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  1. Another issue may of been GPU temps. After flying round for 15 minutes or so earlier, the stutters came back. I installed MSI afterburner and tweaked the fan speeds above 70 degrees and fingers crossed, not had any stutters since. I suspect the Static bgl file just eased the load a bit
  2. I seem to of found the issue here. I removed the 'Static'bgl' file which appears to be the static aircraft and it's running well now. I suspected these were the framerate killers and suspect the same for Kos too. Constantly 98%+ usage on the GPU and very smooth
  3. I installed LIRQ tonight and seem to be getting periods when it's very stuttery then eases up for a while. I've noticed that the GPU is throttling back when the stutters occur to around 65-75%. CPU is 35-40% and RAM around 12Gb (got 32Gb installed). I'm running a 1070ti. When I'm over London with Orbx London City and Landmark pack, it runs fine and the GPU sits consistently on 95-100%. Any ideas what could be causing the GPU to throttle back? Thanks
  4. That's interesting. I downloaded the new LIRQ tonight and it was very stutter so your reply led me to try Thread Optimisation turned off in the NVidia control panel and it's much smoother now. LGKO is slightly better but LIRQ is much much better, thanks EDIT..I need to start a new thread for LIRQ but the stutters came back and seem to go in phases. I've noticed the GPU usage drops to around 65-75% when doing so. My CPU is stable around 35-40% and ram around 12Gb so something seems to be throttling the GPU back. Over London, I'm on 95-100%
  5. The floating lights are an MSFS issue apparently, I've noticed them too and read it on another forum post for Innsbruck a few minutes ago. I'll let others comment on the other issues Cheers Neil
  6. Just come across this, having installed the airport last night, my frame rates are lower than over London with London City installed. Beautiful scenery but this explains the problem. Would anyone know if there's likely to be a patch rather than editing the default game? EDIT: I've renamed the offending animal folders but the framerates are still lower than London. Is there a function to remove parked aircraft? I'm wondering if this is causing any issues. It's certainly not unplayable, it just stands out compared to some of the more densely populated areas.
  7. I've made some progress with this, seems Xvision has some settings that can be tweeked. Much better now, sorry to have posted here, Thanks
  8. Hi, I downloaded True Earth Central England today and blown away with it. There's a few things I'm not understanding though. I have Xvision installed and over default scenery, everything looks and works fine. Night lighting is good and the fog setting works well (if I adjust the Fog be Gone parmater and reload the XVision lua, the fog changes), but when I fly at night with True Earth, the lights in the distance are very bright and the ground very dark. Is there something I'm not aware of that I can adjust? I'm running an I& 8700k / 1070ti if that's any help. Th
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