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Community Answers

  1. Correct! Greg is the winner! I though it would be pretty easy considering how popular CYSE is. Feel free to post a mystery pic if you have one, Greg. Rod
  2. Thanks, wolfko! I recently found a RL photo (I did not take it) that someone sent me awhile back when I was investigating one of Orbx's airports. Here it is as the next mystery photo: Rod
  3. Congratulations, Carlos, on a great pic! Enjoy your prize! Rod
  4. I am so used to the green of England, I almost didn't recognize Fishburn Airfield in a blanket of white. Nice pic! Rod
  5. Lot of new POIs at Graz after latest 1.1.0 update from Orbx. Just caught the famous Clock Tower as I flew over.... Rod
  6. Lights in the nightime sky at LOWI is a part of a known MSFS problem. They are working on it. Rod
  7. Gerold, so you don't have to wait for Boetie to wake up, it is definitely EGKA. Here is a P3Dv5 pic of EGKA taken in the same basic spot: Rod
  8. YBBN is coming! Did you see this line at the end of the Key Features list: Perfectly matched with our upcoming YBBN Brisbane Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator Rod
  9. Just downloaded update and circled Seattle. It looks great again! Thanks, Ed! Rod
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