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  1. Thanks John, I will give that a look over. Regards David
  2. Dear John, Apologies for being a bit clumsy as a newbie in the forum. I really don't know how to post my questions apart from tacking on this old post. I am an RAA student pilot and I fly regularly from Lethbridge Airpark, Lethbridge, Victoria, Australia (Airport YLED). I have been using FSX in my virtual flying for some time now. FSX does not have YLED on their scenery at all. I am planning to buy the FTX Global 2013 for some of our club members, but I think it would only be meaningful if the pay-ware package contains the details of YLED. Please inform what it takes for me to get YLED scenery any possible way. I notice ACMA at Coldstream has their airfield YCEM on their FSX scenery. I believe that came from somewhere probably ORBX. (Is this correct?) What would it take for us to have scenery for Lethbridge Airpark (YLED)?
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