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  1. stiletto2

    TE-UK P3D over London - inc UK2000 EGLC

    Great video, Kevin!! Rod
  2. stiletto2

    Tamar Estuary Area

    That's a different Tamar Estuary. Rod
  3. stiletto2

    Tamar Estuary Area

    These shots are close to Plymouth, England where the Tamar River ultimately flows into the English Channel. Rod
  4. stiletto2

    Southampton Tower, We are ready for ....

    Hi Peter, Usually, if I want more picture to display on the main post screen I either crop out 40% to 50% of each side of the widescreen pic before posting so it still gives a bit of a pano feel or I go into single screen mode in the sim and snap a shot for full screen post. I just posted a couple of cropped pics in the screenshot section....here is link if you haven't seen the post: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/168519-tamar-estuary-area/ Rod
  5. stiletto2

    Tamar Estuary Area

    Here's a couple of shots I took the other day...... Rod
  6. stiletto2

    In Solent

    Yes, but what a rush doing a touch and then go vaulting off the inclined launch ramp on the front!!! Rod
  7. stiletto2

    TEGB South around London P3DV4,4.

    Another beautiful set of shots from the "screenshot master"! Thanks for the great pics! Rod
  8. stiletto2

    TEGB South P3DV4.4 just a few.

    Great shots, Iain! So real looking.....gotta love P3Dv4's water! Rod
  9. stiletto2

    TE-UK P3D over Bristol

    Beautiful, just beautiful! Rod
  10. stiletto2

    TE GBS familiarization flights

    Great set of pics!! Rod
  11. stiletto2

    Southampton Tower, We are ready for ....

    In another thread, Peter mentions he has triple screens. Also, you can blow up his picutres by clicking on them. After a couple of clicks you get the full picture which you have to scroll through to see each bit of it. Great for detail. I also have triple screens. The pics from that type of set up post at the size you see to keep the width from being larger than the screen. Triple screen pics have an extremely long width vs. height. For example, my default pics are 5320 X 1050. Rod
  12. Happy Birthday, Hoger! Have a great day! Rod
  13. F737NG: I don't run any other mesh. I grabbed a quick snap and didn't look at the bridge closely. But now that I do, I dont' think it is a mesh issue. There is another bridge object sitting partially under the correct object. Should be easy for the developer to remove the rogue object. You can use my pic as part of your bug report. Rod
  14. Yes, it is one of the TE GB South's official POIs. Pic is below. Rod