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  1. Though there has been some chat about this problem in the "P3DV5 CTD ESSA ESSG" topic in this forum, this issue applies to all Orbx operations in P3Dv5 as far as I can tell and should carry a more specifc topic for others to view. In addtion, I have noted below additional information on when the error shows up. Here are my observations: I have noticed that a KERNELBASE.dll error sometimes occurs when I close P3Dv5HF1. I first noticed this using Object Flow 3.0.2. I then opted into Fastlane and now have the 3.0.4 version of Object Flow. Unfortunatlely, the KERNELBASE.dll error on P3Dv5 exit still occurs given certain conditions. If I close the sim while at any separate Orbx payware airport (based on several tests), then the error occurs. If I do not visit any Orbx Payware airports then P3Dv5 does not experience the KERNELBASE.dll error on P3Dv5 exit. In fact, the KERNELBASE.dll error seems to only occur if I close the sim while at or within 15 to 20 miles or so of an Orbx payware airport. It doesn't matter what other locations I have visited during the trip. The error only occurs based on the location I am at when I close P3Dv5: if I am at or close to an Orbx payware airport - error occurs on sim close, if I am not close to an Orbx payaware airport - no error occurs when I close the sim. Most users probably wouldn't notice this error unless they checked the Windows 10 Event Viewer because P3Dv5 does close down its window and the app terminates. However, I use GoFlight instruments and the GoFlight data bridge icon stays open on the desktop taskbar when P3Dv5 doesn't finish its shut down sequence which would include shutting down the databridge. I can easily shut down the GoFlight Databridge manually but obviously the Object Flow code that generates the KERNELBASE.dll error needs to be fixed. I should mention that if I turn Object Flow off, this error on close does not occur regardless of what airport I am at or near. Also, with Object Flow on, this error still occurs even if the GoFlight driver is not enabled. Note: All testing has been done within the TE US Washingon area though this issue occurs even with TrueEarth US Washington off and just PNW active. Rod
  2. Return To Misty Moorings is the follow up to Misty Moorings and has many bush sceneries for the Alaska area. Just do a search on Return to Misty Mooring and you should find the website. Rod
  3. Thanks, Brian for you ideas. However, it is not a scenery lib issue. The scenery lib was purely built by P3Dv5 and Orbx. I have not manually entered anything and don't use any special scenery ordering kind of software. Also, S93 which is part of the same scenery lib entry works fine. I did get the buildings to show by changing the sim month so that spells Object Flow in my book. It is a little weird. I changed sim month back to June and now I can't get it to fail again. So I will let it rest for now. I don't normally do fastlane so I will wait till Obejct Flow 3.0.3 comes out and take another look. Rod
  4. Thanks, Nick for you quick response. Since I already had done a verify files, I uninstalled and reinstalled S93. I also verified that Orbx Libraries v19.7.4 are installed. I assume that is the correct version. I only have Orbx sceneries installed. They are installed in the P3Dv5 root. Unfortunately, I am still missing the buildings. This is a mystery to me since I have never had a problem of missing buildings before. I checked my P3Dv4 installation vs my P3Dv5 installation and both look basically the same in terms of files and scenery library order. I find it interesting that S93 looks fine. Any other ideas? Rod
  5. De Vere Field (2W1) [part of Cle Elum (S93) scenery] is missing buildings etc. in P3Dv5. It looks fine in my P3Dv4 installation. I did a verify files but the buidlings etc. are still missing. Here is pic: Does anyone else see the same thing? Rod
  6. Just did verify files on TE WA and Seattle looks great ...no more PNW Bleed through. Thanks! Rod
  7. TE US Washington only covers about 1/2 of what PNW covers. Rod
  8. When in Orbx Central, look at the very top of the screen and it should say Prepar3D V4 with a caret to the right of it. Click on the caret (drop down) and you should see a choice to select Prepar3D v5. Select that option and this will shift Orbx Central to look at your P3D v5 installation. You can use the same method to switch back to looking at your P3Dv4 installation whenever you need to. The key is to make sure you look at the top of the Orbx Central page before doing anything so that you know which version of P3D you are addressing. That should get you started. Rod
  9. There are a lot of differences between XP11 scenery packaging and P3Dv4+ packaging due the huge differences in the timing of releases (slowly being fixed) as well as the large number of P3Dv4 sceneries that are not even available yet on XP11. The TE Oregon XP package include the Portland ciyscape because it had never been released separately for XP11. However, with the Portland cityscape already freely distributed for P3Dv4+, it would make no sense for Orbx to include it in the TE US Oregon distribution causing everybody who already had it to reload it again. Rod
  10. You are, of course, referring to the Return to Misty Moorings website that provides freeware addon sceneries that overlay the Orbx SAK, FSAddonTongas Fjords X and Orbx Pacific Fjords scenery areas. Rod
  11. I would think that the TE US Oregon pics and video would not include the Orbx Portland Cityscape since it is not include in the TE US Oregon product. However, once you have TE US Oregon installed, then your install of Portland Cityscape should work with it. Rod
  12. Right now there is an issue when PNW and TE US Washington are both activated at Seattle. The highest LOD level that paints close to your plane as you fly shows the PNW terrain instead of the TE US Washgtion terrain which is rather jarring and looks very wrong. This bug has been reported in the Orbx Suport section. Rod
  13. I can confirm that, if both PNW and TE US Washington are active, as one flies over the terrain in Seattle and the Sim loads the the highest LOD the image switches from the TE Washington ortho scene to the conventional PNW image. So therfore it is a rolling terrain switch. I have tested this in P3Dv4 and p3Dv5 . The same thing happens in both. I hope this will be an easy fix for Sascha/ It can temporarily be avoided by disabling PNW when using TE Washington in the Seattle Area. Rod
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