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  1. Hi Richard, just checked all mine 3rd party add-ons, but so far I found Auscene only account to be moved to Orbx. Did I missed anything, or actually Auscene and one Drzewiecki Des account can be moved to Orbx? Hope not to be annoying & regards, Fulvio
  2. Hi, sorry for the delay. Well, a lot of time has went away since this post. For sure it was a freeware add-on, and at the P3D times, my reference site was AVSIM. Hope this can help you. Now I'm flying in MSFS, and since the v ery first moment I immediately realized that this new platform is by, by far the best sim I ever flew, under any point of view; soon I'll get PMDG products and, step by step, some good mil jet (MilViz is scheduling their fantastic SR-71 for MSFS, quitting its P3D developement). If you need to get some shot of the landscapes in MSFS, plus the airports (even the defa
  3. Hi, since I purchased several airports from 3rd party developers, and since I see them working in cooperation with Orbx, is it possible to move my account data to Orbx, in order to get all my add-ons in a unique vendor? So far this happened with Auscene and another developer. Thanks for any answer & regards, Fulvio
  4. Hi, since London City is one of the upgrading items in the next February MSFS update release , is there some possible issue, having installed your London City Pack? Thanks for any help & regards, Fulvio
  5. Absolutely fantastic images!
  6. I can partially agree on the side of lots of Orbx airports not yet upgraded so far to MSFS, while I'm seeing them sold by other developers (Dubrovnik, Rijeka, San Diego, Kenai, Ketchikan etc etc). For the restr, I can find much more useful to get any update from a single click at Orbx Direct
  7. Matteo, c'è una scaletta per il passaggio a MSFS dei tuoi altri aeroporti? Grazie, Fulvio
  8. MSFS, Florence (LIRQ) by Orbx & MB-339 by Dino Cattaneo. Actual weather (REX WF 2020)/daytime
  9. Great image - as usual, of course -. Fulvio
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