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  1. Thanks for your answer and feedback, Richard. And, again, splendid photos.
  2. Hi Richard, may I ask you if this Skyhawk is worth the money? I'm a great fan of Dino's add-ons, but I sadly read some bad review about the E-2C Greyhound, I wanted to buy, along with this TA-4J. Thanks &.... beautiful shots, BTW. Fulvio
  3. The bridge is the ORBX one, if you meants this, Jack.
  4. Before TO from Danemark, Aalborg (EKYT) *** *** ORBX stuff, REX SF3/AS4 actual Weather/Time, P3D v4.5
  5. PMDG 737 Delta approaching Miami int'l (KMIA). ORBX stuff, REX SF3D/AS4 actual weather/Time. P3D v4.5
  6. I remember the old FSX Aerosoft's Santorini. Well, the setting is outstanding.
  7. Misha, this is an absolute great news. Since both of us are Mittel-European (I'm from Trieste), what a wonderful thing should be the developement of a Sarajevo airport, a city so full of History (and suffering). Thanks for Belgrade, BTW. Fulvio
  8. Aerosoft's F-14B VX-9 "Vampires" from Islamabad-Pakistan (OPRN) to Almaty-Kazakhstan (UAAA) *** *** *** *** (Sory for the writings; I,m temporarily without Photoshop *** *** *** *** *** *** Almaty *** Actual Weather/Time REX SF3D & AS4, ORBX Buildings HD, P3D v4.5. All this waiting for Open LC Asia
  9. 137 nautical miles, Jack; both on the same line on the North Coast of Spain.
  10. Hi, terrific job, actually. Can't wait to get it. BTW, where is the 737 RAAF 737 livery coming from? Is it a PMDG? Regards, Fulvio
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