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  1. Hi Rob A., Thanks for that info. I now understand. Cleary, Andreas was refering to the fact that he was modeling the same cemetery look that P3D 1S2 had which was the cemetery building next to the faint terrain images of stone markers. The new version of 1S2 for MFS2020 has that exact look. I did not understand that Rob de Vries' request actually meant something more than what P3D 1S2 had. Rob de Vries was apparently asking for an enhancement to the original which would have put stone markers in the grass. I am sure Andreas' response did not mean to indicate that he was go
  2. Hmmmm....that seems odd as @Andreas Hegi told you it was modeled in the thread below. I hope they didn't release the wrong version. Rod
  3. Thank you, Iain, for another fine set of pics and for saying "My Final Shots". I got the credit card ready. Rod
  4. Nice pics! You should be especially happy now that Orbx has announced that 1S2 will be coming to FS2020 very soon. Rod
  5. HI Jose, As you can tell, I actually like a bright sim. Go figure! I agree with you that the EA water is not my favorite. For me it is too dark...even in a bright sim! Have fun! Rod
  6. Here you go...... Here are six pics in the Tampa area from KBKV to the Sunshine Skyway: Brooksville (KBKV) Looking south from New Port Richey towards Tampa. The community in the foreground sticking out into the water is Gulf Harbors KTPA with Raymond James stadium center right Raymond James Stadium Downtown Tampa Sunshine Skyway Bridge Here are four from the Orlando area: Disney World - Polynesian Resort, Grand Floridian and the Magic Kingdom
  7. Approaching Witham Field , Stuart, Florida. Its a fine day for golf! Rod
  8. Found it! You are correct that Orlando CityScene would be pretty much redundant. Thanks, Rod
  9. Can you post a pic of Disney World's Magic Kingdom are using CityScene so I know what I am looking for.... Rod
  10. Hallo, Stephan! See below for two pics of KOPF and two pics of KTMB. These shots were taken using P3Dv5 plus TrueEarth US Florida which is quite beautiful to fly over. Both airports are significantly improved from default. I would call them Orbx light. No animations that I saw. I have also flown into KTPF and KTPA. Those airports were also done in similar quality. Hope this helps. Rod
  11. I wonder kow P3Dv4 CityScene Orlando looks with TrueEarth US Florida ? Rod
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