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  1. Having been so impressed by your creations from TE GB I was expecting you to do a great job with TE WA, but these are even better than I had imagined. Fantastic! And I'm happy that I was able to help...
  2. Beautiful shots. Those inter-tidal areas in the 4th one look amazing.
  3. Incredible shots. Never seen better of a rugged mountainous region.
  4. More great shots Mark. I reckoned those features with raised banks in the penultimate shot looked like military constructions, and sure enough... http://www.cliffehistory.co.uk/the_explosives_works.html
  5. I've run out of words to describe how impressed I am with these posts of yours. And they keep getting even better! The details at Popham are phenomenal. Again the cars (and motorbikes, in this case) are fantastic. I genuinely don't know if the last image of Stonehenge from ground level was captured in the sim or is a photograph!
  6. Beautiful shots. I’m definitely buying that P-51 today. The latest issue of PC Pilot magazine had a very positive review, and your screenshot has confirmed how good it looks in-sim.
  7. Ok, these are undoubtedly the best screenshots I’ve seen. Stunning. (I suppose I ought to admit that I am somewhat biased, as, like Mark A, I live in this beautiful area and know all these places Mark has mentioned... )
  8. Happy birthday Mark. Hope you're out enjoying this beautiful weather!
  9. The detailing at Shoreham is extraordinary. The clouds in the last shot look really good. I shall have to get hold of the Grob...
  10. Amazing. I know I’ve said it on these forums before, but I think TE has virtually reached the point of being indistinguishable from reality in rural areas.
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