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  1. farman

    Norwegian (Flying) Fortress

    Hi Jack, this was at evening, but in those norther territories the days, in winter, are very short. I like to fly at sunrise or sunset since the colours are (IMHO) the best ones. But, actually, they coincide with my local time.
  2. AH B-17G Flying Fortress "Nine-O-Nine" approaching Kristiansund (ENKB) *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** The ORBX Full region, REX SF3D/ASP4 actual Weather/Day, P3D v4.4
  3. farman

    "Meteor Crater" AZ

    Hi Mark, hope this may help https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteor_Crater 35°1′38″N 111°1′21″W
  4. farman

    "Meteor Crater" AZ

    "Meteor Crater", close to Winslow-Linbergh apt (KINW, AZ) *** *** *** ORBX Full region, REX SF3D/ASP4 actual/Weather/time, P3D v4.4
  5. B-757 AA by CS. Airport ops by GSX level 2. Actual Weather/Time - REX SF3D, ASP4 -. P3D v4.4
  6. farman

    TE GB London

  7. farman

    Norwegian (Tom)Cat

    That's true, actually.
  8. farman

    Norwegian (Tom)Cat

    FTX Norway full region; the beautiful upgraded Rossvoll (ENRA), 2,700 ft rwy (stopped just at the end of the rwy). P3D v4.4
  9. farman


    P-8 Poseidon AGS (Airborne Ground Surveillance) entering Sweden *** Visibility > 0 in Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA) SF3D/ASP4 actual Weather/Day, P3D v4.4
  10. Sacramento Santa Rosa FTX Full region, P3D v4.4
  11. farman

    California Sunset

    F/A-18E heading to Santa Rosa apt "C.Schulz" (KSTS) FTX Full region, REX SF3/ASP4 actual Weather/Time, P3D v4.4