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  1. Hi Mate I'm no expert but on my system which is a low to mid range system, if I install a region (TE) the first run always takes about 15 to 20 mins, then next time I fire up the sim it's around five mins but it is loading a heck of a lot of data and I do have everything Orbx has made so your mileage may vary on this. Just remember if you've installed 4 TE Regions that is a heck of a lot for any machine to process in one hit.
  2. Fantastic video Mate Orbx airports in the new sim look great, I'd be interested to see a video of some of the standard (for 2020) airports as most pics and vids are of the major or third party ones this would show exactly what the average simmer can expect out of the box. Once again I love your video.
  3. Hi Nick the offer in itself is great but for people like myself who have EVERY Product that they have made (Orbx ) it just wouldn't be a viable option for me to pay nearly$200 for the sim and then to upgrade all the airports as they come out for FS2020 it would cost thousands of dollars, so for myself I'm sad to say I'll be sticking with P3d for the foreseeable future. My choice I know but I wish everyone great flights in the new sim ;-)
  4. Nice moody shot Adam I've never seen water coming out of the nacelles before so it must be pretty heavy rain ;-)
  5. Really nice shots Dario ;-) love the plane too is that the Cirrus jet? if so where can one get it as it looks a nice private jet to fly.
  6. Great looking scenery as usual just wish you didn't use the haze effects or misty weather in the videos as to me it makes it look a little blurred compared to the screenshots but still looks good
  7. Hi Guys this isn't really a big deal but since Central updated to V4.1.6 whenever it downloads a file and finishes the download the box just sits there and you have to click the x before it goes , whereas it used to go once it had finished the download. As I say it's not a biggy but thought I'd ask. Operating system: Win 10 64 Simulator: P3d v4.5
  8. Hi Guys I am amazed by this thread and some of the comments, I'd just like to remind people that there is something bigger than flightsimming going on at the moment in the world which I'm sure we're all aware of. Lets all take a breath and wait for P3d to be released and then see what our super software maker Orbx says in a few more days, lets not forget a lot of people are and have been affected by this virus in the world so it makes no sense to badger these guys when lives are at stake, yes I have all there products and will continue to support them like a lot of others but I refuse to
  9. Thanks for showing us just a few of the places we can explore Charlie great shots Thanks again and stay safe
  10. All I can say is your time was well spent Mate Really good video shows some off My country really well. THANKS
  11. Hi Appie I don't know your settup or system but I have KOS installed and have trees everywhere the screenshot is Edinburgh and it has lots of trees as you can see, I'm no expert but for me I have everything on one HD for my sim yes KOS installed in the external dir but it still works for me. Have a little patience mate and I'm sure the guys here will help you get it sorted
  12. It seems to have been fixed or it sorted itself out as all the airports are now purple so this can marked as resolved
  13. Hi I don't have any problems just a question on something in the discover feature in 4.1. When I look at the map of the UK it shows all the airports and scenery areas in purple except one which is EGFF Cardif, now this was a standalone airport then it became part of Wales which I own both but according to the map it's greyed out? Now this could be because I own TE(all of the UK ) or is there another reason? Like I said it's NOT a problem but just curious to know why. Great job on the New layout Guys too ;-) Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Iss
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