it being orphaned, you just can't edit it with GSX vehicles. The double parking (triple if you include the aircraft itself) doesn't appear to cause the GSX crash. The crash comes after a couple of minutes when the bus leaves. (There isn't any object collision detection in GSX, that's why you see the vehicles driving through each other and the aircraft itself, in some cases. I tend to laugh, but some folks get incensed! If were the developer, I would include a "walking to the terminal" option. That would be great at small airfields like Milford Sound. They could then all saunter to the cafe! No bus required at so many small strips. So far no reply on the GSX forum. There is a GSX file with coords for the baggage truck, but none for the bus. You can disable the bus and the baggage loaders, but then you don't see any passengers! What I would call a pointless edit, since I bought GSX 2 for the passenger loading. Aw well. Regards David
  12. I have posted the error log with a question over on the GSX forum. Hopefully the dev can make sense of the crashes? http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,23124.0.html Lets wait and see?
  13. Hi. It's a strange one for sure. Loading begins with the baggage cart and the bus starting exactly where the aircraft is parked. I tried moving the GSX parking location, a few feet. Also rotating the aircraft parking 180 degrees. You can not edit the starting positions for the bus or baggage cart, since they usually spawn some distance from the parking spot. Posts on the GSX forum are usually met by "read the manual" or "this has been answered elsewhere" or just silence. I don't know why I persevere doing videos for this guy and promoting his product? If I let the unloading/loading run to its conclusion, GSX crashes with the error message. The sim doesn't crash, just GSX. Parking spots 2 and 3 are still orphaned so couldn't try them. Frustratingly, Murray Island, a free island airport from Orbx, has a perfect parking position that's served by GSX spot on. Yet Milford Sound, a gorgeous "payware" Orbx product has all three parking spots, all orphaned. Some Orbx Dev must know the solution to this. I think a fix would be welcome. But if there's only me using GSX at NZMF?☹️ Very many thanks for your help. Regards David
  14. Many thanks that's fixed the orphaned parking error message! The only issue that remains is GSX 2 decides to spawn the baggage cart and the bus on the exact parking spot 1, where the aircraft is located? Also Coutle keeps crashing and re starting. I guess its a Coutle issue after all? Doesn't surprise me, its a bit buggy sometimes, although the dev wont admit it! Thanks again for trying. Regards David PS Here is the crash log for GSX 2; couatl v3.2 (build 4308) panic log started on Tue Feb 25 20:06:28 2020 problem raised by addon <unknown> Taking vehicle.cruiseSpeed: 13.4112Traceback (most recent call last): File ".\common\fsm.py", line 73, in executeDoFuncToCompletion File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\baseAssistanceVehicle.py", line 418, in do File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\passengerBus.py", line 190, in getLeaveRoute IndexError: list index out of range {'Airport': 'NZMF', 'Requested assistance services at': 'Parking 1', 'Requested parking services to': 'Parking 1', 'User Pos': (-44.67252348934143, 167.9235570095319, 5.84378 m, 2.84378 m, 178.47935644446767)}
  15. I am using GSX 2 and want to use the GSX parking editor. The error message that the single parking spot, at 1, is orphaned, keeps blocking any GSX 2 actions. I don't have an airport editor (and wouldn't mess with one if I did!) could one of your devs un-orphan the parking spot please? Then GSX 2 can be used to unload passengers from my Milford Sound Twin Otter. I can then make a movie! Thanks Regards David
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