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  1. It states in the sales advert, products under 90 days old won't be on sale, so all of MSFS is not on sale...simples.
  2. @Ben McClintock Hi mate...when will central be updated to accompany MSFS2020 ? Regards Rick
  3. As Orbx Central will be updated to recognise the new sim...Can I ask, will this be upon point of the new sims release, or earlier, say... maybe via fast lane to accommodate us Alpha/Beta testers? Can I also ask if we will still be able to maintain installing scenery from outside the new sim? Regards Rick.
  4. I also started out in 1982 with the ZX Spectrum....my first flight sim was Protek Airliner..see pics
  5. Will there be a V4 Support forum ? Regards Rick.
  6. Hi..Im pretty sure your vector entries..--> obj..apt..cvx..exx, should be below scenery\africa, assuming your not using any mesh, then it would be placed after that. Regards Rick
  7. Get well soon Emmsie. How about some final shots of leaving hospital
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