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  1. Just curious when are these TE sceneries coming out for P3d as there seem to be a few rolling out for Xplane but nothing since AU v2 for P3d, I understand it takes a lot of time and effort to produce them but it does seem a little imbalanced in what’s coming out for each platform.
  2. Loved that last shot mate best of the bunch for Me ;-) Scott
  3. Hi Richard the coordinates are in the top left corner but as it's a wide screen shot they are hard to see, I'll see what I can do about that, regarding the rail line it's been here for a long time and although modeled part way down the freeway it has never been continued in the scenery update, yet in the case of Melbourne from what I've seen they are pretty much all there which sorta gives the impression the west doesn't matter as much, also the roads in some of the suburban areas are way to wide and have huge roundabouts which look out of place. Just my ramblings mate ;-)
  4. Hi Guys I'd just like to say that while you've done a fantastic job getting Australia updated I have to say Perth and some of suburbs are a MESS, the suburb where I live used to show a shopping centre but now has tree tiles and a carpark, the city of Perth now has building tiles along the riverside and into Kings Park again it was okay in V1, the roads and roundabouts are huge and the railway between Perth and Mandurah isn't all there. Now I understand it is a huge job to get things looking real why did you feel the need to change what was actually fairly close to what is here, I just Hope that Jarrad's effort on Perth will improve things here. I have yet to fly the other states which sound great and will wait with baited breath to enjoy them in turn
  5. Richard, I have IDM (paid) and from your servers I get 600 to 800KBPS, I had my ISP download a freeware pack the au ai aircraft and even they were only getting marginally more so for us folks with adsl2 getting a download speed of 4mbps is pie in the sky Oh and when they tested what my connection speed was it showed 8mbps which I don't get so they're looking into that too. So if ur lucky enough to get fast downloads from ORBX good on ya cos I know I certainly don't and never have.
  6. Application sent nothing to buy as I own everything already, happy to help.
  7. This looks amazing but what about Perth has it had anything done to either the airport or the city as all we currently have is jandakot unlike Melbourne which this will be the third revamp since it came out, do the developers not think it warrants a makeover?
  8. Nice set Jack enjoyed them a lot so much I may just revisit them ;-)
  9. Nice set of shots Adambar looking real purty ;-)
  10. In answer to the Poll(question) I have the lot for fsx and P3d all sceneries, regions etc so yes I have a significant investment in my hobby but do not regret one cent of it ;-)
  11. Really enjoyed looking at those pictures Mate now I'm just gonna have to go Fly there Now Thanks ;-)
  12. Great set mate but why in the second pic are there two bridges and the traffic is on the lower one? did it get missed or could it not be removed? Shame really as they put a lot of work into this product.
  13. Not here in Australia (Perth) I on average take 1 day to download the lib file as I said it's a combination of the servers and my internet connection which is crap compared to the rest of the world it seems.
  14. As much as I'm looking forward to TE for P3d I'm not looking forward to to two possibly three days to download it :-( due to the slow speed of the orbx servers and my internet connection speed, ah well I hope it'll be worth it .
  15. Good job my eyes are okay Nick this is pretty small some people might struggle to read it or are you just having a lend of me Hmmmm ;-)
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