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  1. Application sent nothing to buy as I own everything already, happy to help.
  2. This looks amazing but what about Perth has it had anything done to either the airport or the city as all we currently have is jandakot unlike Melbourne which this will be the third revamp since it came out, do the developers not think it warrants a makeover?
  3. Nice set Jack enjoyed them a lot so much I may just revisit them ;-)
  4. Nice set of shots Adambar looking real purty ;-)
  5. In answer to the Poll(question) I have the lot for fsx and P3d all sceneries, regions etc so yes I have a significant investment in my hobby but do not regret one cent of it ;-)
  6. Really enjoyed looking at those pictures Mate now I'm just gonna have to go Fly there Now Thanks ;-)
  7. Great set mate but why in the second pic are there two bridges and the traffic is on the lower one? did it get missed or could it not be removed? Shame really as they put a lot of work into this product.
  8. Not here in Australia (Perth) I on average take 1 day to download the lib file as I said it's a combination of the servers and my internet connection which is crap compared to the rest of the world it seems.
  9. As much as I'm looking forward to TE for P3d I'm not looking forward to to two possibly three days to download it :-( due to the slow speed of the orbx servers and my internet connection speed, ah well I hope it'll be worth it .
  10. Good job my eyes are okay Nick this is pretty small some people might struggle to read it or are you just having a lend of me Hmmmm ;-)
  11. Hi Guys I've just checked what's running off which card and there are 4 x 24" running on the 1080 as HDMI from display ports and one HDMI port and my cdu (vga) running off the 650, after doing a little research and I may be able to use the on board graphics for my cdu so I could then remove the 650 which may just help a little.
  12. I think it's in XP11 but no idea what it is myself, Great set of shot tho ;-)
  13. Hi Matthew I'm running the 650 for my cdu and another display for my instruments, I have three 24" monitors on the 1080 so 5 in all, as for underpowered cpu it actually works well for pretty much everything I throw at it as I'm getting 30+ fps at most places except heavy scenery areas but it's smooth and I don't chase frame rates anyway. I'll probably have to do a full update of the board,memory and cpu down the track but for now it'll do me.
  14. Hi Scott here ya go my system specs. also running an Nvidea 1080TI and a 650Ti if that helps mate.
  15. Nick not wanting to be pedantic but if I choose to use a font other than default it's because the option is THERE. If you do not wish people to use a different fault then remove the option mate. Plus it's easy enough to read it is in English and it looks fine to me.
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