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  1. The imagery looks much improved! Did you guys happen to build the downtown area or the shopping centers (key reference point for aircraft) just west of the airport? I have a vacation house nearby. Can't wait.
  2. Can the static commercial airlines be removed? Do the gates function for AI?
  3. Is that static AI? If so, can it be removed (the commercial airliners)? Also, the liveries are out of date on those Dash-8 AI.
  4. One would think that Frontier static, which does not exist in real life, would be vanquished out of the new release. Just a suggestion. Eagerly waiting for the update. Thanks.
  5. Good to see you are using the best AI models available for P3D/FSX.
  6. I tried 3 times to download the HolgerMesh AU freeware SP3 on the FTX server, it failed each time. I don't think the issue is on my end since it downloaded fine, albeit much slower, using the ORBX cloud server. FYI.
  7. Does anyone know where Ameriflight parks? I am updating my FSX AFCAD so all my AI airlines park correctly. Thank you
  8. Wow, looks fantastic. I like a little over an hour away from this area, and I am in Palm Desert quite often. Well done. A couple of quick questions. 1) Is the Agua Caliente multi-story casino rendered? 2) I fly using So Cal Megascenery X for Southern California in P3D 2.4. Will your Palm Springs scenery display fine if I position it in the library above the Megascenery X? This is a must for me. Thank you.
  9. I just purchased PNW today, and I am finding these static aircraft are driving me nuts. Like many people, I want my own AI at the airport, not someone dictating it for me. At Renton, I see static 737's where my AI 737's from the factory should be parking. Ugh. At the very least, I would hope the option would be given to remove them or not install them during installation.
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