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  1. I was just wondering whether both your TrueEarth - regions Holland and England South are built exactly the same way and if we can expect exactly the same quality of textures, density und variety of autogen for both regions... Or does Orbx always step ahead of their game with every new release?
  2. Hi everyone I'd like to ask you what kind of a computer system you would recommend creating a whole new build? Pretending you want to run Prepar3d V4 fully loaded with all Orbx can offer to date, REX, Active Sky and aircraft as PMDG 747-8 Was thinking about gettin a system with Intel i9 7900X CPU as it still seems to be the most important part... Kind regards Matt
  3. Intel Pentium?^^ Isn't that CPU like 100 years old?
  4. Very well structures and logical!! That's how it's supposed to be...Congrats!!!
  5. REX is defenately not a waste of money!! The default clouds still look silly compared to the HD textures REX uses... With the upcoming REX Weather Direct and Weather architecture programs there is much more to come but only textures
  6. Perfect product once again...!!! Congrats!!! Looks like a nice place for some calm and relaxing holidays...landscapes are so beautiful!!
  7. Just WOW!! Do all the Orbx- sceneries work well on P3D V2.2 with DX11?
  8. Hmm not even as expensive as I thought.... I see you go for a fast SDD. Does this make any difference performance-wise compared to a "normal" HDD? I have my FSX installed on a partition of a HDD and sometimes loading times are really long even with use of O&O defrag
  9. Basically I would also make the change now... However as long as P3D is still a 32-bit programm you could run into trouble regardless of the amout of RAM you have if you load it up with highly demanding add-ons. So be prepared that you might have to pay again as soon as the 64-bit version comes out. (Maybe a discount?) Unfortunately no time frame was given talking about the release date of it... By the way: Great system I would go for a similar one! Did you order it completely established already and how much did you pay?
  10. Looks amazing!! What would flight-simming be without Orbx ...
  11. Thanks for clarifying!! But why in the world did P3D V2 also go for a 32-bit application? Seems like with aircraft, weather and sceneries getting more complex 4 GB of total RAM used won't be enough under ANY circumstances in the future...This fact alone obviously makes FSX a dead end The only solution so far (without a decrease of quality) seems to be installing a network between several computers and distributing the programms running amongst them. But who has the money for such an installation..
  12. By the way I'm still quite confused about the 32-bit/64-bit thing regarding memory use... As you said before FSX and P3dV2 are both 32-bit applications, therefor their memory use is limited and leads to OOM. But why then does for example PMDG clearly suggest to use a 64-bit OM with their aircraft? Basically this should mean that add-ons are able to address more memory than the game they are brought into (FSX) and you shouldn't run so much into trouble with your 16 GB RAM. It couls mean that all your memory is sucked up by the complex scenery (and additional add-ons?) and it doesn't make any difference whether you use a default aircraft or the PMDG 777, formulated a little bit drastically...
  13. The general tone goes into the direction that P3D V2.2 is defenately the better choice than FSX, especially speaking about stability...much less mini-stutters and CTD's... In my case I'm going to wait maybe a year or so to see where the platform is going. PMDG still struggles to make a deal with LM and rumours about the pricing of P3D V2 compatible PMDG aircraft go from ~80$ to around 2000$ currently. But if you want to switch immediately I think you can also go for the "academic version" of P3D V2. This only costs 60$ and as a home simmer you can do just as much as you could in FSX.
  14. I would simply update navdate once or twice a year and make sure that all the addons (like PFPX, PMDG 777/737 NGX,...) use the same navdata-cycle. If you update every month it's too expensive in my opinion (at least for me) This solution works fine as long as all the addons work together completely uncoupled from FSX native database (that is defenately outdated). So my question here is: What about all the NBD, VOR, LOC or ILS frequencies you need to tune into your radio? Those are still the ones used by FSX cause it's an ingame action... Some of these radio-stations might have disappeared, changed frequencies or regarding ILS changed category (CAT1 to 3 for example) over time... This might lead to the inability to use certein approaches simply because FSX doesn't display them right... So how could one overcome with these difficulties?
  15. Thanks guys for the inputs!! I've already bought the AOA Groundwork training and I also plan to accomplish the Flightwork soon after...Only theory seems to be a rather insufficient way of learning. So better just hop into the aircraft and see what's happening when you push the buttons... The manuals that come along with the 737 NGX are just huge. Respect to somebody who really finds the motivation to go through all those pages again and again until beeing ready to master the aircraft but I think for me it's just not an efficient way of learning. Watching videos and flying some tutorials seems to be the way to go Although AOA seems to be the perfect choice (and the videos really look nicely) I'm not quite sure about the status of their products... For example is Flightwork for 737 NGX now COMPLETELY done or do I have to wait years for it to reach completeness? Their homepage also seems to be a complete mess and I struggled finding detailed information about the real content of their product. Also when the release of Groundwork was around the corner they really struggled implementing a good customer strategy and let their customer pay for an unfinished product and dragging the release of the videos months away from the actual "release date" That's why I have some concerns about AOA...Did anybody have the same impression?
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