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  1. Hi Nick, sorry for the delay replying. I tried all your suggestions but it still didn't show the products as installed so I'm re downloading them all and saving them to a 2TB ssd as an Orbx directory so it should save me this hassle if ever I stuff up again. Thanks for trying though it's appreciated.
  2. Edit: I've also re synced the sim but no change which seems odd but I'm sure there's a solution somewhere.
  3. Hi I recently had to clone my c drive onto a larger one due to lack of space, everything went as planned but now when I run central my P3d product list shows no green ticks ( I Own them All) how can I get them back without re downloading for hours? All the products are in the Orbx directory in P3d but just not shown in central. Any help gladly received.
  4. It looks okay ish but it's not been tested with Orbx scenery so I'd prefer to wait for YPPH from Orbx when they eventually get round to doing/finishing it for P3d v5 or 6 ?
  5. Hi I was just wondering if a fix for the dynamic lighting has been started yet as it seems to have been a while since anything has been mentioned back in December 2020, I understand it's not a big priority but for you guys it should be a simple fix once you can get around to it. Shame as it does spoil a great product
  6. Looks almost like MSFS in some of those pictures but if it's actually P3d then I'm happy
  7. Sorry but it looks like a lot of other logos on the net and to me doesn't convey a flight simulation company. just my 2 bobs worth.
  8. In the preview shots there are a few new buildings ie. a multi storey car park and some more at the bottom end and a road where it was just sand, the textures do seem better than the photo real ones so it should run better, I took this one from close to their shot and you can see the car park is moved and made larger but we shall see when it's released.
  9. I'm running version 1.3.2 and don't see a huge difference in this to what I have, can you tell me is this an upgrade or a complete New version Ed
  10. Thanks John we shall just have to continue to be patient wont we ;-)
  11. Hi Guys I know the devs are super busy with getting 2020 airports etc ready, but it's been quite a while ( like over 12mths) since Jarrad said he was working on updating or upgrading YPJT for P3d v5 and this was well before Au v2 came out. As I said I know they are busy but it would be nice if we had some sort of update on the work in progress on this great airport and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this, surely someone can spare a minute to put a short note on the forum to at least let us know it IS still coming somewhere down the road. Regards Graham
  12. Hi Mate I'm no expert but on my system which is a low to mid range system, if I install a region (TE) the first run always takes about 15 to 20 mins, then next time I fire up the sim it's around five mins but it is loading a heck of a lot of data and I do have everything Orbx has made so your mileage may vary on this. Just remember if you've installed 4 TE Regions that is a heck of a lot for any machine to process in one hit.
  13. Fantastic video Mate Orbx airports in the new sim look great, I'd be interested to see a video of some of the standard (for 2020) airports as most pics and vids are of the major or third party ones this would show exactly what the average simmer can expect out of the box. Once again I love your video.
  14. Hi Nick the offer in itself is great but for people like myself who have EVERY Product that they have made (Orbx ) it just wouldn't be a viable option for me to pay nearly$200 for the sim and then to upgrade all the airports as they come out for FS2020 it would cost thousands of dollars, so for myself I'm sad to say I'll be sticking with P3d for the foreseeable future. My choice I know but I wish everyone great flights in the new sim ;-)
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