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  1. I think so too, goodperson36 Fulvio
  2. Hi Iain, any chance to get this apt for P3D? Regards, Fulvio
  3. Hi Jack, is this new PMDG 737 worth the nearly 100 US $ in comparison witht he standard version? Great shots, BTW
  4. Dino Cattaneo's USMC F.-35B approaching Samedan (LSZS) *** *** *** *** *** REX SF3D/AS4 actual Weather/Time, P3D v4.5
  5. This is the "Altopiano di Asiago", a beautiful place where I spent my firts 2020 day - non going there on the F-35, BTW -. During the WWI, lots of British soldiers from the BEF fought here and sveral of them lost their lives. Thanks for your comment. LIDA is an outstanding ORBX scenery, actually.
  6. Sukhoi Su-27 between Klagenfurt and Graz *** *** *** Heading to Budapest REX SF3D/AS4, actual Weather/Time, P3D v4.5
  7. Dino Cattaneo's USMC F-35B Lightning II STOL in ORBX freeware Asiago (LIDA) *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** REX SF3D/AS4 actual Weather/Day, P3D v4.5
  8. I used to live there, actually. And Sason's cards are self made, taken by my photos
  9. A very happy Christams and New Year to all of you
  10. You're right, jack. I won't switch to XP (letting aside the lack of mil planes, such as the Phantom & co) just for the lack of seasonal textures. Look, there's the other ORBX Sweden apt I love to land and TO in Winter only. I'm much courious about the FS 2020, but I understand you can't tell anything about it. I wonder which kind of pc I should have, to get the sceneries I saw in the previews; I think they'll be downloaded from the Cloud. Fortunately, I got the super-fiber connection!
  11. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** REX SF3D/AS4 actual Weather/Time, P3D v4.5
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