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  1. Oops....should have mentioned that my shot of the bridge was with Orbx KTIW installed. Rod
  2. Thank you, @Matteo Veneziani, for your hard work on the adjustment to KBUR that fixed the frame rate issue. I just flew in to KBUR and frame rates were beautiful! Not only is KBUR a gorgeous but now Orbx developers know how to adjust something that is required at times when using this new simulator. It is a learning process for us all. Great job! Rod
  3. If you choose "About" option at top of the orbxdirect.com page, you will find a business contact email towards the end of the "About Orbx" information. Rod
  4. I have attached two images using MSFS and Orbx 1S2 with most graphic settings set to High though Terrain Detail is set at about 150 since I don't see any real frame rate hit. The first image is taken from the same perspective as John's pic #3. The second image is taken just above street level in the town of Darrington. For me, these two pics attest to the superior visuals found in MSFS. The only downside is that the mountain topography elevations are smoother than P3DV5 due to Microsoft's current SDK block to 3rd party developers (including Orbx) on uploading higher rez meshes. Hopefully,
  5. In the US, at least for me, the video is blocked with a message that says : Video unavailable This video contains content from Gadfly Communications, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Rod
  6. I believe you need the Wales scenery or you will lose the detailed version of EGFF. Rod
  7. TE Florida incorporates the Orlando CityScene POIs etc and, to me, looks as good or better than CityScene. Rod
  8. Looking good, JV! It is a great to hear from the founder now and then. Have a relaxing break! Thanks Benny for inviting JV to give us all a Hello! Rod
  9. @Sascha Normann Thanks to Orbx, you and your team for doing a fantastic job on getting the TrueEarth sceneries for P3Dv4+ caught up with X-Plane 11 at least in North America and Great Britain. I have them all. The Balearic Islands were just released for X-Plane 11 on August 11th so you are pretty much on target. I think TE Southern Cal for P3Dv4+ is the best yet. Just flew around LA and loved it! Great job! Rod
  10. Just FYI here is what it looks like in P3Dv5 which shows the problem does not exist in P3Dv5. Attached are a couple of pics from P3Dv5 with TE Southern California at your identical spots so you can compare to whats on the ground when you get it corrected. I don't own the NA Southern California region package so it is not active. I am using Orbx HD Trees. Rod
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