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  1. Looks brilliant. Did you use the drone camera for the shots?
  2. Great shots, if only that were a 737!
  3. I pre ordered the Premium Deluxe version several days ago. I then purchased a new 1tb M.2 NVMe drive ready for it. It will be interesting to see how the Boeing 787 included will be like in all aspects. I am not expecting complexity though.
  4. Excellent shots with awesome detail.
  5. Is there a setting in Orbx Central to point it at your XP11 install in case that might be the issue, possibly! I am not at my Windows PC at the moment to be able to check for you.
  6. This lake is known locally as "Yeadon Tarn" as EGNM is in the Yeadon area. I know it well as i lived not too far from there for about 30 years.
  7. Really nice set. What cloud textures are those??
  8. The Boeing 738 Max Freeware aircraft for XP11. I saw this on a social media page then went and got it. Looks and sounds well. If anyone is interested i will post a link (if that is allowed)? Seen here departing out of Orbx Edinburgh wit Orbx TE North. 96245513_1652473904957435_2391106347786567680_o by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 96285056_1652474028290756_1406271983196307456_o by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 95885626_1652474101624082_5520840400677371904_o by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
  9. What is your "World Objects" set at? if it's not high enough that possibly might be the issue, Just a thought but i could be wrong.
  10. It can take quite some time to load. How long have you waited and at what stage did it get to on the loading bar?
  11. Yes it was yesterday when i uninstalled it. When i am next on the PC i will get the Log file for you.
  12. When i uninstalled Orbx TE UK North, Central and South and doing this action from Orbx Central it only freed up about 85gb of disk space. Not right i think? In the end i ran a search of the Custom Scenery folder for Orbx and it found several folders for what i thought had been deleted in the uninstall process. I then removed those folders manually and then gave me 0ver 300gb of disk space. Did i miss a step on the uninstall or is there a Windows setting causing this?
  13. Brilliant set. Mine looks very similar colours by using X-Vision and MaxxFX.
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