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  1. CS B-757 Delta "SkyTeam" flying over the Borders, Scotland, heading to Reykjavík-Keflavik (Iceland)
  2. Hi, I found two stunning liveries on the web, by a ozzie developer. Thanks for your appreciation, BTW.
  3. *** *** *** *** *** ORBX Aus v2, P3D v4.5
  4. Usual ORBX Full Monty, REX SF3D/AS4 actual Weather/Time
  5. Hi Chris, I read too about this new feature; fact is that with this new driver, the sim tends to stop - during a flight -, some more time than before. Am I wrong? In any case, what should I have to do with this new Image sharpening? Thanks for your answer, BTW, Fulvio
  6. Thanks, Patful; your version is exactly the one I was satisfied in the past.
  7. Thanks Flyingleaf, actually, sometimes the sim seems tired and stops to rest for some instant
  8. Hi, since I know that not always the last nVidia driver is the best choice for a simmer, may I get some suggestion about the best version I mght get for my P3D v4.5 sim? My specs are: CPU Intel core i7-7700K, Graphic card nVidia GeForce GTX 1070. Thanks for any tip, Fulvio
  9. MilViz F$-E USAFE *** *** ORBX Full Region+Apt, REX SF3D/AS4 actual Weather/Time, P3D v4.5
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