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  1. Hello, bought this morning Leeds Bradford on your website. Everything is OK but the scenery is not listed in OrbxCentral (for me at least) and I have no possibility to install it. Please could you help me with this issue Regards daniel kittler Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5e48e9aa0046f
  2. Hi, thanks for your answer. You are right it's a practicable solution. But airplanes as thet fly EGLC nowadays would be, at least for me, better. Regards andthanks Daniel
  3. Hello, I had the scenery by UK2000 installed and working very well. Thinking ORBX would be more up-to-date I installed their scenery this morning. The first thing that "strikes" my eyes was a Jumbolino with Lufthansa flag. So far I am informed the cityline division by Lufthans is no longer flying Avro or any Jumbolino. Was , is the scenery by UK 2000, over seven years old, more up to date as the newest one by ORBX??? EGLC was announced as the new marvel. I, am missing the final polish Daniel Kittler
  4. Hello, At the day of publication, I have installed LEBB. And since that time it has been working flawlessly. My Win7 is up to date as well as FORBX Central a.s.o. It is the first time I try to return to LEBB. And this is now the ground: grey grass, no markings??? None of the propagated fixes could help to fix the problem. Even not a new , fresh, carefully re-install. Please could somebody help to cure the issue? Thanks Best regards Daniel In GSX2 the elevation of LEBB is given with 45m vs 42 in the
  5. Hello, could you imagine I'm silly or moron enough not to see that the concerned simulator was no longer P3DV4???? I'm actually sorry. The three flypasses seem correct now. Thank you again for your kind help! Daniel
  6. @Nyberg Hello, the settings are OK, I believe. But the result at e.g. ESNQ still strange. Regards Daniel
  7. Hello, @Smudger: I was only searching on the website, not in FTX Central Thanks a lot! I am rid of the warning message. @Cooper: no, FTX Vector is on . False? @Nyberg: I have P3DV4 -newest- installed- Same for my associated pilot: Newest rig, all the european FTX add-ons: no buildings. Thanks to all flying fellows for the kind help Daniel in Paris
  8. Hi, no luck at all with this pack. Mountains at ESNQ No buildings in ESSD (same by a friend of our VA) I have all FTX about Europe installed and all Global items + FS Global Ultimate Europe. Rig: I 4930k ASUS Black Rampage nVidia 1080 32 GB Ram G Skill Thanks for any Help Daniel PS: could somebody telle me where I could find this fxxxx transaction ID you ask for. When You buy something I no longer receive a confirmation mail and was not able to find any informationabout it. I use FtX Centrazl 3
  9. Hi JJJackson, thank you for your answe r AFM2 downloaded Come back withresults!! Daniel PS: return to normality!!! Thanks again I am very happy about this fixing
  10. Hi, Elevation issue with LSPN https://imgur.com/6FMKuca https://imgur.com/gvjer8A https://imgur.com/5KJwy9W https://imgur.com/WSWpHVC https://imgur.com/uesEINj I have all ORBX for Europe + FS Ultimate. Some fixing?? Thanks in advance Daniel
  11. Late answer !!! Sorry but thank you I will have a new look to this fine scenery Thanks Daniel
  12. Hi, I have everything from ORBX. for Europe. But in Sumburgh the runways, especially 09/27 have colour errors (or elevation ones). Cannot correct this issue Any fix or idea? Thanks in advance Daniel Kittler
  13. Hello Doug, to tell the truth, I have tried both configurations. First: just ORBX. On the spot, mountains everywhere. Just like on the screenshots (taken with ORBX only) Then I have tried to integrate the Aerosoft scenery(( German Airports 2): same disaster! I am about to try the thread you indicate in your answer. Follow up within 30 mn:) But , sorry, I have to be clear; with ORBX only , the mountains or the green walls are all around the airport and inside it! Thanks for your help daniel Kittler PS: after
  14. Hello, Sim: P3DV4.2 Installed: FTX Global: Base Open LC Europe Vector Trees HD Lights Libraries Europe: every ORBX product in Europe I'm a member of the biggest french virtual company. Many other members have the same ORBX configuration. and we all get this ( see image) when we choose to go to EDDK. We have trie
  15. Hello, When I am parked at gate 4 I can see just in front of, two floating staircases, two loaders in the same position (in the trees) and behind the Easyjet two floating Cessna. OK you can deactivate it in the scenery config but it is not for sure the right solution. Any fix Thanks in advance Daniel Kittler
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