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  1. farman

    The Dawn of Berlange

    Silly me!
  2. *** *** FTX Berlange (ESSD), P3D v4.3
  3. farman

    Sunrise between WA & BC

    Hi Chunk, this is REX SF3D; is it quite real, since you're living in that places (if I'm not wrong, about your location)? BTW, thanks for your comment.
  4. TO from NAS Whidbey Island (KNUW) *** Left Vancouver area *** Heading to Prince George (CYSX), where I shamefully failed my landing due to thick fog P3D v4.3
  5. farman

    RAF Shipdham (Orbx TE GB South)

    Beautiful and realistic picture!
  6. farman

    One for the Canada

    REX SF3D/ASP4 P3D v4.3
  7. farman

    The NL according to ORBX

    Oh, yes, but not according to ORBX! I remember, looking at "Heimat", the sit-ins against this AFB base.
  8. F-4E Phantom II SJ TO from Mountain Home AFB (KMUO), Idaho *** *** *** *** *** *** .."blue moon, you saw me standing alone.." Calgary (CYYC) FTX stuff, REX SF3D/ASP4 actual weather/day, P3D v4.3
  9. F-4E coming from Bitburg AB *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Full Region, P3D v4.3
  10. farman

    FTX's Nevada

    Look carefully at te center of the photos
  11. farman

    FTX's Nevada

    F-4E Seymour Johnson AFB *** *** *** *** *** Approaching Nellis AFB (KLSV) P3D v4.3
  12. farman

    Crossing the Alps

    MilViz; E, J & S versions. Super as usual. All these are the Advanced (ADV) add-ons, with a lot of realism - systems, flight dynamic etc -. BTW, thanks for your appreciation.