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  1. Have a good time on your vacation. Your excellent responsiveness and help will be missed while you are away. Rod
  2. Hi Aimee, JV, I am thinking that all of the P3Dv4 EGXX airports that fall in the TE GB South geographic area should show Prequisite Products as EU England or TE GB South (P3Dv4 only). This would probably help ORBX either sell more of the EGXX payware airports or more of TE GB South for P3Dv4 or both. It would also be very helpful for current EGXX Payware P3Dv4 users who don't know those airports will also look great (if not better) in True Earth. There is something really exciting about flying beyond the EGXX Payware airport boundaries only to find that the beautiful ortho 3D style of scenery continues seamlessly for miles and miles and miles. Just a thought. Rod
  3. All scenery objects do not just glue to whatever mesh is used. If you were to use a different mesh, many objects designed and positioned on the ORBX mesh may not sit properly on the terrain (especially the hand placed ones). Rod
  4. Great set of shots, Jack! Thanks! Rod
  5. Thanks, Kevin, for the feedback! For anyone else that wants a temporary, simple add on file patch to correct the uneeded and visually disruptive extrusion bridge overlays on the Brunel Bridge and Calstock Viaduct as well as an add on file patch that ensures the terrain meets both ends of the Brunel bridge, here is the link for those patches with instructions included: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvj0z3tequft4d8/Temp Calstock %26 Brunel Patches.zip?dl=0 Rod
  6. "....or maybe just a pm?" PM is fine for now. Not sure if a temp patch really fits in community software. Once I hear from anyone that has already PM'd me that the fix works for them, I can then just post a link to the patch. Rod
  7. Kevin is quite correct that an extrusion bridge overlays the Tamar Bridge model (which could use taller towers as Christopher mentioned). In my patch, I did not remove that extrusion bridge because the busy traffic would then run across the water down below which looks a lot worse than the two extra white columns. I did forget to report that problem but I will now. Rod
  8. Thanks, Jack. See below for the coordinates of the Clifton Bridge: Rod
  9. Thanks, ORBX for the v1.1 update for TE GB South for P3Dv4. The Control Panel works and allows me to reduce load when flying in London which improves my frame rates. When I am outside London I usually leave most of the control panel checked. The autogen seems to fit in better for me though I haven't been able to make direct comparisons to the old autogen. The Clifton Bridge is fixed! Yay! The only other model fixes I was looking for, which are not in the update, were the problems with the extrusion bridge overlays on the Brunel Bridge and Calstock Viaduct and the fact that the Brunel bridge does not reach the terrain on either end. I have reported these issues today in the support thread. Hopefully, you will get them corrected in the next update. Meanwhile, since I am a scenery developer, I created my own temporary patch to fix the above problems. Once fixed, the Brunel Bridge and Calstock Viaduct do look beautiful. See pics below: If anyone wants a copy of my temporary patch, feel free to PM me. It is freeware and easy to add! Rod
  10. Thanks, EMM. I may have to try that next time I make it to England. Rod
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