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  1. Can someone direct me where I might find some AI flights for Great Britain? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. Hope is a very nice field, I visited it last night and plan to do some exploring in that area. I'd never seen/heard of it before. My Real Air Scout is tied down there waiting for my return! Mcgee looks like an interesting place in real life......in FSX, less so. I also enjoy Walter Sutton's as well as West Wind, and two strips that come with it, Riverside and Farmer's strip. If you haven't gone into Riverside, I assure you it will challenge your short field skills. Please keep the suggestions coming .
  3. I, for one, enjoy flying from small, grass, GA airstrips in scenic locations. I have found many in the FTX regions and have a few favorites. However, the area is so vast and the airports so numerous I'm asking if any of you enjoy grass field flying as much as I, what are some of your ORBX favorites.? Thanks
  4. Great screen shots. Can you tell me what the ultralite is and where to find it? I've searched and cannot find that model. Thanks
  5. Neil, thanks for posting and thanks to all involved. I eagerly await every new pack. They are, as has been said before, a great part of the Orbx Scenery. Barry
  6. I haven't entered a photo in the contest in a long time. I never expected to win and never thought I deserved to. One time I did get one like........made my day. I surely hope Orbx keeps the comps going. I might get the urge and enter another screen shot or two. I voted every time I entered and will continue to do so. I think the contest is a good way to promote loyalty and interest for Orbx.
  7. In anticipation of the release of the, soon I hope, NA land class, I'd like to request someone look at doing the wonderful Antique Airfield near Blakesburg, IA. It is located on the Chicago Sectional as IA27. Here is it's website, photos are easily found on the web http://antiqueairfield.com/ . Thanks for your consideration. If someone has already mentioned this airfield, I apologize.
  8. Yes, it is the Lionheart Tailwind. One of my favorite fsx GA models.
  9. This morning I made a short flight flying formation with myself, in two of my favorite aircraft.
  10. Glad to learn I'm not alone when I check every day to see if there is even one alpha,beta,sigma, screen shot of the new LC NA. Ever since the cataract surgery I cannot stand those bright light beams.........please stop trying to ruin my memory, it doesn't work!
  11. For low and slow combined with realistic flight and great visibility I would suggest you look at Ant's Drifter ultralight. It is very nice in all respects, as are all of his models. http://www.antsairplanes.com/drifter.html
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